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Thursday Media Transcript: LB Kelvin Sheppard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/9/2017 4:17 pm
Linebacker Kelvin Sheppard

November 9, 2017

Q: Talk about learning the plays.

A: Not much. Itís more recall than actual learning the actual plays. Itís more just recalling everything I already knew from last year.

Q: How did this come about?

A: They literally called me, what was it, Monday? And, they asked my agent if I would be willing to come up for a workout and I was like, ĎYep,í and came up, worked out and they signed me after the workout.

Q: If you have to wear the coach to player receiver, are you ready to make those calls?

A: Oh yeah. Iím fine with that. The transition has been great. Itís a great group of guys. Mostly a lot of guys I was already in there with. Theyíve been helping me out, so Iím definitely fine with that.

Q: How much did they change?

A: Not much. Itís pretty much the same scheme.

Q: Are you surprised that when you left this team it was a playoff team and now itís a 1-7 team?

A: Thatís the thing about the NFL, itís year-to-year you canít try to say just because something happened last year itís going to transition into the next year. The NFL Ė you take it year-by-year, week-by-week.

Q: Do you believe that you guys are capable of making a run in the second half?

A: Yeah. To be honest, I think weíre going to win every game. Thatís just my mentality.

Q: What was it like this offseason? Had you guys talked?

A: Yeah. I was busy. I took a few visits. I went a couple places and was down back in Miami working out, taking visits. Iíd go to another team, come back, go to another team, come back. So, it was a little busy, but not what I ultimately wanted. But, Iím back where I wanted to be from the get-go.

Q: I mean did you guys talk about you coming back here in the offseason?

A: Iím not sure if I can disclose all that, but just Iím here now and Iím excited to be back.

Q: Did you think you would be back?

A: Yeah. I talked to the guys every week. Although I wasnít here, I was in communication with pretty much the whole defense every week.

Q: Do you expect to be active Sunday?

A: Yeah. Yeah. Iím not here to watch, I donít think.

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