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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Geno Smith

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2017 4:19 pm
Quarterback Geno Smith

December 6, 2017

Q: What is your reaction to the decision?

A: Honestly, no reaction. Same as last week. I spoke to (inaudible) about something that kind of hit me last week which is a speech by coach Bobby Blick and it was about being an oak tree no matter if the sun is shining or if the wind is blowing and itís storming. Just staying rooted, staying grounded and being the same guy. So I think that comes into play especially more now. Iím just going to continue to be the same guy, continue to support my guys, my teammates. Continue to be prepared, you never know what can happen and weíll see from there.

Q: Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) said you werenít happy with the decision.

A: I wasnít. Any competitor wouldnít be. To be put in that situation where you get a chance to play and then youíre being pulled, but itís not because you played bad so you try to figure out why. But you got to understand that some things happen in this business and you just got to roll with it.

Q: Do you think you got a raw deal?

A: I mean I think I had an opportunity to play. I respect the heck out of Coach (Ben) McAdoo. I think he did something maybe not a lot of people would have. He gave me an opportunity and I respect it, I appreciate it. As far as sympathy or something like that, Iím not looking for it. I donít need any sympathy. Iím built for all of this. Iím built for everything thatís going to come my way and I know that all of these tests and these trials are preparing me for something greater. So I look at adversity as something that can be positive. Iím thankful for the adversity and I look forward to it.

Q: You said you were trying to figure out why you got benched, have you figured out why?

A: Thatís something that maybe Iíll figure out along the road, but as of now, no.

Q: Does it feel like an opportunity was taken away from you?

A: No. I had a great opportunity to go out there and play on Sunday with my teammates. We fought hard. Unfortunately, we didnít get the win and I think that stings more than the news that I got this week.

Q: Did Spags give you any indication if you were going to have an opportunity over the last four games?

A: We really didnít talk about that. He told me the decision that he made, I told him how I felt about it and then we kind of moved on from there.

Q: When you guys were flying back from Oakland, did you think about if Coach McAdoo and Jerry Reese getting fired was possible?

A: I really didnít. I donít really know what goes on outside of this building, but from the inside, they did a great job at keeping things normal. He coached us up until the last day. He coached us hard. I spoke to him before he left the building. I shared my gratitude with him, I told him how I felt about him, I appreciated him and he said the same.

Q: What was Ben like on Monday?

A: Heís strong man, heís strong. He walked out of here with his head up high and I think he did a tremendous job with us this year. I know heís made me a better player and I just wanted to thank him for it before he left and that was it.

Q: Did you search him out?

A: Yeah, I kind of saw him. I was in the weight room lifting and then I saw him on his way out and I went up to him.

Q: Do you think that you showed enough on Sunday to get you an opportunity somewhere?

A: To some people, it may never be enough and to others it will be. Thatís not my job to focus on that. My job is to get better as a player, focus on my game and how I can improve. Obviously, there are some things that I can improve on from Sunday and thatís what Iíll focus on.

Q: Were you apologizing to Rex (Ryan) with your tweets?

A: I wasnít apologizing to him. I was apologizing for the distraction and thatís pretty much all Iím going to say about it. I said my peace about it and I donít have any other comments about it.
Thinking about Geno  
RetroJint : 12/6/2017 4:31 pm : link
Racial history in this country . Discrimination . The SEC wasn't integrated until 1970, I think , 105 years after the conclusion of the Civil War.

Is Geno the first African -American QB in team history to start a game and complete a pass? I can't think of anyone. If so, that is truly sad.
has quite the edge to him  
LG in NYC : 12/6/2017 4:33 pm : link
hopefully he can harness that for good.
Banks : 12/6/2017 4:42 pm : link
I kinda like Geno. He gives direct answers.
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