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NFT: For the record...

Slade : 11/7/2017 1:53 pm
I am not the Lymrick guy, or any other clown that someone has mistaken me for. My handle was previously cvicszasz... I've made no secret about that. Eric or any mod can confirm... My posts have been only related to the Giants. So stop throwing Slade around as one of your resident racists, or phobes... That's not how I roll.

ryanmkeane : 11/7/2017 1:55 pm : link
you're not a racist  
jlukes : 11/7/2017 1:55 pm : link
you're just a troll who is always wrong and makes shit up
You should have stayed cvicszasz  
pjcas18 : 11/7/2017 1:59 pm : link
that guy was right pretty often, this Slade guy not so much.
djm : 11/7/2017 2:01 pm : link
I dont know you from Adam  
mac attack : 11/7/2017 2:24 pm : link
but I have some insiders at WWE who are in-the-know. They tell me things from time to time. Sometimes I post things I hear on various websites, twitter, etc.

Its easy for folks to dismiss, ridicule, and call you out. Dont worry about any of that. If you like to share what you hear, go ahead, because many appreciate it.

Things change inside organizations quickly. Your source may hear one thing one day and it end up not being true very quickly. No sweat off your back. Keep posting and forget what the response is. Either way, everyone reads it!
I don't care if people beat me up when something I dish doesn't happen  
Slade : 11/7/2017 2:32 pm : link
I don't like being called a dupe who has been toxic to this board. Today I'm a troll... Tomorrow I'm lucky because anyone could have seen that happening... I don't care... But I've never participated in any of the dysfunctional NFT conversations that occur on this site.
Slade..some of us appreciate your posts  
Chris684 : 11/7/2017 2:34 pm : link
It's understood that sometimes the info process is dynamic, things change.

Please keep the information coming. There is certainly going to be a lot to process over the next few months.
I hope you come here to take credit after McAdoo gets fired  
widmerseyebrow : 11/7/2017 3:01 pm : link
Now, what are your thoughts on the sun rising tomorrow?
I appreciate your posts  
ij_reilly : 11/7/2017 3:40 pm : link
Carry on!
I am #TeamSlade  
PSUGiant : 11/7/2017 4:41 pm : link
Thanks for the info brother... ignore the hate
Lighten up, Francis.  
Beezer : 11/7/2017 4:43 pm : link
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