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Post-Game Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/19/2017 6:07 pm
Quarterback Eli Manning

Postgame vs. Kansas City Chiefs, November 19, 2017

Q: How good does it feel to have this feeling again?

A: It feels good. The great part about football is having a great week of preparation and then going out on Sunday and finding ways to win games and celebrating with your teammates and feeling good about the work and the preparation and dedication and doing everything the right way and earning that win. Weíve been doing the work. We havenít been playing as well on Sundays. Havenít been able to finish games and play games well into the fourth quarter and just havenít been able to close it out. Today; great team effort with everybody coming together in the fourth quarter and getting this win.

Q: What was your message to the offense when you went out there for the overtime period?

A: No message, weíve got to do our job. We had a great opportunity out there. I thought Coach Sully called an aggressive game in overtime. Second and seven, we checked to a run right there and got the first and then hit a couple of nice plays to Roger Lewis and Tavarres King and then obviously Roger with the big play on fourth-down down the left sideline. I thought the guys stepped up, were excited about the opportunity and we wanted to go get the win. We could smell it, we could taste it, it was there for us and we went and got it.

Q: How did it feel to get the MetLife Stadium crowd back on your side?

A: It was great. It was great to get a win at home and get the crowd going, get the excitement. Thatís what we need. We need to feel good and get the crowd going to help us out so itís a big win.

Q: Especially after so many games earlier in the season where you had the lead and you let it get away, how satisfying is this one?

A: This was nice. We knew it was going to be kind of a tight game and a little bit difficult just with the wind and the conditions, it wasnít going to be an easy day to throw the ball and taking shots down the field. I thought we were patient, didnít turn the ball over besides the one with Shane (Vereen) on the halfback pass, but we played some nice, smart football. Defense was playing outstanding and just knew they had to be patient, take our shots when we could and did some good things.

Q: Was it a lot easier throwing the ball in the direction you went in overtime?

A: Yeah. A little easier going toward our tunnel, especially when you got down near the red zone on the other side of the 50. Going the opposite way was tough, especially throwing to your left.

Q: Obviously pales in comparison to the team accomplishment today, but 209 consecutive starts for you. How does it feel as you reflect on that?

A: I always think thatís kind of a team effort. Obviously I need my guys to keep me upright; my offensive line over the years, running backs, receivers getting open. I want to be there for my teammates each and every week, be accountable. Obviously throw in some good fortune, some good luck in there as well, but Iím more excited about this win than that.

Q: You had a halfback option pass and a fake punt; was there a sense or a commitment to being more aggressive?

A: Thatís the special teams on the fake punt. Kind of midfield on fourth down so I think aggressive call to get the first right there which led to, that one may have been the touchdown. Then the halfback pass was something we saw in film. We knew we had aggressive safeties. With the wind, Shane probably hasnít thrown many passes into a 25 mph wind, so I think that got the best of him today.

Q: Are you going to go over that play with Shane this week on film?

A: Oh yeah. Weíll give him a hard time. I asked him if heíd thrown any passes in the NFL before and he said that was his first. I said Ďthat was probably your last, also.í Heíll take a hard time about that but thatís okay after a win.

Q: How much impact did having Shane Smith back in the lineup have on you guys today?

A: It was good getting the fullback and getting us some different runs, showing some different looks. He got a good bit of snaps today and just to change it up. Weíre doing more three-tight-end stuff and two-tight-ends, fullbacks, some more ways just to get the running attack going.

Q: On the fourth-down pass to Roger Lewis in overtime, I think it was a 4th and 5, not exactly a high-percentage pass especially considering the conditions, was he your first option there or did you see something?

A: They were coming with an all-out blitz and so I had Roger one-on-one, fastest way to get the ball up in time so I gave it a shot, make a play or get a pass interference, so he did a great job coming back to the ball a little bit and making a play.

Q: Chad Wheeler had his first extended NFL action today. How do you think he did for his first action especially going against a guy like Justin Houston.

A: I thought Chad did a good job. Like you said, going up against a good player, he held his own and heís comfortable and I thought heíll learn from it and thereís nothing like experience. First game, kind of just getting accustomed to things and the speed of everything. I thought he did a good job.

Q: Did the energy feel different on the sidelines today?

A: I think we talked about that a little bit during the week, just that weíve got to do a better job keeping the energy up. Itís easy to start before the game but before the second half, third quarter, celebrate the stops, get the offense going, communicate a little bit more and just keep the excitement going and take that the whole game.
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