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Thursday Media Transcript: Defensive Tackle Damon Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/14/2017 3:30 pm
Defensive Tackle Damon Harrison

December 14, 2017

Q: What does it mean to you to be captain?

A: The coaches and my teammates putting their trust in me so Iíll gladly accept what Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) asks.

Q: Why have you been reluctant to be tagged as a leader?

A: Because we got other guys here who are better suited for that.

Q: A lot of guys who Iíve spoken to said you were the natural choice to be captain.

A: They are just being nice man. Theyíre afraid of me so theyíre just being nice (laughing).

Q: Have you changed anything?

A: No.

Q: What does Jay Ajayi bring to the Philadelphia offense?

A: A different dynamic that they may not have had there in a while. Heís a big, powerful guy, but he also has the breakaway speed. Theyíve had (Darren) Sproles and a couple of other guys, (Wendell) Smallwood in that role, but heís a big, physical runner.

Q: What does it say about this team that there are guys still out there on the field grinding?

A: Weíve got some men of integrity. It means a lot to them. It doesnít always show on the scoreboard. Weíve had some bad breaks, some really bad breaks to be honest. We got some guys that really care, it means a lot to them. Weíre still trying to win games and help us.

Q: Do you consider yourself one of those guys?

A: I guess you could say that, yeah.

Q: Why is that so important to you?

A: I love the game of football. The reason why I started playing football is still the reason why I play today. Itís not for the money, itís not for the glory or any of that. Obviously, I want to be a great player. I want to be one of the best players to ever play when itís all said and done. Thereís a lot of pride in this building and I just want to help restore that.

Q: What would it mean to you guys to beat a team like the Eagles?

A: It would be a win. Itís a division opponent, a rivalry game just like with Dallas, which we didnít get the job done last week. But any win that we get at this point would be good. We just need a win man.

Q: Most people consider them the best team in the conference.

A: I guess you can call them the best team in the NFL. They play really, really good defense and theyíre really, really good on offense. So I think theyíre one of the best teams if not the best team in football.

Q: Do you think it would add something to the narrative if you guys beat them?

A: Nah. The narrative is not for us man.

Q: What does it mean to get all of this support for the Pro Bowl?

A: It means a lot man. Fans appreciate what I do each and every Sunday. I continue to go out there and fight no matter the score, no matter the outcome, I have a job to do. I love this game so just to get that love reciprocated in Pro Bowl votes, it means a lot.

Q: Does the Pro Bowl mean a lot to you personally?

A: Iíve never been so, yeah. Iím guessing thatís one thing I can check off my to do list.

Q: Is it going to be much different for you to face (Nick) Foles instead of Carson Wentz this week?

A: I wouldnít say much different. I mean obviously they are two different runners. Carson Wentz, I told you before, he reminds me of a young Aaron Rodgers. The guy is a magician in the pocket. Nick Foles, I havenít seen him in a while. We got a little taste of him last week so Iím excited to see what he brings.

I don't know how he isn't  
Dan in the Springs : 12/14/2017 6:37 pm : link
1 or 1a on everybody's list of fav players right now. I saw a post earlier trying to figure out how much money we could save by cutting him next year. I just shook my head. Lots of dumb around here sometimes.

This is the kind of guy you make a captain and build a defense around.
Great signing  
TMS : 12/14/2017 10:50 pm : link
by the Giants. This guy is a FB player. Wish more were like him.
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