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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2017 6:30 pm
Quarterback Eli Manning

Postgame vs. Philadelphia, December 17, 2017

Q: What did you see on the fourth down pass to tight end Evan Engram in the end zone late in the fourth quarter?

A: Yeah, it was tough. Thereís not a whole lot of great fourth-and-goal from the 12 plays. But I was trying to get him, I had him on a corner route, maybe I was playing some outside leverage, just trying to back shoulder it and give him a chance. Got it in the end zone and there was some contact being made, I donít know, itís tough to know if itís interference, if itís the call or not. You kind of just put it up high and give him a chance to make the play and we didnít make it.

Q: Were you given an explanation from the officials on that play?

A: No, no explanation.

Q: How much more difficult was that fourth down play, being backed up five more yards after the penalty?

A: Yeah, obviously you have more options from the five. From the five, we had a different play called where you get four guys in the end zone, five guys in the end zone with a back, possibly. From the 10, itís just tough to get everybody in the end zone with routes and things going. So, yeah, itís unfortunate. I had the false start. Itís a tough situation, I donít blame Bobby [Hart]. At home, itís loud. (Center) Brett Jones couldnít hear me call the cadence. You donít think having that [at home], but I guess when youíve only won two games, thereís a lot of Eagles fans and they were loud and we couldnít hear the cadence, thatís why we jumped offsides.

Q: Did all the Eagles fans in the crowd bother you?

A: Well, it bothers me because thatís where Ė I donít blame our fans, thatís the way this season has turned out. We didnít do our part. Youíre playing late in the year where youíre not playing for a spot in the playoffs, so it bothers me from that standpoint.

Q: How impressed have you been with guys like Sterling Shepard and Tavarres King, who have stepped up after dealing with injuries at wide receiver all season?

A: Yeah, I thought the receivers made some outstanding plays today. Tavarres, Roger Lewis, Sterling and [tight end] Evan [Engram] have been playing great. So, I thought we threw the ball well against a really good defense, a great front four and the guys made some plays. We had a good plan, started out fast, went right down there, had a couple double moves to guys, some scramble things, did pretty good on third down and then we had some great run after the catch, individual efforts. Sterling on the touchdown, TK on the touchdown, so Iím proud of the way the guys competed and hung in there, kept working and theyíre making some plays.

Q: Do you take something out of the fact that the team is improving and you were in the game until the end?

A: Well, Iím proud of the way the guys are competing, the no quit from the guys. They work hard, they practice hard. Weíre being creative, whether itís the coaches or the players coming up with ideas, weíre being creative and doing some different things. Some are working, some arenít, but we had some good stuff today and itís fun when you feel like you had a great plan and some of the stuff worked and you made some plays. So, just happy the way guys are keeping their head up and competing hard.

Q: Today was one of your best statistical games of the season, what was different for you?

A: I think we had a good plan for how they were going to play and guys did a good job getting open. They covered us up a few times, but we had a good plan of getting the ball out quickly, which we did. Playing fast, some up-tempo stuff, I think that confused them a little bit. Hit some guys in stride, hit some guys running, so I think we just had a good plan. Guys were winning and thatís fun when that happens.

Q: Over the past two weeks, how impressed have you been with the development of running back Wayne Gallman?

A: Yeah, I thought Wayneís been making some plays. Runs hard, had a couple nice runs today, had some nice catches, making some guys miss. So, being creative, keep finding ways for him to get some catches and weíre ready for him to break a long one.

Q: Do you take away from this game that you came so close to beating possibly the best team in the NFC?

A: At this point, I donít know if you take much away from it. I think, who got the win? I think you can take away, hey, weíre competing, weíre moving the ball offensively, doing some good things, weíve just got to keep working, finding ways to finish though. Weíre close, there at the five-yard line. You want to be in those situations and we expect to make those plays next time.

Q: Did you notice the Eagles fans chanting in the fourth quarter?

A: No, I didnít notice any chants going on. But I did notice it was loud at times when we had the ball.

Q: Did you see that President/CEO John Mara said last week that he wants to have you back next year?

A: Yeah, I did see that. Hey, I want to be back next year as well. So, again, I love playing for the New York Giants, I love this organization. I appreciate everything theyíve done for me and I try to give back everything that I have to this organization and this team, so Iíd like to be back as well.

Q: Were you pleased that the offense was able to execute a game plan where you can demonstrate that you still have it?

A: Well, I like the game plan. I think, obviously, we have some guys banged up, weíve got some new faces and I think this style of play, a lot of up-tempo, playing fast, gives us a great opportunity to be successful. It helps out the offensive line, going against the front four, it gets them tired, it keeps them from substituting a lot if we play fast. The receivers, Iíve been with these guys for a while, they know the routes and giving them opportunities to get open. I still know I can play at a high level, make plays and make throws and win football games and itís good to go out there and make some plays.

Q: Does playing at a higher tempo allow the receivers to get into a rhythm?

A: I think it can just throw a little bit of confusion out to the defense and theyíre trying to get lined up and figure out what coverage theyíre playing and our guys know exactly what their route is. So, they can just play fast and have an idea what the routes are, whatís coming and you can just catch the defense by surprise a little bit. I think it helps receivers, but I think itís more about helping the offensive line, just getting a little jumpstart when the defensive line is not ready, so we can fire off the ball really fast.

Q: On the first touchdown pass to Tavarres King, is there something you saw pre-read, or was that the designated play that was called?

A: No, that was the called play and the first plays of the games we hit those short slants and the last time we played them we hit a bunch of them. We hit two in the first series and then we came out with kind of that slant and go and we hit two of them. Hit one to Roger Lewis on the left, came back and hit one to TK on the right. So, it was good to have those work.
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