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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/30/2017 4:36 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

November 30, 2017

Q: How big have the past two games been for kicker Aldrick Rosas?

A: Good. Kansas City [game] was tough Ė wind, another thing that heís going to have to be able to handle playing out here. So, he handled it. [The field goals] were a little bit shorter range, but he did a nice job with those. So, it should help him build his confidence going forward.

Q: Do you have to talk to Rosas about playing in the Bay area again this weekend, after he admitted family may have been on his mind during the San Francisco game?

A: I think always heís got to focus on just staying within himself and not trying to do too much, trying to get too hyped up. Sometimes thatís probably the issue, so trying to keep him calm would probably be good advice.

Q: Since there have been instances this season where a teamís kicker has gotten injured during a game, do you prepare for that?

A: Well, with everybody, we talk about keeping the head out of it. It happened to [long snapper] Zak [DeOssie] a couple of weeks ago and that guy got knocked out, got fined and he didnít play last week. So, we talk with all the special teams guys about really keeping your head out of it so you can stay in the game and, most importantly, stay healthy. So, itís no different for the kickers and the punters. When they have to tackle, theyíve got to use their shoulder.

Q: If Rosas or punter Brad Wing have to leave the game, does the other take over both responsibilities?

A: Yeah.

Q: How much work do they put into that?

A: Not a whole bunch. You really try to manage the number of kicks they have, so you donít want to add something. So, you do it every now and again.

Q: So, when a team loses their kicker theyíre sometimes forced to go for two after touchdowns, like Philadelphia did a couple weeks ago, because thereís no fallback position, right?

A: Yeah, I mean, you hope to have one. I think Philly was using their linebacker, [Kamu] Grugier-Hill, 54. The safety from Dallas came in, [Jeff] Heath, and kicked off pretty well a month ago when he had to. Itís a tough situation to be in, whether you lose a snapper, a kicker or a punter. You donít have the second team guy usually on the roster.

Q: If wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was healthy, would he be the emergency answer?

A: Yeah, heís a kicker, yeah. Heíd probably kill me if I didnít let him kick [laughs]. But he canít spin it before and kick it, heíd have to wait for it to be held.

Q: What have you thought about wide receiver Kalif Raymond as returner?

A: Thereís been good decisions catching the ball. We havenít shown much production. That one [against Washington] was kind of a questionable decision, a lot of traffic in front of him, he made the catch and then the second one, he probably had some room to operate, so he probably wants that one back, wants to return that one, the punt return. So, heís working at it and trying to get better. Heís really into it.

Q: A lot of new faces on defense means a lot of new faces on special teams, right?

A: Yeah, itís been a constant change, and weíre kind of used to it. You get the new guys in, you get them acclimated and they play. Thatís the thing, is they may or may not play on offense or defense, but theyíre going to play on special teams. So, you just try and cram it into them and hopefully Ė the only thing that really changes from team to team is the verbiage. So, everyoneís schemes are pretty similar. [Linebacker] Ray-Ray Armstrong has done a good job coming in, heís got some experience in the league, heís bounced around a little bit. Yeah, so [him and linebacker Akeem Ayers] kind of jump right in and get going. So, weíve had to work with that and thatís nothing unusual.

Q: Is the bottom line with special teams, Ďstay in your laneí?

A: Somewhat, yeah. But, theyíve got to know what the lane is and how to stay in it and how we want them to stay in it and how Ė say weíre talking about kickoff coverage, how we want to cover a kickoff because thereís some different types of ways to do it. So, you try and educate them as best you can, as quick as you can and get them up to speed.

Q: How much input do you have on trick plays on special teams?

A: Well, we work on them every practice. You try to have something available for punts and field goals and kickoffs. Whether they get called or not, thatís usually the head coachís decision. Sometimes itís a better look than not, but you at least try to have them up and available. Some weeks theyíre better, some weeks theyíre not. So, I think everyone, league wide, is the same way.

Q: How weird was it is to see Eli Manning not be the starting quarterback?

A: Itís weird, itís tough. I mean, you kind of feel like we havenít done enough to get him the field positon, you know? You kind of feel responsible. So, itís hard. Heís a great leader and has done everything since Iíve been here, so heís really helped me out. So, itís tough.

Tom Quinn is having to answer questions and is going to outlast  
Chris684 : 11/30/2017 4:42 pm : link
Eli Manning, fuckin backwards this franchise has become.
Our punter is last in the league in net punting by a full 2 yards...  
Tesla : 11/30/2017 4:51 pm : link
and not one question about the problems there. Some of those questions were honestly embarrassing.

"If you don't have a kicker might a 2 point conversion be an option?"
RE: Our punter is last in the league in net punting by a full 2 yards...  
Blue21 : 11/30/2017 7:01 pm : link
In comment 13715191 Tesla said:
and not one question about the problems there. Some of those questions were honestly embarrassing.

"If you don't have a kicker might a 2 point conversion be an option?"

Every team in the league returns punts except the "fair catch Giants"
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