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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/7/2017 5:34 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

December 7, 2017

Q: Was kicker Aldrick Rosasí 52-yard field goal last week in Oakland his best kick of the season?

A: Yeah, a nice time to hit it, on the road and at that time in the game, sometimes itís definitely needed. So, a good kick for him.

Q: Is there any kind of system that you use to say, ĎThat kick would have been good fromÖ?í

A: Not really, you canít really see. But heís got a strong leg, he kicked it accurately with good rotation. So, it did look like it had some more legs to it.

Q: How pleased were you last week with the performances of some of the new players who were recently added to the roster, specifically tight end Shane Smith and linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong?

A: Shaneís been with us on and off and he kept working. We liked him a lot in training camp and then he had some injuries he was dealing with, so it slowed him down once he started on the active roster. But heís doing a good job fighting back and learning and getting better each day and each week. And then Ray-Ray is a guy thatís played in the league, so he played right in and filled in on all four teams. So it was really nice to see that. The problem is, we had three balls on the ground and we didnít get one of them, so weíve got to come up with that somehow, someway.

Q: What is it like to see Steve Spagnuolo in the interim head coach role?

A: Itís natural for him. I mean, heís comfortable in it, heís done a good job with it. So, heís a good leader.

Q: Do you see a difference with Spagnuolo as interim head coach?

A: Not a lot of crossover with him. We see him on the field, but once we get into meetings, weíre separated, so we see him more in team meetings now, thatís probably where I feel the impact.

Q: Can you talk about the punt last week that was downed on the one yard-line by wide receiver Kalif Raymond?

A: That was big. That was a good job staying out of the end zone, it was a big punt by Brad [Wing], situationally. So, it was nice to see that, changing field position, flipping the field right there.

I would love to hear him explain...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/7/2017 6:08 pm : link
why they've not chosen to have Rosas boom them out of the end zone on kickoffs. Supposedly has a great leg, but he hasn't really been putting it deep there. Obviously they have had concerns with some of the talented returners they've faced, particularly in the Chiefs game, but he's been kicking short on KO for a while now and it's almost like it's by design.

Wonder if his KO out of bounds has influenced that decision to kick short.
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