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Thursday Transcript: Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/9/2017 3:57 pm
Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo

November 9, 2017

Opening Statement: Good football day for everybody to get a chance to get outside there. We got a little bit of work done and with that Iíll open it up.

Q: 51 points.

A: Thereís a pit right here. Itís called an embarrassing pit. We feel terrible about that and looking to get it corrected.

Q: What was the major issue on Sunday?

A: Sometimes, when it rains, it pours and starts snowballing. We were trying to patch some things together because of the injuries and what not, but thatís no excuse. I mean, we just need to play faster. I think the guys will tell you that. Make some tackles.

Q: Is there enough effort?

A: I thought so. I thought so. You can pick out a play here and there and we track loafs all the time and we have never gone through a game and not had a couple. We do have some guys out there with some injuries and at times, I think theyíre trying to save themselves. I donít think thatís the right thing to do, but that might have happened a couple times.

Q: Ben McAdoo was saying how important it was to look at the film. What was the mood like and what was the atmosphere like when you guys did that?

A: Yeah. We do it on Tuesday. We donít do it on Monday. I said this to the guys the other day Ė so, the coaches get a chance to look at it on Monday, get a chance to digest it. Itís 48 hours or 36 hours before we watch it with them, so by then, Iím a little bit more relaxed, you know, have accepted and kind of moved on. Theyíre still at the point where they want to watch a little bit, which is a good thing. This was a harder, this was a tougher film session than most mainly because of the result and the way we all felt. But, we grinded through. We watched about what I thought were the 15 key plays together. I made my comments and my issues. The players Ė I had them do theirs and then I wanted the assistants to detail their position with their particular players, which they did. Then we usually come back on that day Ė Tuesday Ė and then kind of sum it all up and move onto the next game, which we did. We moved on to San Francisco.

Q: Ben McAdoo said he told the coaches to simplify things.

A: Weíre always, I mean, weíre always doing that. Look it, hings donít go good. We can find all kinds of excuses. Weíre always doing that. Weíll continue to do it. Weíre just going to try and find the things that work for us, knowing that we have different people in there. Last year was a Ė we all know how blessed we were last year, to stay as healthy as we were because you can start adding pieces, you know. This year is a little bit different. So, weíll go forward accordingly.

Q: You said you count loafs?

A: Have always done that. Forever.

Q: Did you notice last year that there were loafs?

A: Well, theyíre in every game. Now when I say Ďloafí, weíre hard on the guys. You know what I mean? So, when itís not full speed, we call them a loaf. That doesnít mean a guy is walking. We need guys bursting to the ball. We need guys bursting to the ball.

Q: A player was quoted anonymously saying that he feels you are panicking in games and heís blaming your calls for some of the things happening on defense.

A: I donít know anonymous. I donít know. I donít know.

Q: Does that trouble you that a player would day that?

A: No. Look it, no. No. We just got to move on. I canít even worry about that. Itís anonymous, right? Was that true? Was it anonymous?

Q: Yes.

A: So, we donít know. We donít know Ė anonymous Ė we donít know if it was made up. We donít know if it was actually said. Would that be true? So, Iím not going to comment on it. Move on. Any football questions?

Q: Youíve played a lot of teams this year where the quarterback has gotten you guys on your heels. Youíre going against a rookie this week in C.J. Beathard.

A: Yeah. Iíll tell you, heís a pretty good little player. Kyle (Shanahan) does some really good things with him and then we got the other thing we got to think about is if itís a different quarterback. So, we got a couple things going on.

Q: Does it allow you to do some different things when youíre going against this rookie quarterback?

A: Yeah. I donít know. Iím trying to interpret the Ďon your heelsí thing. I donít know.

Q: Well, you faced a lot of quarterbacks that have attacked you down the field. The 49ers only have six touchdowns even though they have the most pass attempts in the league.

A: Right. We go in every game thinking a team can attack downfield. I mean, because theyíre pros, too, right? So, weíre not going to go in there thinking that they canít do that and weíve gone against Kyle Shanahanís offense before and thatís kind of one of their staple things. You know, block it up, protect him, throw it downfield. They had a couple that they just missed. So, weíre not going to treat it any differently. Weíll attack them the same way.
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 11/10/2017 6:44 am : link
The obvious follow up questions are were there more loafs than usual, and were there any players who were more guilty than others.
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