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Wednesday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/15/2017 4:09 pm
Tight End Evan Engram

November 15, 2017

Q: How did you react to ownershipís statement on Head Coach Ben McAdoo?

A: Weíre behind Coach Mac. Coach Mac is our head coach, heís leading us right now and weíre following him. I love Coach Mac, I appreciate him. Heís been tremendous with my transition into the league and he definitely has our support and weíre fighting for him.

Q: Has this year gone better than you had anticipated, personally?

A: Like, individually? No, I have pretty big expectations for myself. I feel like I can be doing more, but definitely Iím kind of hard to please. But, definitely, itís pretty cool coming in and having some success, but itís just some expectations I have for myself.

Q: Do you feel that it has been a smooth transition into the NFL this year?

A: Those first couple of weeks, my head was spinning a little bit out there and I wasnít as confident. But definitely learning some things, fixing some mistakes and knowing that I belong out there, having some confidence, I think thatís been the biggest jump Iíve taken. Itís definitely helped me with my game and getting out there and making plays.

Q: Are you playing loose right now?

A: Just playing loose, just having confidence and knowing that Iím out there and can make big plays and be physical in the run game. Just doing what Iím supposed to do for my team. Just having some swagger and some confidence with it.

Q: How has quarterback Eli Manning been in your transition to the NFL?

A: Oh man, Eli, from day one, helping me get on the same page as him. Learn the offense, learn the ins and outs, just getting on the same page with him. Chemistry is a big deal between quarterbacks and his receivers, so itís tremendous help by 10 and definitely I owe him a lot to the transition Iíve made.

Q: How do you feel like your blocking development is coming?

A: Itís alright. Definitely I think I can do some things better. Just kind of just getting in some positions, hold my ground a little bit more, just small things Iím working on. Thereís some things Iím doing pretty well, but definitely kind of more focused on the corrections I can make.

Q: Why do you think youíve been able to make improvements to your blocking?

A: Just learning, technique, just getting in the right positions. To kind of actually know what the defense is trying to do, that helps a lot. Just kind of the small things. The physicality and the strength part, thatís just football, but thereís a lot of small things Iíve learned that has helped me a lot.

Q: Have you been in-line more than you expected coming into the season?

A: A little bit, yeah. But, it creates a lot of mismatches and it opens up a lot of things. So, Iím definitely in-line a lot, but I love it.

Q: How has the adjustment been going, lining up across from defensive linemen?

A: Itís definitely tough, but thatís the game and I love to compete. Those guys are huge, but Iím in there trying to compete with them.

Q: When you were drafted, people thought you may play more out wide, but youíre a tight end, right?

A: Yeah, Iím a tight end. People can say that all day, but I do everything every other tight end does. I donít really pay too much mind of it, but Iím just doing what Iím asked to do.

Q: Looking ahead, if you are asked to be in-line more, will you try to get a little bit bigger, or do you think youíre okay with where youíre at now?

A: I think Iím good. Along the season itís kind of inevitable, you drop a couple pounds, but from where I started in camp and where Iím at now, Iím good.

Q: Did you not like that label, when you were called a big wide receiver?

A: I didnít pay any mind to it. Iím in-line, I do everything any other tight end is asked to do, so I donít really pay any mind to it. I just do whatever my team asks me to do.

Q: Was it an effort to keep your weight up when you got here?

A: It was actually not that hard when I got here. In college, it was always hard for me for some reason, but when I got here, the food, just all the different types of shakes they have and the weight plan and the weight room, for some reason Ė I think it was just old man weight thatís starting to stick on me.

Q: How much do you weigh now?

A: Around 235.

Q: What did you weigh when you joined the Giants?

A: When I got here, I was 235. When camp started, I was 240.

Q: Have you noticed that defenses are starting to pay more attention to you?

A: Yeah, last game they had some coverages kind of thrown at my way, some different things. But, theyíve got to respect when weíre in the lead, theyíve got to respect when youíve got Sterling [Shepard] over there, when youíve got ĎTKí [Tavarres King] and ĎOttoí [Roger Lewis]. I mean, a lot of teams, pretty much they choose what they, but there have been some instances where Iíve seen some coverages kind of trying to take me out of the offense.

Q: How much do you think it will help you that you have been thrown into being a large part of the offense so fast?

A: Iíve just had to grow up a little bit faster, mature a little bit more, learning a lot. I think thatís probably going to be the biggest step that Iím going to take, just learning the importance of just being a big playmaker, just stepping up in big moments, kind of having to deal with a lot of adversity. So, definitely going forward it will make me a better player, a better person.

Q: Is it hard to balance personal success with team struggles?

A: Honestly, itís kind of hard to appreciate the personal success with the teamís outcome. Itís tough for me to get excited by how I play when we lose a game. But, Iím doing some good things and some things I can definitely build on, but itís definitely tough to kind of enjoy those things with the unwanted team outcome.

I like everything about this kid...  
Dan in the Springs : 11/15/2017 6:06 pm : link
Keep getting better EE - your ceiling is still far ahead of you!
If OBJ  
allstarjim : 11/15/2017 10:48 pm : link
Comes back and plays with any semblance of what he was, this team has an enormous wealth of receiving playmakers.

I am in the camp that we really don't need to "add" a traditional #2. I think with King and Lewis, we're fine. And even better would be having more 2TE formations with Engram split out and Shepard in the slot.

The potential is there for Eli and whoever follows him to have great success, as long as we have a good offensive coach to put it all together, and good play from the QB.
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