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NFT: New SyFy show 'Happy'

Jints in Carolina : 12/7/2017 3:25 pm
Anyone check it out last night? I felt like I was on an LSD trip. But I liked it...........

Christopher Meloni plays a contract killer who can't shake an imaginary friend — winged donkey-unicorn Happy — in this bloody, weird debut.

The central premise of “Happy!,” drawn from the original comics, is that a winged, blue unicorn — a donkey-unicorn (a donkicorn?) — is haunting (or is it helping?) an ex-cop turned hitman named Nick (Christopher Meloni). Nick’s got some issues, like so many swaggering protagonists of bloody comic books do: he drinks, he gambles, he murders, he doesn’t call home. But that’s about to change, sort of. Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) — a furry, upbeat, anthropomorphized fantasy equine — is his new imaginary friend, and he has a Christmas mission for ol’ Nick. A creepy old man dressed as Santa Claus has been kidnapping children and imprisoning them in crates. Only Happy, and Nick, can get them out. - ( New Window )
Caught some early this morning  
UConn4523 : 12/7/2017 3:37 pm : link
I plan on watching it this weekend. The new president of SciFi is making a push to be an actual legit network again. The concept for this show is great.
I don't know what an LSD trip feels like  
81_Great_Dane : 12/7/2017 3:46 pm : link
but I'm watching it tonight, I think. (Had trouble with recording. Weird.)
DanMetroMan : 12/7/2017 3:51 pm : link
you wanna see a bonkers show check out "At Home with Amy Sedaris"
i watched a bit  
RasputinPrime : 12/7/2017 6:04 pm : link
enough to say it is all sorts of awesome. Not sure it has staying power though.
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