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Tuesday Media Transcript: OC Brett Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/21/2017 4:59 pm
C Brett Jones

November 21, 2017

Q: It seems like you could have another combination this week. Are you sitting there thinking that you expect it now?

A: Yeah, I mean, it’s not a big deal. I mean, it gives other guys an opportunity. So, it’s definitely very exciting for whoever is going to go in there and yeah, it is what it is. We’ve had it all year.

Q: When you watch the film, how did Chad Wheeler do?

A: Good. There’s always things he can keep working on and he knows that and that’s the great thing about the NFL. When you play against the best, it forces you to get better. So, he’s excited for it and I think everybody else is too for him.

Q: What did you do for Canadian Thanksgiving this year in October?

A: October. Nothing. Nobody was here, so I mean my family did stuff at home, but I was just hanging out.

Q: Did you grow up in Canada watching the Thanksgiving NFL games?

A: Yes. I always would watch them growing up. I always watched football. So, it was fun when you eat – I would sort of forget about it until it was like, ‘Oh, yeah. There’s games all day today on Thursday.’

Q: Would you guys be off from school?

A: No. We’d have school.

Q: You guys would have school?

A: Yeah. I would. Yeah. University, you wouldn’t go, you’d just watch games all day [laughs]. Grade school, we’d be in school all day.

Q: What is it like when the offensive line watches film from Sunday’s game against Kansas City after having success?

A: It feels good for us, that’s our job. We’ve been working on it each and every week, we’ve been getting better and better and it’s fun to see that on the film. So, definitely it’s a point where we can build from and it’s exciting.

Q: Will the offensive line be able to squeeze in their weekly meal this week?

A: No, not with the tight week this week. We’re going to try to go tomorrow night. We’ve just got to see what time we get to Washington. Usually we do it on Wednesdays, but this week we’re traveling. But we are on Friday, going over to (Justin) Pugh’s house for Thanksgiving with him. So, it’ll be fun.

Q: Is there a Thanksgiving equivalent in Canada?

A: Yeah, we have a Canadian Thanksgiving, but not at the same time. It’s in October. We do the same thing, same feeling. Everybody comes together, says thanks, enjoying each other’s company. It’s just sort of different being in October, but same thing.

Q: Canadian Thanksgiving is Columbus Day weekend, right?

A: Yeah, it is, it’s Columbus Day weekend. I didn’t even know Columbus Day weekend existed, I just thought it was Thanksgiving [laughs].

Q: Same food as Canadian Thanksgiving?

A: Yeah, exactly. We have a turkey and it’s the exact thing. Stores are starting to have Black Friday, too.

Q: For the weekly offensive line meals, do you all go out somewhere?

A: We just eat here. Everybody takes a turn and we bring something in.

Q: Do you take turns making the food?

A: No, no.

Q: Growing up playing football in Canada, did you dream of playing in the NFL?

A: Definitely, you want to play for the best and I started dreaming about that all along. I always would play Madden and yeah, I definitely dreamed about playing in the NFL.

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