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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2017 4:22 pm
Quarterback Eli Manning

December 6, 2017

Q: What does it mean to you to be the starting quarterback this week?

A: Well, Iím excited. Excited about the opportunity to play this week, get back on the field with teammates and go play against the Dallas Cowboys. Iíve played these guys a bunch and I look forward to going out there in our home stadium and trying to get a win.

Q: What was your reaction to former head coach Ben McAdoo losing his job?

A: I feel for Coach McAdoo, heís been a great coach for me, a great friend. We had a great relationship, I hope we continue to have one. I was able to have a good talk with him Sunday before the game and then got to see him Monday before he left as well. So, I have great respect for Coach McAdoo and I donít think this is his fault, but obviously, just where the team is, the Giants had to make a decision and thatís what happens when youíre 2-10.

Q: What was your meeting like with interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo when you told him you wanted to start?

A: I just wanted him to know that I do want to play. I want to be the starting quarterback, I want to be out there and I just want to make sure that he knew that. He said that he was going to think about and talk with the coaches, but his gut said that I would be the starting quarterback. So, Iím happy that he went with that decision and he has the faith in me, we can go win this football game with me as the quarterback.

Q: When did you find out that you would be the starting quarterback?

A: I found out yesterday.

Q: How important was it for you that the season would not end with you not playing?

A: Well, itís important to play. Thatís what I love to do. I love to play quarterback and love playing quarterback for the New York Giants. So, thatís what I work on and last week, something different was asked of me and I tried to do the best of my ability helping Geno [Smith] and being a backup, but I knew Iíd want the opportunity to be the starting quarterback again.

Q: How are you looking at the last four games?

A: Well, I think you just try to go out there and get better during the week and go win a football game. I think youíve got to take it one at a time, but I think the fact that three of the four [remaining games] are in the division, I think those games are always important. When I think back on my career, I think Iíll remember the divisional games more than the others. So, home games and a chance to win these games and feel good about how we do in the division. I think that is important and try to go win a football game and feel good about it.

Q: Is the expectation for you to play the remainder of the season, or has anything been said to you about getting work in for Davis Webb?

A: I havenít talked to Spags about that, so that hasnít been discussed. So, Iím not sure what the plan is, but, take it one game at a time.

Q: When you walked into the huddle today at practice, did the offense give you grief?

A: No, no grief. Hopefully they were excited to see me, you never know, but I was excited to see them. So, itís good to get your hands back under center.

Q: What message do you have to get fans to show up to the final three home games?

A: Well, weíre going to compete, weíre going to work hard, weíre trying to go beat the Dallas Cowboys. I appreciate all the support that the fans have given me this past week, itís been overwhelming. And I appreciate them so much for all the texts, the letters, the way they expressed their appreciation for me, so Iíd appreciate it if they came out on Sunday and cheered the team on.

Q: Was it humbling to hear support from former Giants and others that rallied around you?

A: Yeah, it was. It helped me to kind of keep my head up during last week and just realize the impact youíve made on so many people and the championships and the games and how Iíve conducted myself makes a difference. So, all the former teammates that sent me text messages that voiced their opinions on things, even some players that I just met over the years, the text messages and their support was very helpful and I appreciate that a lot.

Q: Does your desire to stay with the Giants your rest of your career still stand, or do you think circumstance may change that?

A: No. Hey, this is all I know. This is all I know, is playing for the New York Giants and Iíve never wished to change that. I appreciate everything the Giants organization has done for me and you have so much family in this building. From the Mara family, the Tisch family, people in the equipment room and the film room, the training room. Iíve known a lot of these people for 14 years and grew up around them. So, this is all I know. Hey, Iím going to finish out this season and then Iím sure theyíll be a discussion with the organization to figure out whatís the plan going forward.

Q: Was there ever a moment in your mind where you did not want the starting job back?

A: No. Hey, I want to play, I always want to play, thatís what itís about. Thatís me being competitive, me wanting to be there with my teammates, so that never crossed my mind.

Q: Do you have retirement plans anytime soon?

A: No, no retirement plans. So, thatís not on my mind.

Q: Do you understand that the team does still want to do that plan and maybe see more of Webb these last two games to get an assessment of where he is?

A: That may come up, I understand. Thatís why you take one game at a time and obviously, that starting job was taken from me, I donít want to lose it, but I understand the position that weíre in, I understand why they did it last week. So, I understand the circumstances and where we stand. Iím going to try to do my best this week and see what happens going forward.
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