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To Fellow Giants Fans of 50 Years or More

looie : 11/13/2017 7:23 am
Iím 65 years old, my earliest memories of the NFL going back to 1960. In my opinion, this yearís team is on track to become the worst Giants team of my lifetime because of the huge gap between expectations and reality. There was the 1-12-1 team in Ď66 but not much was expected of that team from the beginning. Todayís team was awash with Super Bowl expectations but has fallen so far itís unlike anything I can remember, and with it the unprecented degree of disappointment and disgust. Iím wondering if any other ďancientĒ Giants fans out there agree, or am I not remembering another equally bad or worse year (?)
I'm 61 and my first Giants memory was the '63 loss to the Bears.  
Spider56 : 11/13/2017 7:31 am : link
They say the mind can't remember pain so the agony of the late 60s and 70s are fuzzy. I do agree that this season had very high hopes and to be out of it by The beginning of October is pure torture ...
I am 57 years old and remember that 1-12-1 team...........  
GiantBlue : 11/13/2017 7:36 am : link
I fell in love with the Giants back when they were dysfunctional, drafted Rocky Thompson and Fran Tarkenton was mainly running for his life back there behind an OL that should have been working on a construction site.

I remember the Miracle of the Meadowlands like it was yesterday and I saw the phoenix that rose from the wreckage. It wasn't overnight and there was pain....but the team George Young and Bill Parcells built was likeable, played with guts and for each other and the SB in 1986 was the culmination of years and years of frustration.

I keep telling myself that from this wreckage we will see the light, find players we actually like and root for and players who would give their left arm to make sure they supported their teammates out there and in the media.

But it is hard to think that we will see anything positive from this group without a complete housecleaning and objective review of each and every player.

How can any player currently on this team trust another when the proof is on the field that these guys don't care.

Yes, we had some lean years
I don't understand  
Gman11 : 11/13/2017 7:36 am : link
how a defense that was among the best in the league last year can be so utterly rotten this year with almost the same personnel. To be blown out by the 49ers is a disgrace. I can't believe the owners didn't fire everybody right after the game.

Oh, btw, thanks for ruining my plans for Thanksgiving evening. Now I have nothing planned. I'm not watching this shit show.
Itís been a tough season,  
Tittle 9 20 64 : 11/13/2017 7:43 am : link
but all of us can still hang our hats on four Lombardiís. Many fans canít say that.

We will rise again and hopefully see another. Hope Iím not in a nursing home wearing diapers!
I am 66 and a Giant fan since 58  
jjgmrg901 : 11/13/2017 7:45 am : link
First recollection of Giants was loss to Colts in Championship Season. Never thought it as the greatest game ever play. No Giant loss can be any good!!!!!

Saw Yelberton Abraham throw 6 against I think the Cowgirls in 1961.

Suffered through the Goodbye Allie phase, the big red failure, Andy as the GM.

Meadowland Miracle.

This season I have the Sunday Ticket and have not watched a game since the Denver victory.

Feel so bad for Eli and some of the other professional players on the team.

Sorry Ben and Jerry have to go.

No Mike Smith, maybe Josh, like the Defilippo idea.

So glad the Terrapin basketball season is here. Love Brenda and the Turge!!

Go Terps
Fan since 56  
joeinpa : 11/13/2017 8:01 am : link
Eli s a Championship quarterback for that reason alone I can t rate them behind the 66 version.

As for expectations, well much of that was the by product of ignoring the elephant in the room, the offensive line.

As for the defense, I think we were fooled by a weak schedule last year. They have no pass rush from the front four and once again the linebacker corp consists of low draft picks and free agents., not the expensive kind.

But unlike most, I am I good spirits today in regard to the Giants. Yesterday leaves no doubt that changes are coming, and was a big step too a top 3 pick.

Much like the fumble preceded the ext era of great Giants football, I think this failed season can have the same result.
Nearing 76  
Percy : 11/13/2017 8:03 am : link
No, I can't remember any worse year since becoming a Giants fan in about 1950. I knew the jig was up in the first half of the first game against Dallas this year -- and have been predicting this would be the case for the last two years. I'm so angry with the owners for allowing this to happen without even trying to upgrade the front office that I could spit. The Giants have become unwatchable and humiliating. At my age I still hope to see a rebirth of the team, but reality is that it's doubtful I will. I used to live for Fall and the beginning of Giants play, even in the old bad days of the '60s and '70s. No longer.
I remember the 70s  
johnnyb : 11/13/2017 8:03 am : link
which was a dark period for the franchise. But we were expected to be terrible, so any victory was a miracle. The franchise turned the corner in 1981 when they drafted LT. That 1981 playoff run, and win over the Eagles, was the beginning (with a few bumps along the way).
M.S. : 11/13/2017 8:08 am : link

...I'm in my early 60s and I sure can't recall a season like this one with such high expectations coupled with such disastrous results.

The only season that sticks out in my mind is 1973. We ended 1972 on a fairly strong note, so expectations were pretty high which were only reinforced by a convincing opening day win against the Houston Oilers (1973).

The very next week we were supposed to trounce the Eagles but the game ended up in something like a 31-31 tie.

And then the bottom fell out.
I'm 50  
AnnapolisMike : 11/13/2017 8:13 am : link
The fumble on is my Giants life.

I'm not that bent out of shape about this season at this point...disappointment and anger quickly giving way to humor. It's been a long time since a Giants team was so utterly hopeless.

Thankfully, in this NFL turnarounds are very common with good coaching and roster management. Change is coming.
looie - also 65 here -  
Del Shofner : 11/13/2017 8:21 am : link
this is the worst Giants team I can recall. Perhaps not the worst talent-wise, but it has the most quitters and no coaching. Unwatchable. Just have to wait for the housecleaning, and hopefully it's thorough.
Others teams were much worse  
jeff57 : 11/13/2017 8:25 am : link
64, 66, just about any team from 73-80. But in terms of expectations and results, yes, this is the worse team. Except for maybe '64.
62 next month, God willing  
RetroJint : 11/13/2017 8:38 am : link
I remember the Giants getting beat by the Bears in Wrigley in '63 but I didn't have any expectations immediately thereafter, being too young. All I remember is how pissed my Dad was. The years following the Super Bowl appearances have always been a bummer , except for 08 which was so promising until the imbecile shot himself in the thigh. '12 should have been a division-winning season except Beatty got caught for the hold on the deep runner to Bennett against the Skins. So those are my contributions . The years after the Super Bowl appearance. , especially 87, 91 & 01.
Iím 63...been a Giants fan since 1961...  
Thatís Gold, Jerry : 11/13/2017 8:51 am : link
56 years and this is embarrassing, disgusting, as bad as I have ever seen it. Iíve seen bad teams but usually because there was a lack of talent. To watch this, to see Pro Bowl players go through the motions just sickens me in my heart.

Iíve been saying for some time there is something insidious within the Giants and this confirms it.

Mara has to be steaming about this. This is his familyís business and how can you accept this. I must admit I expect something to happen today...I think the line has been crossed and I am convinced someone will get fired today.
I've seen a bunch of Giants teams that were worse than this one  
njm : 11/13/2017 8:55 am : link
But none that have fallen this far below their talent.
I think this as bad as it gets...  
silverfox : 11/13/2017 8:57 am : link
The other bad teams during the lean years were expected to be bad. My god, I remember several pundants on various sports shows during the summer predicting the 2017 Giants would not only win the NFC, but the SB. That alone is what makes this pathetic season so unreal.
I'm 53. This is the worst since the '70s in that it has that sense  
Victor in CT : 11/13/2017 9:06 am : link
of cluelessness from the organization. I haven't felt that way since George Young was hired, even in bad, or non-playoff years. Since 1979 I've always felt like the franchise knew what is was doing and where it was going. I don't feel that way now. We should have looked at the move to the WCO and McAdoo for what it was: DESPERATION. They sold their souls to try and save their jobs. Now they are a directionless franchise that has lost its football identity.
58 here  
well...bye TC : 11/13/2017 9:11 am : link
had season tix 86-2002 (let em go after my Dad passed). Knew George Young, went to camp every summer back in Pleasantville and Madison, was at SB in 86 and 90. What bothers me most now is that we dont even matter. Its one thing to be bad and quite another to not even be in the conversation (unless its "who is the biggest disappointment").
I'm 49 and yea the 70's teams were worse  
Stu11 : 11/13/2017 9:12 am : link
talent wise, but as other's have said no team in my lifetime has played worse compared to their talent level. The only team that comes close was the '83 team that was 3-12-1 but they had a ton of injuries, even more than this team and while they had been to the playoffs in '81 , their talent level was not comparable to this team. I agree that its comical at this point.
I'm 67. There were plenty of teams with less talent,  
yatqb : 11/13/2017 9:15 am : link
but I don't recall any defense that gave such poor effort.
im 54 and have been a fan since I can remember. Late 60s I guess  
Giants86 : 11/13/2017 9:30 am : link
my dad was a huge Giants fan. This is right up there with 1992 Handleys last year and 2003 Fassels last year. The 70s we just had no talent for the most part. This team has some talent and are far better than the product we are seeing.
Fan since 1958,  
MadMax : 11/13/2017 9:37 am : link
I was a huge fan of Frank Gifford, Rosie Grier, and Sam Huff. It was tough being a Giants fan living in the southwest, very few games on TV. There were no Cowboys in 1958, if there were, God forbid, I might have been a Dallas fan. It helped that the Giants were one of the better teams in the NFL (1958 - 1963) before the wheels fell off and we had to endure a long string of Giants ineptness.

Unfortunately, it looks like we are headed for another dry run. So dig in your heels and don't be a fair weathered friend, let's support our Giants! The good news is that teams can turn their fortunes around pretty quickly these days (free agency), a team just needs to consistently make sound personnel decisions and have a little luck.

Let's the Giants can have a lot of both for the next few seasons.
Fan since '61.....  
Doomster : 11/13/2017 9:43 am : link
Both my NY teams, the Giants and Yankees, were winners right from the beginning, when I discovered sports in 1961....

For three straight seasons, I just thought this is how it would always be.....I was in sports heaven...

Then the Giants fell off a cliff in '64, and the Yanks did likewise in '65, and thus the black hole began.....

It's funny....sometimes a team can play great for several seasons, and have that one season, where everything goes wrong, in the middle of that run......

Unfortunately, the opposite can happen also.....the Giants have been terrible the last 6 seasons(yes they were 9-7 in 2012, but the seeds of the future were planted that season), except for last 2016 was just a blip of false hope on the radar last season....the planets were aligned....the schedule was favorable.....the breaks went our way......or as they say, shit happens....

But that black hole in the '60s was caused by this team getting old all at once and there were no building seems, we are in the same position here......where are the building blocks on this team?
Fan since 56  
oldutican : 11/13/2017 9:46 am : link
So its hard to remember it all. But I do believe this is the worst because it feels like the team has given up. There were many very bad teams, but I always felt there was a chance every Sunday. I just don't see this group winning another game.
53 next month.  
Racer : 11/13/2017 9:54 am : link
This is not the low point.

This team has talented players that will be part of the next push, however far that goes.

These days we have Sy'56 et al to remind us of what's going well, and how teams like the Rams show how quickly things can be turned around. Back in the 70s we had Raanan-esque content in the News and the Post which added no value.
I'm 70, 1956 is First Season  
clatterbuck : 11/13/2017 10:05 am : link
I really remember. I've lived through the Glory Years and the lost decades, the organizational dysfunction, the wasted draft picks, the terrible trades, rosters bereft of talent, the climb back to competitiveness, the blissful SB moments. This season is the hardest to take. This team has talent but it may well be the worst "team" in the history of the NY Giants or at least in my lifetime. I know what's coming and its unavoidable whether this week or the day after the season ends. I hope I'm still alive when the pendulum swings back.
Expectations vs. Reality:  
old man : 11/13/2017 10:17 am : link
'64-80+/- you knew it was a 2-3 year project to turn things around, when there was 12 rounds+ and <32 teams so you had a chance to hit on a starter in round 7. Unfortunately every time it looked like one more draft and they could be .500+ and arrow up, something happened and back to Suckville.
Thought '82-'84 was going to be a redo but the '85-'86 drafts, the USFL breakup, and the core group turned it around.
,'03-04 led to Eli, the '07-8 drafts,short success thanks to JR, equally short for the moment but to become long fail thanks to JR.
2017 will lead to a new QB, new GM, new HC like '79+'04.
I hope the new people are all on a successful same page as quickly as possible.
I'm old and another 18 years of fail may be too long to make it through.
Giant fan since 1956.  
joe48 : 11/13/2017 10:18 am : link
This team has more talent than others but I cannot recall a team quitting like this. Todayís players make too much money and some do not even like football but see it as way to hit a payday. Giants lost control going back to OBJ. He is the elephant in the room and I know many of the younger fans like him. You do not build a winner when you have selfish players. OBJ is out for himself and should be traded before giving a big contract. Coaches have a tough job today with the players and especially in NY with the media. Giants will be back but hopefully without Reese and McAdoo. They need to start with a clean slate which they did not do post TC. That is on the FO.
79 and hope to live long enough  
guy in nc : 11/13/2017 10:22 am : link
to see another Super Bowl. Like others, I've been though the highs and lows of the Giants. A few years ago, my grandson became an avid Giants fan (he's now 20). I am so sad he has to see this team wallow in the swamp of disfunction with no light at the end of the tunnel. But I am a Giants fan and will always be a Giants fan even if the owners of the team turn a blind eye on trying to right to ship. GO GIANTS doesn't seem to have any zing it anymore.
I'm 56.5 years here, and remember the late 60's/early 70's teams  
PatersonPlank : 11/13/2017 10:29 am : link
Ron Johnson, drafting Rocky Thompson, Fran Tarkenton, of course Mendenhall. Boy did they suck.

Rumor was the defense would tell the offense to "hold em" when they came off the field.
I'm 62  
Marty866b : 11/13/2017 10:36 am : link
Haven't missed either seeing or listening to a game since 1966. I've seen some awful teams in my lifetime but no team is as unlikable as this one. This team has lots more talent then many of the bad teams in the 60's and 70's but I have never seen a Giant team with such a lack of effort. Tough team to root for when your best player is unlikable(though he's hurt). So yes, this is the worst season EVER.
GIANTS fan since 1955.  
Red Dog : 11/13/2017 12:13 pm : link
This is the WORST season EVER.

Some of those teams back in the 60s and 70s didn't have much talent, and some of them looked awful on the field. But they played hard and didn't give up.

This team was flawed to start with (but they all are), has now given up on the HC, and is on the way to a record number of losses in a season and a record-worst winning percentage for any GIANTS team I have ever seen, so it is the WORST team and WORST season ever.
baadbill : 11/13/2017 12:30 pm : link
I, too, am 65. My first real memory of the Giants was my dad taking me to see YA Title (and what I remember most was a metal girder partially blocking my view... lol).

This is probably the worst season I've gone through as a Giants fan because:

* Of the expectations;
* For the lack of effort;
* Because of some of the assholes on BBI
Another old suffering Giants fan  
floridagiantsfan : 11/13/2017 12:39 pm : link
I'm 68 and saw my first game in 1955 when the Giants beat the Chicago Cardinals 10-3. This is the first time I've ever seen a team quit like this. Lived through some bad years but the team tried. With the possible exception of Handley this is the worst head coach we've had. Tear it down, start from scratch and God willing I'll live to see another Super Bowl win.
RE: I'm 56.5 years here, and remember the late 60's/early 70's teams  
njm : 11/13/2017 12:41 pm : link
In comment 13689724 PatersonPlank said:
Ron Johnson, drafting Rocky Thompson, Fran Tarkenton, of course Mendenhall. Boy did they suck.

Funny. Of that group and Spider Lockhart, the only one who DID suck was Thompson.
A fan since the Chicago  
Jay in Toronto : 11/13/2017 12:54 pm : link
championship loss. I was at a 'winter camp' in th wilds of freezing my a** off listening on my transistor radio (remember those)?

For some reason my favourite player was Webster.

Frankly I don't remember which was the worst season -- all the years morph into one fog of unhappiness till George Young led us out of Sinai.

One horrible season will not upset me. Years of mediocrity in a row will.
1973 Last Year at Yankee Stadium  
The Turk : 11/13/2017 1:06 pm : link
but only for the first two games. They won the opener big against Houston and then kicked a last minute FG to tie Philly the following week. They proceeded to lose the next two game but they were close and then it all fell apart. My dad sold the Yale Bowl tickets so those first 2 games were my last until 1976. They finished 2-11-1 - that is what this year reminds me of. I was 11 that year.
The 1966 team was the worst IMO 1-12-1  
JerseyCityJoe : 11/13/2017 1:12 pm : link
Blown out numerous times. Washington putting 72pts on us! The reason this team seems as bad is we were hoodwinked into thinking this was our year to shine. I feel betrayed.
The worst single game IMO was against Oakland in 1973  
JerseyCityJoe : 11/13/2017 1:16 pm : link
We lost 42-0 and the Giants were clearly scared of the Raiders during the game. Horrible
smiles for miles  
RasputinPrime : 11/13/2017 2:07 pm : link
RE: 1973 Last Year at Yankee Stadium  
Ron from Ninerland : 11/13/2017 2:31 pm : link
In comment 13690165 The Turk said:
but only for the first two games. They won the opener big against Houston and then kicked a last minute FG to tie Philly the following week. They proceeded to lose the next two game but they were close and then it all fell apart. My dad sold the Yale Bowl tickets so those first 2 games were my last until 1976. They finished 2-11-1 - that is what this year reminds me of. I was 11 that year.
Didn't that team go something like 5-0 in the pre-season ? I remember a lot of delusional writers and fans read something into that.
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