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Still good with Reese as GM

aquidneck : 11/13/2017 7:09 am
Everyone was on board with this team having playoff talent coming into the season.

The team made a huge mistake when they promoted their HC. That was largely on Mara.

It's Jerry's turn now to see what he can do. Let him pick the coach. It would be yet another mistake to can Jerry. If it happens he won't be out of the league long and his replacement is not likely to sniff two super bowls.

get your flak jacket on  
family progtitioner : 11/13/2017 7:11 am : link
I personally don't agree but I won't excoriate you for your opinion.
I think itís time for a change..  
Sean : 11/13/2017 7:20 am : link
but Reese gets far too much shit on this board. People canít even admit Flowers is improving. This has been an organizational philosophy since 2013 which has not worked, everyone is to blame.
GiantBlue : 11/13/2017 7:21 am : link
I think at this point, we need a fresh new player evaluation and team management team from GM down.

I think a this point, we need an objective reassessment of every player, who will be available in FA and for the draft.

It is like going into the attic after many years and clearing the cobwebs and looking at things anew.

In the light of day, a lot of what used to be important can be put out with the trash.
I agree ...  
DonQuixote : 11/13/2017 7:32 am : link
I wouldn't excoriate anyone for their opinion  
HomerJones45 : 11/13/2017 7:42 am : link
but I have to disagree and Jerry deserves a good portion of the shit being dished up to him- bad drafts, bad decisions, a devotion to bargain basement finds and tweeners, bad player evaluation, bad decisions, bad roster construction. I do not see how he survives, nor should he.
Yeah he is doing a super job  
Jimmy Googs : 11/13/2017 7:43 am : link
Reese needs to go.  
FStubbs : 11/13/2017 7:52 am : link
There is very little good he's done with this roster since 2011.
Sammo85 : 11/13/2017 7:54 am : link
He has been awful for six or seven straight years in roster management.

They gave him $200 Million to spend on the defense  
B in ALB : 11/13/2017 7:54 am : link
And they just got lit up by CJ Beatroot and run over by the worst running team in the league.

Bye Jerry.
jeff57 : 11/13/2017 7:55 am : link
He's the main person responsible for this record.
I Agree  
giantfan2000 : 11/13/2017 7:57 am : link
we had a number of pro bowlers last season

the talent is on this team.. with cap situations the fact is every team in league has some areas where they best talent they would like .. it is up to coaching staff to use what they have and win.

this collaspe is ENTIRELY on McAdoo

has anyone ever heard of a team suspending indefinitely two of their starting defensive players for what is essentially the crime of poor attitude ?

Until this week Jenkins was one of the best players on the team and a team leader and for some mysterious reason there was an issue and the only solution for McAdoo was to suspend him ? and then everyone is shocked that Jenkins comes back the next week and quits on this coach?

this shows me McAdoo is in over his head -
a decent coach would at least field a team that was competitive and did the basic things correctly

It is obvious this team has completely quit on the coach

I am just shocked that Giants Organization has not removed the Coach already.

Everyone wants to clean house but even a house cleaning , there will be some players from this roster still on team next year . They need to be shown that from top down excellence is expected in Giants Org

Sullivan should be named interim coach with McAdoo and Spags fired .

How anyone can support Reese  
Tittle 9 20 64 : 11/13/2017 7:59 am : link
at this point is beyond me.

Heís been trying to pound square pegs into round holes for six years now. Ehough is enough.

Time for a change.i
"this collaspe is ENTIRELY on McAdoo"  
jeff57 : 11/13/2017 8:01 am : link
5 non-winning seasons out of 6. Through two coaches. No, the major portion of the blame is on Reese.
You can't pay a guy like JPP  
B in ALB : 11/13/2017 8:02 am : link
And draft a shitbag like Apple and keep your job. Not to mention never addressing the front 7 with any realistic chance of a much needed major improvement. He's gotta go.

I would fire him and the other asshole today.

Rick5 : 11/13/2017 8:07 am : link
hard to imagine Reese staying at this point.
They just got their ass kicked by a team with half their talent  
Rflairr : 11/13/2017 8:12 am : link
This isnít on the GM.
Reese needs to go  
Giants86 : 11/13/2017 8:20 am : link
but a lot of this season is McAdoo.

Clean house.
RE: They just got their ass kicked by a team with half their talent  
The_Boss : 11/13/2017 8:21 am : link
In comment 13689246 Rflairr said:
This isnít on the GM.

The statement about coaching changes: "That was largely on Mara."  
JohnB : 11/13/2017 8:27 am : link
Is not correct. At the hiring of McAdoo, Mara came out and flatly said "This one is on Jerry". Meaning that Jerry made the change and it sounded like Mara wasn't comfortable with firing TC but went with it because Jerry was the GM.

That being said, your whole statement is false. Jerry was given the free hand to pick and he picked McAdoo.

Fire Reese.
Offensive line  
Britt in VA : 11/13/2017 8:29 am : link
Offensive line
Offensive line

Fire him.
he has  
Les in TO : 11/13/2017 8:41 am : link
had a mixed bag as GM - he's made some very savvy draft picks and signings, picked some busts and had some bad injury luck to other talent that was brought in.

he has also had questionable chefs who have taken his ingredients and turned them into a pu pu platter
RE: RE: They just got their ass kicked by a team with half their talent  
Rflairr : 11/13/2017 9:06 am : link
In comment 13689276 The_Boss said:
In comment 13689246 Rflairr said:


This isnít on the GM.


I doubt it
sorry, but WRONG  
Victor in CT : 11/13/2017 9:10 am : link
bye bye Jerry. Maybe he and Ben can go sell ice cream together.
Old saying  
Painless62 : 11/13/2017 9:11 am : link
When in doubt, throw out. Applies to everyone mentioned above.
On one hand, Reese deserves credit for the Super Bowl runs.  
an_idol_mind : 11/13/2017 9:13 am : link
on the other hand, the Giants under his watch peaked in 2008 and have been steadily declining ever since. The fact that they won a Super Bowl in 2011 is astounding considering how bad the offensive line, running game, and defense were for most of the season.

He has repeatedly failed to fix the offensive line, and that's been the primary thing crippling the offense over the past couple of years. His spending spree on defense worked for one years but has now left the team with high-paid players who don't care enough to put a real effort in.

If the Giants keep Reese around, the problems with this team won't go away. He might be able to mask them in the short-term with some big spending in free agency again, but he has not proven effective when it comes building a team for the long haul.
AcidTest : 11/13/2017 9:20 am : link
drafts are terrible. Constantly over drafting. Won't trade down. Nothing from day three. Remember M. Austin. A. Robinson, M. Thompson, and all those wasted day three OL? Reese thinks he's smarter than everyone else. His record suggests otherwise. His FA acquisitions are also awful.
It's time to make a change  
AnnapolisMike : 11/13/2017 9:24 am : link
The team needs a change of direction.
Took him years to  
TommyWiseau : 11/13/2017 9:46 am : link
find a above average TE.. he has neglected the Oline in FA.. he has yet to put a passable Linebacker on the damn roster and has drafted beyond awful in rounds 3 to 7 every single year. He is trash.
The 2011  
TommyWiseau : 11/13/2017 9:52 am : link
draft was BRUTAL. Prince, Marvin Austin, Jernigan, James Brewer, Greg Jones, Tyler Sash, Williams and Da'rel Scott

2012 draft: Another winner!

David Wilson (won't fault him on this one)
Adrien Robinson (JPP of TE's!)
Brandon Mosley
Matt McCants
Markus Kuhn

The list goes on and on and on and on. The best player he has drafted from rounds 3 to 7 since 2011 is Markus freaking Kuhn
BrettNYG10 : 11/13/2017 9:57 am : link
He assumed the defense would remain static - there was no additional investment there. That was a huge error. It isn't the first time he's massively misjudged the team, either.

There are massive decisions to be made this off-season. About the coach, obviously, but the QB as well - the GM may think Eli's going to be a top ten QB again if he fixes the OL, or may think he's not going to be better than average and is on the decline. Or he may not like any of the QB options available at the draft and will decide to kick the replacing Eli can down the road. I don't want Reese making those decisions. He's messed up a lot the last five years.
I was not ok with Jerry last year  
SHO'NUFF : 11/13/2017 10:02 am : link
He didn't do shit for the O-line last year and this year. Now we're seeing the result.
Is it McAdoo faults that we don't have 1 starting level LB  
chuckydee9 : 11/13/2017 10:14 am : link
on this defense? how about the fact that we have Jerry as our starting guard and Hart as our starting RT? Who decided to invest $30M/yr into 2 DE and have no DE who can come off the bench? these DEs have to play 95% of the snaps.. that's unreal..
Also when you have a 34 year aging QB who is immobile.. Would it make sense to draft a LT who is a major project and will take 3 years to play better than the worst OT in the league? or would you invest in someone who can actually help out the team right away? JR is more responsible for this mess than anyone outside of the Maras..
Also does Jerry know that there are pass rushing DTs  
chuckydee9 : 11/13/2017 10:20 am : link
in the league? I know last year QBs had an eternity back there because they can step up from DE pressure and comfortably pass.. so what does JR do this year.. draft a huge DT who is just a younger version of Snacks.. because NFL QBs fear the lack of the pressure up the middle..
Images of Bobby Hart Trying to Block  
clatterbuck : 11/13/2017 10:44 am : link
a 175-year-old Elvis Dumervil is inbdisputable visual evidence that Reese needs to go.
He survived the firing of one head coach  
Dave in Hoboken : 11/13/2017 10:48 am : link
he doesn't get another.
holmancomedown : 11/13/2017 11:05 am : link
Needs to go ! New blood is needed. I would hire Bill Parcells to help with the interview process for new GM. Enough of this shit already ! We deserve better !
Reese wont be picked up  
gm7b5 : 11/13/2017 11:06 am : link
by another team, hell be forgotten like many ex giants that left, the guy has no idea how to pick a lbker and has trouble picking offensive lineman, the most important position. Plus he lost his fastball picking de. Please dont say avery moss.
Being 1-8 isn't on Reese...  
Sarcastic Sam : 11/13/2017 12:02 pm : link
but being 0-4 is. Reese, Ross, McAdoo, Spags, Sullivan all need to go.
montanagiant : 11/13/2017 12:09 pm : link
He can't leave soon enough. He should have been canned 2 years ago
Reese stinks as a GM.  
Red Dog : 11/13/2017 12:10 pm : link
ghost718 : 11/13/2017 12:11 pm : link
Two thumbs down !  
Bluesbreaker : 11/13/2017 2:10 pm : link
He wasted the best QB in Giants history half of his career
I want him nowhere near this franchise on draft day .
I would rather have a blind man throwing darts to make the
picks than this clown.
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