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Post-Game Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2017 6:19 pm
CB Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie

Postgame vs. Los Angeles Rams, November 5, 2017

Q: Did you see what happened on that screen play on third and 33?

A: Thatís on us, man. Somebodyís got to make a tackle. The guy takes the ball and cuts it all the way across the field to the back side, everybodyís got to get to the ball with the mindset of ĎI want to make a tackle.í I just think when he cut it back, it took us by surprise and he hit it good. Credit to him.

Q: This team had so many expectations, how hard is it to be looking at 1-7?

A: Very tough. Especially when you know the guys weíve got in the room on both sides of the ball, you know all three phases weíve got some weapons. For some reason, it hasnít been going our way and you still after eight weeks donít know why, thatís tough.

Q: Is this the most embarrassing loss?

A: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely, man. Weíve got 51 points on us at home. Away, I can understand, I canít understand 51, but I can understand because itís away, but being home, I canít understand that.

Q: Is it simply a matter of execution or do you think itís something deeper?

A: Itís something deeper than that, man. Because at the end of the day, whatever call, youíve got to go out there and be man enough to go play. So, weíve got that on us as players. Execution, game plan, at the end of the day, weíve got to play. I know the guys, I know weíve got playmakers that can take over a whole ball game. For some reason, nobodyís doing it.

Q: Itís especially backbreaking when a guy goes 52 on a slant like that.

A: Yeah, you know, third and long, youíre in a defense that calls for you to protect that, and he just busted wide open. Thatís frustrating, thatís devastating, really. Stuff like that, it hurts.

Q: Have you ever been part of a team to give up a third and 33?

A: I donít know, not that I remember. Thatís long. Thatís tough, itís crazy.

Q: Is there a point when you say enough is enough?

A: I thought weíd already hit that point. I thought we hit enough is enough when you go out there and, when enough is enough, you see a different play, a different fight, but for some reason thatís just not it yet.

Q: Is it surprising coming off a bye week?

A: Definitely. You know, itís hard. People will say that we donít have everybody there, but weíve been like that the whole season. You know, guys stepping up, but for some reason it just went totally wrong today.

Q: What do you think you could do to change it?

A: I donít know. I truly donít know.

Q: How tough is it to look around and see the empty seats?

A: I got to still play, man. At one oíclock, theyíve got to put that tee down and they got to kick that ball off, so whether theyíre on our side or they out there, we still have got to play. Thatís whatís frustrating the most is you still got to go out there like that. You know, weíve got eight games left, you canít just lay down. So, thatís what hurts the most. Knowing that we donít got nothing to lose, and donít come out swinging. I mean, we have our times when we come out looking like the Giants that weíre supposed to be, but weíve got to do that all the time.

Q: People are going to say you guys lied down today.

A: Yeah, see that one I know, and that isnít the case. I donít think guys lied down, you just got to move fast like quicksand. Go out there, you try to fight but you keep sinking. Itís hard, but somethingís got to give.

Q: How hard is it to get up and play the rest of the season?

A: See, thatís the point. Itís not hard. Itís in me. Weíre in the NFL Ė weíre privileged to be here. You know, youíve got to be self-motivated at this point. If you canít get up to play, you know, at the end of the day itís their job on the line. So, you go down there and continue to do what you do, weíre all going to be home watching somebody else play.

Q: You said somethingís got to change, this is a loss that costs people their jobsÖ

A: No, see you canít put that on the coaches. Not the way weíre playing. Thatís the defense. Ask any of us, weíve blown coverages, people wide open, you canít fire no coach for that. Fire a player or somethingís got to give.

Q: What do you say to the idea that the secondary is in shambles?

A: Oh no, weíre good. Weíre on the same page. You know, it comes down to our position. You know, if you see something else and you want to do something else, you got to do your job first. At the end of the day, thatís all it comes down to. No, no, definitely not in the secondary.

Q: Itís not confusion?

A: No, no.

Q: How much of it is a result of different guys coming in and out?

A: I mean, it does a little bit, but at the end of the day, whoever is out on that field has got to play. You know, I know thereís new guys youíre not familiar playing with, guys out there that usually donít make the calls, but at the end of the day youíve got to play. They put 51 on us, Iíll take 20 but 51?

Q: Did the Rams do anything you didnít expect?

A: No, they came out and ran their offense. You know, theyíre an offense that if you give the quarterback easy reads, you know, theyíre all testing out how to get in there, and for the most part it hurts us a lot.

Q: What was the feeling and message coming into the locker room?

A: Keep fighting because weíve still got the rest of our season. You know, thatís the only message you could give. If youíre this team, I know what youíre feeling, youíve got to be down on yourself. If youíre not, I donít know why youíre here. If youíre feeling bad, Iím talking about sick to my stomach bad. Losing like that at home, itís crazy. But weíve got eight games left. If you canít get up for that, you donít need to play.

Q: Do you have to look at it like everyoneís job is on the line?

A: Yeah, everyoneís on the line. I look at it at 1-6, 1-7, how we come in here, weíve been in jeopardy. I mean all you can do is take eight games and finish how we should have started.

Q: Thatís a long time.

A: Eight games? Yeah, thatís a long time. You can still go 9-7. Thatís a winning season in my book.

Q: Do you believe this team has that in them?

A: Easy, man. I think next week you get a lot of key pieces back and you go from there. One week at a time, you donít look ahead. One week at a time, one day at a time.

Q: Do you expect CB Janoris Jenkins back?

A: Yeah, definitely.

Q: Did you talk to him?

A: Yeah.

Q: Is he back in town?

A: I donít know where he went. Yeah, heís here, weíre good.
What can you do to change it?  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 11/6/2017 5:57 am : link
I don't know, I truly don't know.

That says it all.
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