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Ranaan: Vernon and Casillas expected to play today

EddieNYG : 11/12/2017 1:15 pm
Jordan Raanan& #8207;Verified account
17m17 minutes ago

Giants expected to have DE Olivier Vernon and LB Jonathan Casillas back vs 49ers, per sources. Should help after allowing 51 pts last week
Good for them.  
Giants_ROK : 11/12/2017 1:17 pm : link
They've been anonymous for a while.
I completely forgot about Vernon  
Route 9 : 11/12/2017 1:19 pm : link
Having Casillas available means nothing....  
Simms11 : 11/12/2017 1:22 pm : link
He's been terrible this year.
Larry in Pencilvania : 11/12/2017 1:46 pm : link
B in ALB : 11/12/2017 1:47 pm : link
Sammo85 : 11/12/2017 2:36 pm : link
Casillas is a smart player but he really isnít any good, not anymore. Teams key in on him to attack in coverage.
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