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Tuesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/21/2017 5:05 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

November 21, 2017

Q: How is Sterling Shepard doing?

A: Sterling is not feeling well. We kept him in the training room and theyíre taking a look at him. Theyíre looking at all the possibilities.

Q: Whatís the morale like coming off of a win?

A: You know, the guys were excited. Obviously, itís a short week. It gets on you pretty quickly. Theyíre still sore. Didnít do much heavy activity today or fire them any pistons today, but more of a mental day.

Q: Would you say the players responded well to your adjustments for the short week?

A: Again, we had a productive day, but there wasnít much movement. Just kept them nice and tight. More of a jog through-type mentality.

Q: Is it still the migraine with Sterling Shepard?

A: Heís just not feeling well and theyíre looking at all the possibilities.

Q: So, it might be something other than the migraines?

A: Yeah. Theyíre looking at it right now. Theyíll let me know when they know.

Q: When you talk about this being a great opportunity for your team, how can you tell your players have embraced that chance?

A: You know, just by the way they work. By the way they prepare. Had a lot of energy in meetings. A short week sometimes they can be, you know, guys can get lackadaisical, look tired. But, they were positive today, had a lot of energy in the team meeting and weíre bouncing around out here a little bit.

Q: Did you learn anything from your team from the game on Sunday?

A: You know, we played good football. We learned that we were capable of doing that again and we played at a high level. We did it in all three phases. We were physical. We were heavy-handed. They enjoyed playing. Playing for each other. Playing with each other. It was great to see.

Q: How much easier does it make it this week to be playing an opponent youíre somewhat familiar with?

A: We were just talking about the number of faces that have changed. Whether itís the coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball, the coordinator on the offensive side of the ball, the personnel especially on defense for Washington Ė they changed quite a bit from last year to this year. So, thereís a lot of different personnel you have to be ready for and the schemes different on the defensive side of the ball and (Jay) Gruden is back calling it. So, the personality of the play caller is a little bit different on offense. Lot of changes really.

Q: When Eli Manning talks to the team and they do respond, what does that say about your players and your starting quarterback?

A: You know, I donít believe speeches win games, but Eli got a little bit fired up there before the game. He didnít smash any grease boards or anything like that. But, itís important to him. He got emotional. He was excited to play. Heís still excited to play for the number of starts that heís had in his career, number of wins heís had in his career and the number of fourth quarter comebacks that heís had in his career. So, got everybody pretty excited before the game.

Q: Talk about the importance of keeping this thing going even on a short week.

A: Yeah. Any time you have a chance to get two wins in five days, itís exciting. We have a tough opponent. We have to go on the road, travel on a short week. We feel weíre making all the right decisions from a scheduling standpoint, from a load standpoint with their legs. Itís going to be a big mental week for us and look forward to an inspired effort on Thursday night.

Q: Why do you think it has taken all these injuries on the offense and the changes on the line to become the physical, heavy-handed offense youíve been talking about for a while?

A: You know, when you take a look, I believe itís the last four weeks weíve been winning the down on first and second down at the clip. We want to win the down when weíre running the football. I think itís exciting to see the progress weíre making up front. Weíve had a lot of guys playing, a lot of guys being a part of it, a lot of different runners in there as well. But, itís exciting for us.

Q: Specifically, what have you seen from Ereck Flowers as the season has progressed? He hasnít given up a sack in weeks.

A: Again, like Iíve always said, heís a young player that works hard at getting better at his craft each and every day. Heís improved in meetings. Heís improved on the field, improved on the practice field. He has his ups and downs just like the other players do, but heís getting better.

Q: Have you been a part of many Thanksgiving games over the course of your career and if so, is there anything special about it other than that itís a nationally televised game?

A: Being in Green Bay for all those years, I had a chance to be a part of a few Thanksgiving games in Detroit. We played early in the day obviously there. This is a later game, but itís a great opportunity to play on Thanksgiving. I think itís a great tradition for the league. Thursday is obviously a quick turnaround. Some players like it. Some players donít. Iím sure they like the time that they get off after the game, but itís a great opportunity.

Q: What will you do if you donít have D.J. Fluker in there?

A: You know, D.J. is a tremendous player for us. Heís come on as of late, but we feel we have a lot of quality depth behind him that can go in and do the job.

Q: John Greco has been in the league a long time, but hasnít been here a long time. Will that be an issue when it comes to picking things up right away?

A: Yeah, he knows a lot of football. He had to work hard to get familiar with our terminology. Heís a bright young man. Heís picked it up fairly quickly.

Q: Not such a young man.

A: Not such a young man.

Q: Is it strange to look at your injury report and see that youíre the healthier team by far?

A: We donít spend much time worried about that. We play with who we can play with. Weíre going to have 46. Theyíre going to have 46. Weíll be ready for who they throw out there and our 46 will be ready to go.
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