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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/15/2017 4:30 pm
Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

November 15, 2017

DRC: At the end of the day, you got to be accountable and to be called out on film in front of everybody, I think it does something to a player. You donít want to be that player. It could either go a good way or a bad way. But I think it would definitely do some changing.

Q: Because guys could react to it by playing harder or they could just shut it down, too.

A: Right, right. It could go either way. But I think itís good because change will come from that.

Q: Did anyone who get called out get a chance to explain themselves?

A: No, no, no. You see it on film. You canít explain some of it. You just got to own up to it.

Q: Did he mention guys by name or just showing it?

A: Just showing it on film.

Q: Do you think that should have happened sooner?

A: Definitely, but itís about being a pro, though. You give guys a chance to be professionals and understand that they got to hold their self accountable. But at some point, you do got to step in and say whether it is too early or too late, itís the same.

Q: Were you surprised when he first started doing it today?

A: No.

Q: Did you know that that was what he was going to do in the team meeting?

A: Nah, I mean you didnít know that.

Q: Did you look around to see how people were reacting?

A: Nah.

Q: Were you hoping he wasnít going to show any of your plays on the screen?

A: No, nah, nah. I watched that film good enough. I donít get nervous about that.

Q: Do you think it would have helped if he did this earlier?

A: I think it would put guys in a different attention span, put us on alert. Nobody wants to get caught, I donít care what you say. Ainít nobody want to have a play up there where you got to come back in the locker room and everybody is looking at you like youíre that guy. So I think it could have helped if it was done earlier or not, but at least it got done.

Q: How much do guys think their jobs are on the line?

A: I donít know. I donít know what anybody else thinks about that.

Q: Do you feel that?

A: That my job is on the line? Hell yeah. Iím old as hell. Thatís why I just try to go out there and do what I do, man. But at the end of the day, I just keep on pushing. I know Iím on the line. Older guy, still making a lot of money. You donít got to tell me twice.

Q: Do you expect him to make changes?

A: Oh yeah, definitely man. Whatever the change is, you just got to roll with it. Iíll be prepared for anything. I donít think Iíll let it take away from my preparedness and still going out there and having fun and still being me. You know what I mean?

Q: In four weeks you went from the guy everyone in this group was pointing fingers at.

A: They canít point a finger at me. No, no, no. Never happened. No, no, no.

Q: But now you have become a voice of reason for the team talking about how they need to put in more effort. How do you explain your role?

A: I look at myself as one of the veteran guys. I ainít going to say too much. Iím going to lead by example. Iím going to go out there and try to fly around and be accountable and even if I do make a mistake, own up to it, and be coachable. Just show them that way. I ainít no vocal guy. Iím not going to just go to a player. I would just say watch me, man. If Iím out there giving everything effort. None of yíall are older than me so I just tell them watch me.

Q: Is it at the point where if there arenít any changes, are players going to have a problem with that?

A: I canít speak for other players, you know what I mean? I ainít a coach. I ainít got the game plan. All I do is wait, see how weíre going to line it up and just go do what we do.

Q: Did what you see from some of your teammates disappoint you?

A: Nah, I mean as a player, man, you never know whatís going on in a player. Only thing I can say thatís disappointing is the lack of wanting to after all that weíve been through. Iíll take a loss playing hard, flying around, but how weíre losing, nuh uh.

Q: Why is that happening?

A: I canít explain that. I canít speak for nobody else. Whoever you think, you got to go to them. Ask them. I donít know.

Q: Would you go to your teammates and voice that displeasure?

A: No, no. We got leaders for that. We got different kind of leaders. Like I told you, I ainít no vocal leader. I would never go to a man and just downright get on them like that. Iím all about bringing everybodyís spirits up. Does it need to be said? Yeah, but thatís why there are guys who are appointed in the locker room to do that and for the most part those guys do that.

Q: So if you noticed another defensive back wasnít going all out on a play, you wouldnít say something to him?

A: I would tell him to pick it up. I ainít trying to make no commotion. Iím ainít trying to go crazy because then he might go crazy back on me and itís a problem. I just keep it chill.

Q: Who do you view as the vocal leaders?

A: Snacks (Damon Harrison), Jonathan Casillas, JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul). Theyíve been guys that have come to the sideline and got after guys. Theyíre the guys we look to, to do that.

Q: Have you been a part of a meeting like this with other teams in your career and did it work?

A: Yeah, I think itíll do good because like I said, you donít want to be the guy that when we look at film this week and itís the same guys, then itís going to be hard to walk in this locker room and still have trust from all of your teammates.

Q: You think that trust still exists at this point?

A: Of course.

jvm52106 : 11/15/2017 4:58 pm : link
If that whole thing doesn't speak volumes as to what is wrong....

It doesn't help that JC and JPP be the vocal leaders with their play being barely noticeable in the game.

Clearly the guys on the team see people not giving a full effort..

Apple and Jenkins have to be huge parts of the problem.
No questions about the players only meeting?  
njm : 11/15/2017 5:05 pm : link
I'm still a fan of DRC...  
Dan in the Springs : 11/15/2017 6:12 pm : link
I like how he knows he's got to keep earning his paycheck. He knows he gets good money and is older so he's at risk.

His snaps have been cut drastically. Not sure why that is, but would love for the media to ask him about that. Pretty sure he'd tell them to ask the coaches about it though.
To me it sounds like DRC was just answering the questions as basically  
PatersonPlank : 11/15/2017 9:01 pm : link
as he could to get it over with
RE: To me it sounds like DRC was just answering the questions as basically  
Ten Ton Hammer : 11/15/2017 9:13 pm : link
In comment 13693488 PatersonPlank said:
as he could to get it over with

This is about as honest an interview as you get in the NFL.
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