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NFT: For those of you looking for the perfect gift

Gary from The East End : Admin : 12/1/2017 3:10 pm

You'll shoot your eye out, kid! - ( New Window )
If you're keen on getting one,  
NorwoodWideRight : 12/1/2017 3:16 pm : link
I hear one of the best ways to go about getting one is to slyly put a Red Rider BB Gun advertisement in between the pages of your mom's Family Circle magazine.
you can write an essay about it  
Bill L : 12/1/2017 3:21 pm : link
your teacher will recommend the purchase to your parents.
this isn't new  
Rocky369 : 12/1/2017 3:31 pm : link
as I generally look for these each year (for the same reason you posted). But, buyer beware! There is no compass in the stock, or this thing that tells time.
Can I get this, instead?  
Giants_ROK : 12/1/2017 4:01 pm : link

It's a major award!
Ha! I was gonna say the same thing about no compass in the stock!  
Crispino : 12/1/2017 4:47 pm : link
“FRA-GEEE-LAY. Must be Italian!”
Trending Gifts v  
idiotsavant : 12/2/2017 9:39 am : link
Lauer Brand Bago Used Dildos. Wife will love it!
How to  
Giantz : 12/2/2017 3:36 pm : link
Post a picture? Thanks

Click on add a comment  
idiotsavant : 12/2/2017 3:53 pm : link
Than scroll down to see easy code.
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