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NFT: Trying to remember book title

BlackLight : 11/8/2017 3:26 am
I probably haven't read the book in 25 years, since grade school or middle school. Can't remember the title. It was part of the curriculum, which makes me think others might have also read it. Basically, it's set in the 1700s. Boy and his father pick out a spot of land in the woods on the frontier. They build a log cabin. Then the father leaves to go back east to retrieve the family. Leaves the boy alone with the family rifle to fend for himself. Rifle gets stolen. Boy is in danger of starving, but an Indian boy about his age finds him, teaches him how to hunt and fish. In return, boy teaches the Indian how to read English. Reads him stories from Robinson Crusoe and The Bible. Don't remember exactly how it ends, other than the boy's father and family come back and the Indian and his tribe move away. Anyone recollect this?
The Sign of the Beaver.  
MOOPS : 11/8/2017 3:33 am : link
The Sign of the Beaver  
B in ALB : 11/8/2017 3:34 am : link
Les in TO : 11/8/2017 10:51 am : link
thread outed the BBI insomniacs or international travelers!

that title also sounds like the name of a video I recently watched on naughty America.
Sign of the Beaver is it.  
BlackLight : 11/8/2017 1:05 pm : link
Thanks so much.
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