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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2017 4:32 pm
Quarterback Davis Webb

December 6, 2017

Q: Is it disappointing to you that last week former head coach Ben McAdoo said he planned to play you at some point this season, but now interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo says they havenít developed a plan of how to handle the quarterback situation yet?

A: No because it was never in my control. That was something that coach McAdoo and [former general manager] Mr. [Jerry] Reese discussed, but again, weíre about this week. Coach Spags is the new guy, Mr. [Kevin] Abrams is the new interim GM, all weíre worried about as a group is just beating Dallas. So, weíre excited to have Eli [Manning] back in there and lead this team to Sunday and this franchise and Iím excited to watch him play.

Q: How much do you want the opportunity to convince the organization that they donít need to draft a quarterback this offseason?

A: Itís not up to me. I donít get to pick and choose what happens, all I get to do is control what I can control and thatís being a good quarterback for the scout team right now and being a great teammate to Eli and Geno [Smith] and help all of our receivers get ready and Iím still doing the same cutups, still getting up here early and staying up here late. So, it doesnít really affect me and again, thatís out of my control, so I donít really think about it.

Q: You donít think about it even though it is your career?

A: Again, they can. Itís not going to bother me, Iím going to continue what Iím doing and I think Iím doing just fine.

Q: Does the back and forth between Manning and Smith as the starting quarterback make the quarterback room awkward?

A: Not at all. We have a great room, everyoneís very supportive of one another, especially E and Geno and itís just been fun. Itís been fun to watch those guys compete and help us win games. But now weíre excited to watch E play this Sunday against Dallas and itís a big division opponent and weíre excited.

Q: Can you speak to how Manning has handled this entire situation and what it means as a rookie to watch that?

A: Yeah, I think Iíve gotten a firsthand experience about everything you can imagine going negatively this year. But again, thatís in the past, right now weíre worried about beating Dallas, weíve got a new opportunity and weíre very excited. And Eli was all first class all last week, especially in the game, helping Geno, and him and I were pretty much hip-to-hip on the sideline discussing throughout the game what was going on. So, heís been a great teammate, but again, weíre worried about beating Dallas.

Q: Does the fact that the people that brought you here, McAdoo and Reese, are no longer here affect you at all?

A: Nope. Again, Iíve said this four or five times already and I am very persistent that I stay in the moment and commit to what I can commit and control, and thatís being up here working hard and just learning as much as I still can from Eli and Geno, [Quarterbacks] coach [Frank] Cignetti and [Offensive Coordinator] coach [Mike] Sullivan and just really be a sponge around those guys and continue to develop into the quarterback I know I can be.

Q: What kind of a learning experience was it to be Ďhip-to-hipí with Manning during last weekís game?

A: I donít know, it was just quicker responses after each play. Eli and I talk about it after every drive when he is playing, so we have to go through each play as its own identity. But again, we got to talk about seeing through Genoís eyes and what we would have done, or things that Geno did really well, which he did a lot of good things last Sunday.

Q: What does it say about Manning that he went in this week and asked Spagnuolo for his job back?

A: I donít know, thatís an Eli and Coach Spags conversation. For me, itís just about who gives us the best chance of winning. Thatís all that really matters in this league.

Q: How did your competition with a points system go with Manning last week, which he mentioned he swept you in?

A: Itís okay. I think Iíve been doing pretty good all year. So, Iíve gotten better and yeah, Eli had a good week last week. Maybe he was motivated [laughs].

Q: Can you talk about what you learned this past week about being a pro?

A: Yeah, Eli and I eat breakfast and lunch [together] just about every day and weíre pretty much hip-to-hip most of the day when it comes to watching film in the QB room, or I have a lot of things for him, to get him ready for each and every Sunday. So, we talk a lot of football stuff and off the field Iíve learned a lot about him and as a teammate, I have nothing respect for him. I told him that numerous times last week. But again, Iím excited to see him play this Sunday. Everybody kind of freaked out last week and now heís get a chance to come back and help us win a game against Dallas.

Q: Did anybody say anything to you about potentially being #2 on the depth chart this week or next?

A: Again, thatís a Coach Spags question.

Q: Do you feel like you are a better quarterback today than you were in preseason?

A: Yes. Iíve gotten a lot better and worked really hard.

Q: What are you better at now?

A: I think my knowledge, going through a 16 game season, weíve played 12 since [preseason]. So, 12 weeks later, learning from Eli and coach McAdoo and coach Sullivan and coach Cignetti, all of those guys really helped my development each and every week. Throwing with coach Cignetti each and every Sunday before the games, working on progressions, working on different plays. Iíve gotten a lot better and I think itís shown every day.

doesn't sound like a rookie  
LG in NYC : 12/6/2017 4:37 pm : link
Man...if his talent is as good as his interviews  
Blue21 : 12/6/2017 4:52 pm : link
that will be great. Seems like a great kid and representitive of this franchise
He seems like an outstanding young man.  
yatqb : 12/6/2017 4:54 pm : link
I hope that he becomes a star for us some day. (Not sure he'll get the chance, but I hope it plays out that way.)
I Hope Webb works out  
Alwaysblue22 : 12/6/2017 5:38 pm : link
It would be great if Webb can become the successor to Eli. If the new GM and Coach feel he is capable we can use the top of the draft to take a OT, Guard or Linebacker who can start right away and help this team while Eli completes his contract. I don't see the point of drafting another QB who will be a year behind Webb in the learning process. Despite the write ups about this years QB class there is no guarantee that any of these guys will live up to the hype. As far as Webb is concerned being only a 3rd round pick, that should not factor in at all since Tom Brady was selected in the 6th round and is considered one of the best QBs of all time. You just don't know how good a college QB can translate into the NFL until you see them play at the NFL level.
I nominate him  
CT Charlie : 12/6/2017 6:10 pm : link
for head coach.
I'm hopeful for him as well...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/6/2017 6:18 pm : link
the guy is learning from a HOFer in Eli, and we know he has the work ethic and all of the requisite skills. I don't really get why so many people are down on his abilities because of the round he was drafted in, or because of his scouting reports. To me, he seems like as good a bet as anyone to improve.

I really like the last couple of questions too. What a great way to introduce the final question - asking if he's improved and then in what ways. I know we all want him to improve on his progressions, among other things.
Dragon : 12/6/2017 6:39 pm : link
Talent can only be displayed on the field practice counts for very little.
RE: Alwaysblue22  
robbieballs2003 : 12/6/2017 6:50 pm : link
In comment 13728323 Dragon said:
Talent can only be displayed on the field practice counts for very little.

Practice is on the field.
AcidTest : 12/6/2017 9:43 pm : link
interview. Nobody questions his intangibles. If he fails, it won't be for lack of trying.
a shame another Nassib  
micky : 12/6/2017 10:44 pm : link
If the team is ready to commit to him and we land the 2nd pick  
yatqb : 12/6/2017 11:20 pm : link
the smartest thing would be to trade out of that spot and accumulate a lot of picks, then draft Nelson later in the 1st. Rebuild the trenches and depth of the team.

It would be huge if Webb could become the man for us.
I would start him this next game and  
Jimmy Googs : 12/7/2017 4:46 am : link
next season...
I would to Jimmy  
NikkiMac : 12/7/2017 5:44 am : link
Trade down we are going to need a lot of new players.Stick with the plan.
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