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Post-Game Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/10/2017 5:53 pm
Tight End Evan Engram

Postgame vs. Dallas Cowboys, December 10, 2017

Q: Did it feel different having Eli Manning back?

A: No different. We just showed up. Came together all week to play a football game together. Itís not different.

Q: It was so close. It was 10-10 for a while.

A: Yeah. Offensively, we had to make some big plays. Left some out there, so it was definitely a frustrating game being that close. Our defense was playing lights out. They were playing lights out all game. It was really frustrating as an offensive player, as an offense, that we came up, that we canít play complementary football. We didnít today as an offense. Defense, they played unreal. We got to be better. Itís that simple. We got to help them out.

Q: What was it like being out there for the first series. Were you just focused in on what you had to do or did you hear the Eli cheers?

A: I was focused on the game. I wasnít going to worry about that.

Q: Is there any fear about losing the unity, which Steve Spagnuolo was talking about. You guys have three games left.

A: Nope. We got three games left. We got three weeks to stay together. We will.

Q: Anything in particular you feel bad about?

A: There were a couple blocks I could have probably been in a better position, had one drop, but thatís football. It happens. Got to catch the ball. I just wish I could have made more plays. We wish we could have made more plays on offense.

Q: Are you surprised there was no flag on that third down in their territory?

A: Thatís the refís call.

Q: Inaudible.

A: We could have played a lot better on offense and put a lot more points on the board, give our defense some energy more so than they already had. I mean, itís ridiculous how well they played and how good they are. We got to help them out.

Q: Do you ever say that to the defense?

A: On the sideline. Keep them up when they make big plays. Coming off the field, I keep the energy up, but the rest is between us.
I really like this kid's attitude.  
yatqb : 12/10/2017 5:56 pm : link
I expect his to keep growing as a player and to become even more of a force for us.
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