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Thursday Media Transcript: DT Damon Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2017 5:38 pm
DT Damon Harrison

November 16, 2017

Q: Has the mood changed for you guys at all?

A: What do you mean?

Q: In terms of the last couple weeks, losing some tough games and coming home to this game. Has the mindset changed?

A: Not at all. We know what we have to do. Itís just a matter of going out there and executing the game plan on Sundays. Weíve been having some great weeks of practice and it hasnít translated to the stadiums yet on Sunday, so hopefully we get an opportunity to do that this week. But, the mindset is still the same, to go out and win. We just got to tweak a few things.

Q: Do you suspect that guys are too competitive in that they want to do more than what theyíre supposed to do and maybe thatís whatís leading to some of those issues?

A: Yeah. Most definitely. You see it a lot when you watch the film. Somebody who doesnít know exactly whatís going on, they see it as a bad angle and it may be that way, but it may be a guy just trying to do more than he should be doing. You have that at times in a game. We just got to limit them. I stress a lot in the game trying to make plays and end up not with the result that we need, but we just got to trust that each other is doing what weíre supposed to be doing.

Q: How do you rebuild that trust if itís been broken?

A: It hasnít been broken. We just have to do it. We just have to do it. Weíve had some mistakes and when you have that, you have guys that kind of lose trust in the other guy to do his job, but we just have to get back to believing heíll be where he said heís going to be.

Q: Who does Kareem Hunt remind you of as a running back?

A: Itís easy to say Jamaal Charles because he has the same body type and similar build as him. But, like you said, heís explosive. I donít think his 40 time does it any justice. If he gets to the second and third level, I mean, the guy can move. Explosive off the first cut. He can get to the sideline in a hurry, so we just got to do a good job with limiting.

Q: Does the fact that their offensive linemen were basketball players make it more challenging to defend against?

A: No. I was a basketball player myself, so I donít think any of them could go at me one-on-one. Thatís just a credit to them and their athletic ability to have a big guy to be able to play basketball and play on the offensive line. Iíd like to challenge a couple of them in a game of one-on-one.

Q: Do you think you would win?

A: Oh, most definitely. I donít think Kobe (Bryant) could beat me.

Q: Is that right?

A: No. Not at all.

Q: Kobe who?

A: Kobe Bryant. What do you mean? Iím on my LaVar Ball right now.

Q: McAdoo said that you guys had an honestÖ

A: I donít speak on in-house business, boss. I know some other people have, but thatís just not me. Anything said in-house, I like to keep it in.

Q: Do you think the way that the team has assessed the last two weeksÖ

A: I donít speak on anything thatís said in-house, boss. Iím sorry.

Q: When you look at Alex Smith, whatís been the biggest difference about his play?

A: The deep ball. Heís throwing the deep ball with some accuracy. Better than he has in the past and heís still athletic and mobile, so heís a dual threat and he has some great weapons on the outside as well as in the backfield and at every position. So, theyíve just done a great job of utilizing everybody.

Q: Is he very elusive to track in the pocket?

A: Yeah. Heís one of those guys you have to stay on the up field shoulder.

Q: So, youíre going to have to chase him around a little bit?

A: Iím going to let JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) do that, man. Iím just going to be right there to try to clean up.

Q: Is he sneaky elusive?

A: No. Itís not sneaky at all. I mean, he is what you see. The guy has great straight ahead speed and he also can move similar to maybe like an older Carson Wentz.
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