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The Case for Christ

Sarcastic Sam : 12/6/2017 6:32 pm
opher Polian...

Former GM of the Colts. Son of Bill (Polian). Possible immaculate conception (who knows?). Current Jags Director of Pro Personnel. Pretty sure Coughlin would give some input on him. Doesn't wear a toupee (or, wears a really bad toupee).

you got me...  
Anando : 12/6/2017 6:41 pm : link
map7711 : 12/6/2017 6:50 pm : link
The case for License Plate Guy  
mrvax : 12/6/2017 7:15 pm : link
Joe Ruback, better known as License Plate Guy (born June 7), is an iconic fan of the New York Giants, best known for the license plates he wears at each game. Ruback has attended every home and away game since 2003 and was at all 283 games during the team's use of Giants Stadium.

He's also escaped prosecution and sometimes posted on BBI.

What say you?

Are religious threads  
Jay in Toronto : 12/6/2017 7:26 pm : link
If you pardon the expression,


arcarsenal : 12/6/2017 7:29 pm : link
Religious, please delete.
I can't tell if the people calling this a religious thread  
BestFeature : 12/6/2017 7:31 pm : link
are serious or not.
All those people all  
idiotsavant : 12/6/2017 7:58 pm : link
Maybe two people. It's an onslaught of people saying stuff. A regular avalanch.
The New York  
Pete in MD : 12/6/2017 8:13 pm : link
media would crucify him (again.)
TD Jebus!  
David B. : 12/6/2017 11:01 pm : link
RE: TD Jebus!  
Elisthebest : 12/7/2017 12:22 pm : link
In comment 13728487 David B. said:
Are they goalposts or our WRs trying to catch a pass??
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