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Post-Game Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/19/2017 5:31 pm
Cornerback Janoris Jenkins

Postgame vs. Kansas City, November 19, 2017

Q: How did it feel to get that interception?

A: Itís football. We just came out and played good in all three phases of the game. Looking forward to next week.

Q: Did you feel like you responded well today?

A: I feel like we played together as a team and we just got to keep moving.

Q: Did you think you had that second interception?

A: I mean, I know I had it. The ref called a pass interference, so you got to live with it, continue to play football.

Q: Were you surprised by the call?

A: I was but you know, all I can do is play football. The ref controls that, he called the pass interference.

Q: What was this week like for you?

A: It was like a normal week. Just came out, worked, did what I had to do. Everybody, not only myself, the team and we just came out and played.

Q: Do you think you quieted the criticism with the way you played this week?

A: I donít pay attention to that, man. Like I said, last week was last week. We came out, we played good this week and weíre just moving forward.

Q: How do you think you played in particular?

A: I feel like I played alright. There is always room for improvement. Just come out there so we can get better.

Q: How important was it for you to play well this week?

A: I just came out and played hard. From a team, we all played together. Offense, defense, special teams. Made sure I corrected my techniques and we got a victory.

Q: What did this win mean for this team?

A: You got to remember, man, tough times donít last, tough people do. We understand itís football, itís the NFL. We just got to come out and play every week.
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