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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB Devon Kennard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/15/2017 4:17 pm
Linebacker Devon Kennard

November 15, 2017

Q: Is there anything worse for a player to hear than, ĎI donít think you were giving full effort on that playí?

A: For me, no. I canít speak for everyone, but for me personally, it doesnít get much worse than that. Things happen in a football game, but effortís something you can always control. So, I would personally never want to be called out for effort.

Q: If someone were to tell you that you missed a tackle and to break down why, thatís different, right?

A: Right, thatís something fixable. But, effort and the way that I play the game, I would never want anyone to question that.

Q: Was effort questioned during the team meeting today?

A: At some points, just guys could have given more effort. Yeah, definitely.

Q: If someone says that to you, youíre going to either fight them or take offense to it, right?

A: I mean, every man responds to that differently. So, I guess weíll see how everyone responds, but itís definitely something that I would respond to, if that was me.

Q: Is it up to players to tell a teammate that they are lacking effort, or is it up to the coaches?

A: First, youíve got to look at yourself. So, I personally feel like if youíre not playing and doing what you need to do personally, donít worry about the next man. So, thatís where it falls first. But then from there, we have leaders in the locker room and you do have to start at least holding the men in your position group accountable, like, ĎWeíve got to pick things up,í and stuff and I think weíll see an improvement.

Q: Was Head Coach Ben McAdoo harsher than usual during todayís team meeting?

A: It was just an opportunity for everybody to see what was going on, from both sides of the ball. We got to see some of the offensive plays and hear Coach McAdoo coach some guys up on the offensive side and the defensive side and I think itís just a good way for everybody to be held accountable for whatís going on, on and off the field.
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jvm52106 : 11/15/2017 5:09 pm : link
I am hearing make me feel like this team has any clue. Very disconnected and very accepting of just the way things have been.
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