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NFT: What are you Listening to?

Reb8thVA : 12/5/2017 11:52 am
Anything good?

I'm listening to the Drive-By Truckers and their new single, "The Perilous Night."
x meadowlander : 12/5/2017 11:58 am : link
On December 1, Neil Young posted his entire archive online for free, in hi-res audio.

Phenomenal. Free through June, then a 'modest' fee.
Neil Young Archive - ( New Window )
Just discovered Manchester Orchestra  
Bold Ruler : Mod : 12/5/2017 12:00 pm : link
Really love this song
The Gold - Manchester Orchestra - ( New Window )
Reb8thVA : 12/5/2017 12:07 pm : link
night - ( New Window )
just discovered the Texas Gentleman  
Giantsfan79 : 12/5/2017 12:20 pm : link
Habbie Dobbie

Shakin All Over
Joe Bonamassa live at Carnigie Hall w/ Tina Guo  
gtt350 : 12/5/2017 1:23 pm : link
terrific group put together for two week tour
Steven Wilson a lot since late last week.  
Beezer : 12/5/2017 1:25 pm : link
Also, his band Purcupine Tree, thanks to shep's mention in my Wilson thread last week.

Good stuff. Lots of Tull, Yes, King Crimson influences, plus other fun things. Highly recommend.
gm7b5 : 12/5/2017 1:47 pm : link
Lately, been into  
RinR : 12/5/2017 1:49 pm : link
Zero 7 along with some Gramatik, Nightmares on Wax and Phantogram to name a few.
French Montana- twerk.  
GMAN4LIFE : 12/5/2017 1:51 pm : link
At the moment  
Jalapeno : 12/5/2017 1:55 pm : link
Rush Limbaugh.

Moondawg : 12/5/2017 2:35 pm : link
In comment 13725666 x meadowlander said:
On December 1, Neil Young posted his entire archive online for free, in hi-res audio.

Phenomenal. Free through June, then a 'modest' fee. Neil Young Archive - ( New Window )

Holy shit. Thanks.

I've been grooving to Hawks and Doves, and Prairie Wind lately.
Benjamin Booker  
ChaChing : 12/5/2017 3:27 pm : link
Wicked Waters, Violent Shiver, Witness all good bluesy modern rock tracks. A bit of the Black Keys, White Stripes vibe

The Arcs - Watch Your Step (from the Vinyl Soundtrack). This is Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Actually there's a lot of good shit on that sndtrk (Sturgill Simpson, Royal Blood)
RE: isis  
KerrysFlask : 12/5/2017 3:29 pm : link
In comment 13725922 gm7b5 said:

At least somebody knows what's up...
The other day  
liteamorn : 12/5/2017 3:33 pm : link
I watched "The Farthest--Voyager in Space" An amazing pbs documentary that is now available on Netflix. And I have been hooked on Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon (the great songs from it) ever since.
Ron Gallo- Heavy Meta. Best album of 2017 IMO  
j_rud : 12/5/2017 3:42 pm : link
The new Grizzly Bear (Painted Ruins) is great, as is the new Iron and Wine (Beast Epic). Listening to Harvest Moon a lot lately as well with it recently being released on vinyl for the first time in the US for Record Store Day. Been on a big Kinks kick lately too.
A couple  
Jeever : 12/5/2017 4:33 pm : link
Snarky Puppy "We Like It Here"
Somewhere in between Jazz, Rock and Fusion in a large ensemble. Group of 12 with 3 guitarist, 3 keyboards, 3 horn section, a bass (leader), a drummer and a percussionist.

Larry Coryell and Eleventh House "Seven Secrets"
Fusion, Jazz, Funk, Blues and an acoustic number thrown in for good measure.
saw a great youtube video  
bc4life : 12/7/2017 8:35 am : link
with Chris Potter sitting in with Snarky Puppy
Songs of Experience...  
bw in dc : 12/7/2017 9:33 am : link
Beck - Colors  
Les in TO : 12/7/2017 9:47 am : link
for running LG Soundsystem 45:33
90's spotify rock mix.
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