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Post-Game Transcript: PK Aldrick Rosas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/19/2017 6:32 pm
Kicker Aldrick Rosas

Postgame vs. Kansas City Chiefs, November 19, 2017

Q: With the windy conditions, how do you put that out of your mind? With the wind, obviously, you have to adjust.

A: Every kicker has got to battle a mental battle when it starts to get a little bit of weather. But, just stay true to your form and if you hit a nice ball, it'll cut straight through the wind.

Q: Do you feel like you kind of redeemed yourself a little bit after some struggles. Do you feel like you have redeemed yourself?

A: At the end of the day, I didn't get a perfect day in. You know, I'm still going to go back and look at the film and what we could've done and kind of what went wrong. But I wouldn't say redeeming but I would say that I was there to be accountable, to be someone to call on to do their job and helped the team win and it was a great team win today.

Q: What did you take away from the Wednesday meeting that focused on effort?

A: I just took it as motivation. To be held accountable to the whole team, they put up slides for the whole team. We were kind of like on some plays, we are better than that. He just said, "Be the best version of you, that's what the team wants. So that's why you're here and just be motivated."

Q: What does it say also about the job that [punter] Brad [Wing] did, catching that ball, putting it down in the windy conditions. Again, judging by the flags on the goal posts, the wind was kind of fierce?

A: It was pretty fierce, and yeah Brad did a great job. I believe in Brad and [Long snapper] Zak [DeOssie] to be able to get the ball where it needs to be and you know at the end of the day, I just swing away.

Q: Watching the game play out, how much were itching for the opportunity to kick that game-winning field goal, especially given how the game started?

A: Hugh opportunity. I emphasized to be accountable to do it, wanting to have those opportunities. So, I was excited and I would have been ready to go.

Q: How much was the weather a factor today in kicking? Was is it as bad as it looked?

A: We knew it was going to be a windy game today, and just stay true to your form and you should just kick it straight through.

Q: How much did you want a crack at a 53-yarder?

A: I was ready to hit it. At the end of the day, we didn't go and I was behind Coach McAdoo and the team 100 percent.

Q: You happy it made it easier for you?

A: I think it would have been the same either way.

Q: Was it a gut check win for this team to prove people wrong?

A: Everybody who talks or whatever, we let them talk. We're over here doing us, so it's a great team win for us in all three phases.

Q: That extra point, did the wind just knock that down or what?

A: Yeah, so it kind of just held up there a bit. The wind just kind of maybe pulled it a little bit to the right. We still got to go back and look back at the film and see kind of what happened on that.

Q: How tough was the wind today?

A: It was a little gustier on the farther end than on our side. But either way, you stay true to your form and you trust yourself as much as you can and the ball should go straight through.

Q: You know it was true as soon as you struck it, the winner?

A: No, I don't. That's the thing as a kicker when it's in weather conditions, you strike it to the best of your ability and you keep your head down and it should go in.

Q: On the game winner, you watched it and waited to see?

A: A little bit, yeah. So, it was a great team win and I'm excited about all my teammates and to be able to put me in the opportunity and a position like that. The offense did great, the coaches did great and it was a great team win.

Q: When was your last game-winning kick like that, other than the preseason?

A: I think the preseason was the only one so far in my career.

Q: How much did you need a kick like that just for your confidence?

A: That's a great kick. The whole team was behind us, the long snapper, the holder. At the end of the day, we got the win, so everybody can feel the sense of doing it. So, it was great team win.
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