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Could DRC, Jenkins and Apple all be gone next year?

DennyInDenville : 11/13/2017 2:47 pm
Jenkins is owed ZERO guaranteed money after this season. We would owe him some bonus money, maybe $7 million dead money next year

DRC is gone for sure unless we keep him 1 more year as punishment.

Apple?? He will stay.. but if I had it my way id cut his sorry ass

At the very least I demote Apple to FS, since he can't turn around let him just keep eyes on the ball as a backup

Sooo, our biggest strength (CBs) has turned into how can we get rid of them all. article explaining the cap implications of cutting Jenkins - ( New Window )
Most likely guy to go is Apple unless these  
Blue21 : 11/13/2017 2:51 pm : link
next few weeks get even worse. Then all bets are off. But find it hard that they can lose the money by dumping all three.That's why it's always easier to dump one guy(coach)than the players.
I would absolutely  
Pep22 : 11/13/2017 2:59 pm : link
not let go of Jenkins or Apple.

While they're effort and performance have been bad this year, cutting these guys would mean a draft and/or FA $ spent with a high priority on CBs (meaning, we lose the opportunity to focus on the OL).

My bet is that Jenkins (post McAdoo) returns to an elite CB and that Apple develops to at least an average starting CB.
Our biggest strength could be undone  
Mr. Nickels : 11/13/2017 3:00 pm : link
and if Reese is at the helm guess where we spend Free Agent money and draft picks? This is why Reese must be fired NOW.
I would be surprised if all 3 were gone  
Rjanyg : 11/13/2017 3:00 pm : link
I believe we will have a new head coach and coaching staff. I can't be 100% sure that Reese survives this.

I think these players will get a clean slate next year, especially Jenkins. Apple is very young, which might be part of his problem. I don't think you cut somebody until you have somebody to take their place. With Free agency and the draft they could decide to add a couple of CB but the monetary investment in Jenkins leads me to believe he will have next year in blue. Apple is in his rookie contract and will probably hang on unless the Giants can trade him, which is possible. DRC might be outright cut. SO put CB as a need for next year.
Could be similar to the Jets this season  
mfsd : 11/13/2017 3:08 pm : link
Everyone would scream disaster if we started cutting pricey vets, but replacing them with young hungry guys who actually give a fuck could be a net positive after all

Have to consider the cap hits of course, but If I never saw Jenkins, Apple or JPP in a Giants uniform again after yesterday’s absurdity I wouldn’t shed a tear.
UConn4523 : 11/13/2017 3:10 pm : link
again I think fans aren't thinking straight. All 3 played well last year, especially DRC and Jenkins. There's something going on that we aren't privy to - and that's not to excuse it, its more to show that this is probably not the norm.

Giants need to be careful of who they are getting rid of and not make emotional decisions like BBI is doing.
honestly if I was taking over as a coach  
larryflower37 : 11/13/2017 3:17 pm : link
I would keep all 3 and see what it takes to keep them motivated because the talent is there.
This coaching staff has lost this team and the secondary is playing to not get hurt and risk their careers tackling a TE for a 1-8 team with a lame duck front office.
Is it right? probably not but this is a different generation of football players.

Jenkins did this in St. Louis because he was sick of losing. DRC was this way at every stop.

It's sickening to think we have the toughest part of our schedule coming up with this level of effort.
KC might have the 2nd string in by halftime up by 40
Get rid of Reese now ...  
Bluesbreaker : 11/13/2017 3:18 pm : link
Clean slate next year crazy as it sounds we can still compete next year I want to get to the bottom of
why the hell Jenkins didn't just fake an injury or something if he did not wan to play .
Problem is that they stayed pat at the trading deadline this
team was going nowhere DRC should have been moved plenty
of teams would give us at least a 4th round pick for him
But we have no guidance under Reese .
Jenkins is still a heck of a player I don't excuse him for yesterday but he will want out we have no control over either one of them now Apple I don't seem ever getting any better .
I agree that none of these decisions should happen  
mfsd : 11/13/2017 3:28 pm : link
before a full housecleaning of the front office, from Reese on down.
I wouldnt  
jtfuoco : 11/13/2017 3:35 pm : link
Move these guys until the new coaching staff has a chance to sit down and meet with these guys. Its not that they cant play we saw how good there where most of the first 6 games. However something happen with this position that we don't know about off the field. My guess is that they were getting called out during film sessions for giving up drives in Philly and Tampa and didn't see the same thing for the under performing offense and it didn't go over well its just my guess.

I know its not ideal since they are suppose to be pros and all that jazz. However for some it take more then lots of money to do what they should do. Attitude is a reflection of leadership and I don't see much of a leader with Ben.
Not likely ...  
Beer Man : 11/13/2017 3:36 pm : link
You can't cut your top three CBs and thinks you are going to find adequate replacements. The CB position would look like the FS/SS positions prior to the Collins draft. They may cut DRC, but Jack Rabbit is signed for the long hall and would represent a $6M hit (in Dead money) to the 2018 salary cap. Eli Apple is young, talented and would represent a $8.9M hit to the 2018 salary cap. Right now is too early to give up on him, and the cost is too steep. Lets see if a new leadership team can get these guys on the right track again. Unfortunately this season is a loss, and few players on the team are playing with a lot of heart and enthusiasm.
Doubt Apple is going anywhere  
BillT : 11/13/2017 3:41 pm : link
He'd cost cap space to cut.
Carson53 : 11/13/2017 3:41 pm : link
is 99% gone IMO. The other two will most likely survive.
Jenkins came with warts from college, not rehashing that part.
Now he just looks like a front runner, meaning when things are going good...To me he was the MVP of the defense last year,
with all due respect to Collins, both have not shined this year at all!
I was kind of surprised that Jenkins wasn't benched after
halftime yesterday, with that first half display.
RE: Most likely guy to go is Apple unless these  
djstat : 11/13/2017 3:44 pm : link
In comment 13690436 Blue21 said:
next few weeks get even worse. Then all bets are off. But find it hard that they can lose the money by dumping all three.That's why it's always easier to dump one guy(coach)than the players.
You are clearly ignorant in business. He has a guaranteed contract and is a good player. Attitude can be handled by the right staff.
Let's face it  
PaulN : 11/13/2017 3:49 pm : link
Apple is another horrible pick by Reese, he picked Apple and Flowers at the top of the draft and blew both picks, that s why we have all these high priced free agents, because he is horrible at the draft, and that is a death blow in this business, now we all can see the results. he protected his job and was successful at running Coughlin out the door, made certain to do nothing to help him and once he left broke the bank, now look what happened. He has been a misfit from the word go.

A new GM and coach is going to come is just like Coughlin did when he got here and clean house. All these quitters are going to have to answer, one way or the other it is going to effect them too. Great job Jerry Reese. Not hearing the old In Reese we trust anymore. A bad GM will get exposed in time, it is inevitable.
I honestly don't want to see Janoris Jenkins or Eli Apple  
shockeyisthebest8056 : 11/13/2017 4:04 pm : link
in Giants uniforms ever again. They're losers.
Bottom line on all this stuff:  
81_Great_Dane : 11/13/2017 4:45 pm : link
It'll be up to the next coach and GM. If they want these DBs, they'll be back. If not, not. Which is fine.

I expect that after a season like the next team is going to want to break it all down and do a complete rebuild. But maybe they'll look at those guys, find out what happened and say "We can give them another chance. We can fix this. We can fix them."

Or... not.
old man : 11/13/2017 5:57 pm : link
probably, and No.In that order.
Jenkins and Apple will 100% be back next year  
est1986 : 11/13/2017 6:07 pm : link
DRC is going to have to take less money if he wants to be a Giant in 2018. I predict he is done here and we target a real slot corner in the first five rounds of the draft.
RE: Most likely guy to go is Apple unless these  
LakeGeorgeGiant : 11/13/2017 7:02 pm : link
In comment 13690436 Blue21 said:
next few weeks get even worse. Then all bets are off. But find it hard that they can lose the money by dumping all three.That's why it's always easier to dump one guy(coach)than the players.

Wow, you're not very good at this are you?

They aren't dumping a first round pick. He will be here.
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