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monetary cost for mara/tisch to blow it up

sundayatone : 11/13/2017 12:49 pm
thats a lot of dough,will that hold them back at all?
My goodness, you're right.  
Big Blue Blogger : 11/13/2017 12:57 pm : link
That is a lot of dough!
Those costs matter, but  
81_Great_Dane : 11/13/2017 12:59 pm : link
the worse things are, the greater the incentive to make changes. If the team were to finish 7-9, they might not want to spend a lot of money to clean house. But if they finish with 3 wins or less, I doubt the financial cost will be a big deal.

Steve Tisch is a billionaire, I believe -- the cost of retooling the Giants won't put a big dent in his accounts. The Giants are the Mara family business, so they have to be concerned about the value of the franchise, if nothing else.

We fans tend to think of owners as "cheap" (unless they're George Steinbrenner) but in the case of the Maras their problem is more one of excessive patience and misplaced loyalty.
2.17 billion  
Vanzetti : 11/13/2017 1:16 pm : link
And that doesn’t include cleaning or refrigeration costs
cap wise  
old man : 11/13/2017 1:26 pm : link
It'll be almost impossible for a true blowup. I think.
Moving guys will help somewhat. If you can find buyers.
Dumping dung will be the easy part.
They didn't plan on clusterfail.
Go to for individual contracts.
arcarsenal : 11/13/2017 1:28 pm : link
Has monetary cost jumped the shark?
The blow up is at the top  
djstat : 11/13/2017 1:41 pm : link
Talent on both sides of the ball. The OL needs help. The defense has given up.

they can fucking bill me  
djm : 11/13/2017 1:44 pm : link
they have for years. Deal with it.
I don't think it is the money so much  
Beer Man : 11/13/2017 2:19 pm : link
as it is the salary cap that would be eaten up. You still have to field a decent team, and they would need to replace everyone they sent packing. That becomes very difficult when your salary cap is tied up in dead money
They can promote Chris Mara  
CromartiesKid21 : 11/13/2017 5:56 pm : link
to run the entire front office and im sure there are some nephews or brother-in-laws looking for something to do outside of horse racing events.
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