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Thursday Media Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/7/2017 5:36 pm
Safety Landon Collins

December 7, 2017

Q: What was your reaction to Ben McAdoo getting fired?

A: Very surprised.

Q: Were you upset?

A: Upset? Down. Yeah I would say that. Upset. No. Itís a business. You got to always consider it as a business and canít get upset about things like that. I mean, coach Mac was a great coach. Looked up to him. We had great conversation. We had great chemistry. Sorry to see him go.

Q: Do you think in a way it was on the players that heís fired?

A: Yeah. Itís definitely on us. Itís the whole organization just players-wise not playing good, injuries, people just couldnít get back on the field. Not playing good defense. Not playing good offense. All three phases were down. We were not doing what we were doing last year and something had to change I guess.

Q: Do you sense this is a wake-up call to the locker room?

A: That could be a good way to put it. People take it as in anybody could get cut. This is a great organization. This is all about business here and itís always about winning and if youíre not winning, something is going to change and if itís a player or it could be a coach.

Q: Do you see this last month as Steve Spagnuolo being the guy if you guys play well?

A: Thatís a good question. I donít know. We have to see how it goes. I know heís a fantastic coach and definitely as a defensive coordinator. Itís kind of weird to see him as the head coach. I gave him a little grief for it, but itís cool. Itís different and I know the defensive guys are definitely going to play hard and heís on all us now. Itís kind of a different feel on how youíre doing things.

Q: In support of Steve Spagnuolo.

A: I think not just in support of Spags, but at the same time just as in the organization, as in the team, as in yourself. You want to play good for this last month because at the end of the day, you donít want to put any bad film out there.

Q: Have you noticed any difference in Steve Spagnuolo being out there as the head coach as opposed to him being the defensive coordinator?

A: He got his head coaching cap on. Iíll tell you that much. I think itís a big difference. If somethingís not right, he makes us all redo it right then and there and he will definitely come back to it. Itís a little faster out there now and what else? Just a more competitive feel out there. He tries to get us to be more competitive now.

Q: It seems like he switched up the schedule too.

A: Oh, yeah. He definitely did that. Iím used to one schedule and have been in that schedule for two years. So, Iíll definitely see how it goes. Itís my first time changing something. The older heads are used to it, so weíll see how it goes from there.

Q: What sort of energy and lessons can Steve Spagnuolo impart on the rest of the team?

A: I would say pride. Just understanding pride is the biggest thing. And tradition that heís embed in us. Just knowing that this place has a lot of tradition behind it and a lot of pride behind it and we plan for not just ourselves, but this organization and the guys that came before us. So, just living up to what this organization has bestowed before us.

Q: Why do you think a wake-up call was needed and why do you think this has been a wake-up call for guys in the locker room?

A: Because some guys may get complacent. Some guys get comfortable. You just you have to understand you can go any moment and I guess thatís the feeling that he wanted to inform us.

Q: Do you feel like thatís the case in here?

A: I donít know. Thatís a good question. I donít know if thatís the case of how they were trying to do things, but at the same time youíre looking at it from the business side. Anybody can go.

Q: Do you feel that there was a wake-up call in here?

A: Yeah.

Q: How much more prepared are you to play the Cowboys than you were in Week 1?

A: I think weíre better prepared. The only thing we have to get used to is that Dak (Prescott) is pulling the ball a little bit more I guess because Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott) isnít there. But heís pulling the ball. Now we have to worry about him running the ball. Usually, he doesnít pull. Other than that, the guys that we have on the field we have a sense for each other and playing fast. Iím used to the guys that Iíve been playing with the last eight weeks. I think weíre going to be pretty good

Q: Will there be extra emotion on Sunday with Eli Manning back and a new head coach?

A: Extra emotion?

Q: Extra emotion for the game and more jump in your step.

A: Because Eli (Manning) is quarterback?

Q: Eli quarterback, a new coach, etc.

A: Oh, I donít know. I mean, thatís a good question. I know weíre going to come out there and just ready to play regardless of the fact that Eli is quarterback or not.

Q: Can the buzzing stadium be fuel for you at all or is that a fantasy?

A: That I think is a fantasy. Itís more for the fans. The fans love Eli, but for us itís business for us and whoever is our quarterback, thatís who we have their back because thatís who weíre going to war with. At that same time, whether itís Eli, Geno (Smith) or Davis (Webb). We have to back them up regardless.

Q: How do you block out everything thatís happened and is it tough?

A: Itís not tough at all. At the same time, coming from being a young athlete, being if I was a rookie then itíd be different, but knowing the business side of this organization, this is the NFL. You kind of block it out by just doing your job. My job is more important to me and for my teammates and for my guys that I play on defense with than worrying about whatís going on outside.

Q: Do you agree with Olivier Vernon being disappointed in the fan reaction to Geno Smith because at the end of the day youíre all teammates?

A: Yeah. Definitely. Like I was saying, is whoever is our quarterback, whoever Ė say if OV (Olivier Vernon) isnít playing or say if Iím not playing, we have to go on that field and go to war with those guys weíre playing with regardless of the situation. So, as a fan, you need to back up any decision that we make because it might help.

Q: Do you feel like Geno Smith didnít have the support of the fans?

A: No. He didnít at all.

Q: What can be accomplished over the next four weeks that can carry over to the offseason and next year?

A: Just understanding determination, tradition and pride. Pride within yourself and just being a great player and fighting for the organization. I think that would be big.

Q: Do you think Geno Smith deserved better from the fans?

A: Yeah, I mean, heís a good guy. Good quarterback. Heís done so much. Heís earned his position on this team, so I mean, regardless of the fact Ė I know Eli (Manning) is the man, but at the same time, a coach felt different, an organization felt different for him and they wanted to try something new. Just kind of just support us because at the end of the day, everybody wants support.

Q: With Steve Spagnuolo as head coach, does that mean less banana pudding and chocolate cake for the defenders?

A: If that happens, Spags and I are going to have a talk.
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