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Wednesday Media Transcript: Running Back Orleans Darkwa

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/13/2017 4:24 pm
Running Back Orleans Darkwa

December 13, 2017

Q: Can you talk about the challenges of facing the Philadelphia defensive front and how tough they are to run against?

A: Oh yeah, this is our second go around with them, theyíve got a big defensive front led by [defensive tackle] Fletcher Cox. A good group and the linebackers move well, safeties come to hit, so itís a tough task. We had some successful runs the last time we played them, hoping to get some more this game.

Q: Knowing this game is against a division rival, is it a different feeling?

A: I mean, yeah, itís like you said, a division rival. Itís always physical, they know us, we know them, you know how physical the game is going to be, so weíve got to be up to the task. And like I said, it starts with a good week of practice and we started off pretty good today, a lot of energy flying around the ball, so hoping to carry that into the game.

Q: Is it true that an Eagles game may be the hardest hitting game you guys play all season?

A: I mean, I would say so. Based off of the last time we played them, they come flying around and itís a physical game all around. The battle in the trenches, obviously, with the lines and the running backs and the linebackers, weíre going at it the whole game. So, itís a physical game, but thatís how division games are usually. They donít like us, we donít like them and thatís how it usually goes. So, like you said, a tough task, but weíre ready for it.

Q: Does the fact that your last game against the Eagles came down to a 61-yard field goal and you guys were right there give you confidence that you can do it again?

A: Definitely, definitely. Like you said, with the talented group that they have, theyíre at the top of the NFC as a whole, so for it to go down to a 61-yard field goal, it shows that we can compete with them, we can compete with the best. So, weíve just got to go out there and play well in all three phases Ė offense, defense and special teams Ė and I think we can come out with a win.

Q: If the offense hits on a play early in the game, is that something that can get you guys going and spark the offense?

A: Definitely. Not only as an offense, but the defense, they feed off the energy as well. So, we get something going, get some points on the board early, the defense feeds off of that and it shows that on the field. So, itís something that we definitely want to do.

Q: What is the team still playing for?

A: I mean, just the love of the game, really. Like I said, Iíve said this before, but itís a blessing to be in the league, so Iím never going to take it for granted. Every time Iím out there on the field, Iím going to give it my best, Iím going to give it my all because this game can be taken away from you just like that. But just the love of the game. Going out there and at the end of the day, everybody wants to win. We donít like that feeling of losing, nobodyís gotten numb to it. We just have to make sure we can go out there and get a win and what a better way to get a win against the Philadelphia Eagles, you know?

Q: Do the last three games have any extra importance for you, personally, as you are a free agent after this season?

A: I mean, every game has importance to me. I donít look at it as going into free agency or anything of that nature. At the end of the day, I let God handle all that, but every game has importance to me, no matter what the situation is going forward. So, like I said, Iím going to give it my all, 100 percent every single snap, so thatís not going to change.

Q: When you have a chance to reflect on this season, will you think how a 61-yard field goal started a nine-game winning streak for Philadelphia and kind of set the tone for the Giants this season?

A: Well, yeah. You donít want to look back at certain things. Obviously, it hasnít been the season that we hoped for, but you donít want to look back. At the end of the season, weíll reflect on all that, but right now weíre focused on Philly this week and getting a win.

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