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Back to the 60's/70's???

Rafflee : 12/5/2017 11:18 pm
I have a Bad Feeling about the Giants drifting back to those lost years. Think about THESE last two years---- Coughlin is Gone... Reese is Gone...These Guys are The Giants!!!..... and now Eli is on the Doorstep!!!!!!!

Blame it on Time.... I've got some Hunch that it can be blamed on Mara as well---- They are about to Cut The Line that goes all the Way back to Geoge Young.

George...Accorsi...Coughlin, Reese...and soon Manning..... this cuts all the way back to 1986....Forty-two years ago???

This is Lost Treasure, with little in sight.
I want to say don't be so dramatic but I'd be lying if I didn't have  
OdellBeckhamJr : 12/6/2017 1:55 am : link
similar thoughts.

I really wonder when the Giants will be true contenders again.
If you said last year  
adamg : 12/6/2017 1:58 am : link
I wonder when the Giants will be contenders again like the Rams, you'd be laughed at.

There's so much parity, we aren't that far away.
RE: If you said last year  
OdellBeckhamJr : 12/6/2017 4:20 am : link
In comment 13726974 adamg said:
I wonder when the Giants will be contenders again like the Rams, you'd be laughed at.

There's so much parity, we aren't that far away.

Yeah, that's true. There's such a fine line between winning and losing.
60s & 70s  
Steve in South Jersey : 12/6/2017 5:35 am : link
was a very long period of hopelessness. This is a terrible year but doesn't compare to the hopelessness of the old days.
Why predict doomsday?  
exiled : 12/6/2017 5:42 am : link
I get it, the past 4 out of 5 seasons have sucked, this one in particular. But the scope of this bad stretch isn't close to the one 40-50 years ago. I mean, we won a super bowl 2012.

Big changes are coming; let's see how it plays out. Things may actually not be as bad as the absolute worst era in franchise history.
I feel just the  
joeinpa : 12/6/2017 7:24 am : link
Opposite. Bad seasons like this often have led to much needed change.

Change that led to success like getting George Young and Eli Manning

Because of the last two Super Bowl wins, Giants have been trying to retool, without success.

Now they will rebuild, I m excited.
Sean : 12/6/2017 7:29 am : link
They were 11-5 last year & things turn around fast.
I've been thinking it and writing it. They're a third of the way there  
Victor in CT : 12/6/2017 8:37 am : link
already. Last year was an aberration. 5 of the last 6 years no playoffs, 4 losing records in the last 5 years, only 2 playoff apperance in 8 years.

If they screw up this GM/Coach search it could be as bad or worse as the '64-'80 dark ages.
Yes Rafflee, the sky IS falling.  
Ivan15 : 12/6/2017 8:40 am : link
Now worry about whether North Korea is going to start a war.
mdthedream : 12/6/2017 9:09 am : link
Odell alone and I mean a healthy Odell would have won 3 games extra already. The Giants will be fine and we have a great draft pick coming.
I think the late 90s  
an_idol_mind : 12/6/2017 9:12 am : link
is a better comparison.
PaulN : 12/6/2017 9:37 am : link
The Giants are cleaning house, so they have an opportunity to hire good people now moving forward, second the 60's and 70's was a period that it took teams 3-5 years, even when rebuilding right to finally compete, the NFL is no longer structured that way, it is structured based on a year by year system. As great as the future looks for the Eagles right now, a couple of years forward can change everything, back in the 60's and 70's they truly would have been set for years.
Seems to me we are already there  
PatersonPlank : 12/6/2017 10:34 am : link
This season certainly has been like a 1970's season
Well, then,  
Doomster : 12/6/2017 2:01 pm : link
flip a coin.....and keep flipping until it is favorable, like maybe 976,254 to 976,253....whatever it takes....

Only if you are lucky, will it happen on the first flip....using two headed coins does not count....
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