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Post-Game Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/19/2017 7:05 pm
Safety Landon Collins

Postgame vs. Kansas City Chiefs, November 19, 2017

Q: Did you guys rally around anyone today? Whether it was McAdoo or Janoris? Your defense gave an A-plus effort today.

A: No, we just stayed together. We fought together; we knew what we had to come in here and do.

Q: When Janoris picked that first interception off, it seemed that the entire defense rallied around him. We you guys especially happy for him, given the way this week went?

A: Yeah. We know what kind of player he is. This was the time for him to showcase that. His talent, ability, and passion for the game, a lot of people have been saying that he is giving up and not playing the way he usually plays. Heís been hurt, and nicked up and everyone is. At the same time we came out here and fought.

Q: Is that the best the defense has played this year?

A: Itís up there. We played the Broncos pretty well, too. Itís definitely up there. We are definitely going to keep trying and pushing every week here on out.

Q: It looked like you had a sense of pride on the field today.

A: Yeah, and a sense of urgency. All the guys we on the same page, we were consistent. We trusted in every call that the coaches made. We played fast and that was the best feeling.

Q: As a defensive player, what are you thinking when you guys are going for it on fourth and long from that part of the field?

A: I hope we make it, because if not, we got to go make a play. Thatís about it.

Q: Do you personally feel like you had a ďLandon CollinsĒ performance today? That you got back to everything that you do blowing up some plays?

A: Yes, of course. Yeah, we played defense more like we did last year. With instinct, we didnít really have to think about anything. It was fun.

Q: Did you guys change anything schematically?

A: No, we just played our defense. What we do best and what we know best, played fast and just flew around.

Q: Since the effort has been questioned, did coach McAdoo address effort in the post game?

A: I think so. We showcased it, we left the effort out there. He saw it in how fast we were playing.

Q: It is a very short week, how are you getting ready for Washington?

A: Yeah, itís a very short week. We have a meeting tomorrow at 12. We have to try and get as healthy as possible, as fast as possible and go back to work.

Q: How badly did you need a win emotionally?

A: Very badly. Coming against a good team, even more. Because we were doubted, the moment we stepped through the door. When they were put on our schedule we were doubted. From that point on, it was big for us to do what we did today.

Q: Defensively, it didnít look like you guys blitzed as much.

A: It was more zone. We played zone, we know all the ins and outs of our zone.

Q: Did you have a feeling halfway through the game that you could control this team?

A: Yeah. We kept playing fast. They arenít used to teams playing fast against them. So by playing fast, you get more of an advantage on them.

Q: What was going through your mind as Rosas kicked the winner?

A: Make it. If not, then we got to hold them until the game is over with. I have faith in him. We were like he is going to make it.

Q: Was it a relief to just get a win?

A: Yeah, definitely, a big relief. It was a big win. We have some pressure off our shoulder. We still have pressure, but to play a team like the way we did is awesome.

Q: How does it feel to get a win in an ďugly gameĒ like this?

A: I wouldnít say itís ugly. Itís a good game when you can hold a team under 9 points or whatever they had at the end. Itís fantastic.

Q: You needed this win, but what does it say about being able to hang in there to really get this win?

A: We have faith in one another. We had the mindset of going to get this win. We had to make every play count. We knew there was going to be adversity, knew they were going to make plays. They get paid, too, so we had to make sure that we just made one more play than them.

Q: Travis Kelce had a 32 yarder. What did you see in the defensive coverage there?

A: I was blitzing. I got held by the running back, but didnít get the call. I got to just play faster than that.

Q: Do you think Janoris improved this week?

A: No, he just played the way we expect him to play. Thatís the person I expect each and every week.

Q: Will this momentum carry through to Thursday?

A: Itís definitely going to carry though. We have to stay focused and stay healthy. We also have to travel. Itís a quick turnaround but we have to stay focused.

Q: Obviously every pick is important, but does it matter whom you pick it from?

A: Yeah, of course, it does. Itís Travis Kelce, one of the best tight ends in the game. It means a lot. A lot of respect for him.

Q: Are you going to build on this win?

A: The goal is to keep this trend going.

Q: Where were you for the game winning field goal?

A: Around the 45-50. Had my arms around coach Spagnuolo. I said, Ďif he makes this field goal, Iím going tackle you.í And I got that tackle.
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