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Tuesday Media Transcript: QB Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/28/2017 6:43 pm
Quarterback Davis Webb

November 28, 2017

Q: What is your reaction to Eli Manning not being the starting quarterback for this weekís game?

A: Yeah, itís tough, especially when you have the best teammate that Iíve ever had in my short football career. That that happens to a guy like that Ė only six other guys have thrown for 50,000 yards, whatever his [consecutive starts] streak is. Heís been the face of the franchise. If you had a Mount Rushmore of not only New York Giants, but New York athletes, heíd be on it. It doesnít affect really anything, weíve just got to keep working and weíre going to be great teammates for Geno [Smith] and weíre excited to watch him play this Sunday against Oakland and this team is too. So, weíve all got each otherís support and Eliís the best teammate Iíve ever had and itís sad, but at the same time weíve got to regroup and get ready for a win.

Q: What is it like to know that you will play this season?

A: It doesnít affect my preparation. Iíve said this before, I get up here pretty early and I stay here pretty dang late and I always prepare like if my opportunity came tomorrow, Iíd be ready and I approached it that way since the day I got here. It doesnít really affect much, but right now, Iím going to be the best teammate I can be for E and Geno and weíre going to try help us win our game on Sunday. But, it doesnít affect anything.

Q: What do you say to Manning today?

A: I told him, I said, ĎYouíre the best teammate Iíve ever had in my life and youíre the best quarterback Iíve ever seen in my life. So, being with you every day, itís been a lot of fun,í and itís not like itís over. Weíve still got practice tomorrow and weíve got five more games, a month, left. Yeah, itís sad today, itís going to be tough today, but at the same time, Eli is an unbelievable football player, heís done some great things for the New York Giants and it isnít on him and it never will be. Itís a team game, itís the ultimate team game, it takes all 11 guys on offense, 11 guys on defense and special teams to win a game. So, heís been a great teammate, heís been a heck of a quarterback and, again, heís the best to ever play at this position for this team.

Q: How did you find out that Manning would no longer be the starter?

A: It was Coach McAdoo. He let us all know.

Q: What was your conversation like with Manning and Smith after McAdoo announced the decision?

A: Again, we said this from the beginning, weíre going to be the best teammates to each other, weíre always going to find ways to help one another. Thatís my stuff, I try to do a lot of breakdowns for whoeverís playing that week and Eli does the same thing. Weíre just going to try to do the best we can to help that guy whoís going to play on Sunday achieve success, so we can all enjoy success in the locker room afterwards. Thatís all weíre here for, we get paid and we get judged off wins and thatís what weíve been trying to do and weíve got a chance to do it on Sunday. So, weíre both going to help Geno as much as we can to be great teammates and help him prepare to win a game on Sunday.

Q: Do you anticipate being active for this weekís game against Oakland?

A: Again, thatís a Coach McAdoo question, I canít answer that. I havenít been told anything. My job, again, is to be prepared and I go out there every single Sunday thinking Iím going to be activated and if thereís any chance that I play, I want to be ready. So, that doesnít change and donít blow that out of proportion, Iíve been doing that since my first preseason action, since my first game against the Steelers, Iíve prepared that way, like, ĎHey, Iím going to play three quarters,í Iím getting my mind right. But I played a quarter. So, thatís just how I am and it doesnít affect anything.

Q: Is there one thing that you will always say, ĎEli Manning taught me thisí?

A: Today, today was pretty big. The way he handled himself, the way he handled himself in front of his teammates, myself and Geno included, he was first class. He was very supportive, heís ready to help us win a game. Thereís so many things that I can talk about and we donít have enough time for that. Iíve learned something from him every day and Iíve really written them down and Iíve really taken upon myself to kind of Ė Iíve always kind of idolized Eli and thereís so many quarterbacks I watched growing up, but to kind of be his teammate and see how he does every single day. His routine didnít change today and heís a heck of a teammate, heís the best quarterback in this franchiseís history.

Q: Was Manning emotional speaking to his teammates?

A: I mean, itís not easy when you start that many games and get told that kind of thing by Coach McAdoo and everybody feels it, in the whole facility, itís sad. Itís not easy, but again, he was very, very persistent to tell us he was going to do whatever he can to help us prepare to play. If thatís Geno, if I get an opportunity, then heís going to help and thereís no doubt in my mind he will because heís the best teammate Iíve ever had in my life.

Q: How big of an opportunity is it going to be to play this season?

A: Iíll be excited. Nothing affects my preparation, just how I always play. Iíve played that way since I was in seventh grade, I was a B-team backup quarterback. I play extremely driven, play competitive and have passion with my teammates. So weíre just looking forward to whoever plays quarterback, to be able to enjoy success with each other and thatís teammates. Itís a team game and thatís what we need to do, enjoy success.

Q: Did you talk to Coach McAdoo separately one-on-on, or did you find out about the decision with the rest of the team?

A: Weíve talked. Again, Iíd like to keep those conversations private, itís a one-on-one conversation. But again, we all knew what was going to happen, we talked about it one-on-one, we talked about it as a group and he handled it very professionally and it wasnít easy. Iím sure he didnít want to do it, but no one wanted it to happen. Eliís the quarterback for this team, heís the quarterback for this franchise, but again, he handled it professionally. Iím very complimentary of that because itís not easy and we all handled it pretty well.

Q: Did you mean Manning or McAdoo?

A: Both.

Q: How important was it for Manning to set the tone that he did when the decision was announced?

A: Again, thatís one thing I learned today. When things arenít going your way, which a lot of things this season sadly have not, heís been the same person every day, he prepares his butt off, heís the best teammate Iíve ever had. Iíve said that four or five times now, but I really mean it. I learned a lot from that and Iíve learned a lot this season, especially from him and how to handle himself and that continued today and it wonít stop.

"It was Coach McAdoo. He let us all know."  
short lease : 11/28/2017 9:16 pm : link
Does this sound almost accusatory?

("He did it! That man right there - get him!")

or, am I being to paranoid?
Some nice quotes by Webb though ....  
short lease : 11/28/2017 9:18 pm : link

"MT Rushmore of NY Athletes" etc .....
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