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Post-Game Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2017 6:52 pm
Tight End Evan Engram

December 17, 2017

Q: Did you think there was a penalty on the fourth down pass intended for you late in the fourth quarter?

A: Yeah. My arm was kind of held, it was obvious. I went up for the ball, it was obvious that he was kind of arm guarding me, but no call.

Q: Did the official say anything to you about why it was not called a penalty?

A: No. Nothing.

Q: You thought defensive interference should have been called?

A: Definitely, yes sir. I thought it was definitely defensive pass interference. Fourth down, it was really obvious, but there was no call.

Q: Can you talk about how the offense played in general?

A: Oh man, we started off fast, so we put points up on the board. We had some adversity throughout the game and we responded, we put points on the board and we played really well. A lot of huge plays, a lot of explosive plays, we played really well, we showed up and just didnít come out [with the win].

Q: Did you think you were going to win that game during that final drive?

A: Of course, of course. Weíre a touchdown mindset, especially under a minute. We score and put our great defense out on the field to get a stop, definitely.

Q: Seeing how wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis reacted to the fourth down incomplete pass, was that just frustration or is it just feeling close and not getting anything out of it?

A: Yeah, I think it was just really obvious that that shouldíve been defensive pass interference. Those guys are really emotional, but it was definitely really obvious that there shouldíve been a flag, but the ref didnít see it. Those guys played their hearts out and theyíre really emotional and we felt like we shouldíve got that call.

Q: Were there points in the game when you felt like you guys were dominating on offense?

A: Oh my God, yeah, definitely. We had a couple three and outs, but they were not as many as weíve had. We were doing really well, we felt like we had them in control and we were moving the ball really well. We were getting a push, we were making plays downfield, making explosive plays after the catch. I mean we played really well as an offense today, just came up short.

Q: What was it like being out there with quarterback Eli Manning today, the way he played?

A: He was just laser-focused, just locked in. He was stepping up in the pocket, he was being Eli, being 10. Thatís the 10 we know, thatís the 10 Iíve watched for so many years and it was definitely a great battle. It was great to be out with him today and battle.

Q: How does a play change, from fourth-and-six to fourth-and-11?

A: We had a play called for the fourth-and-six and then the penalty backed us up, so we had to go to something different.

Q: Are you the first option all the way on that play?

A: Yeah. We worked it all week, it was a great ball by 10. There was some interference there, but it is what it is.

Q: You donít think that ball was too high, you could have gotten it?

A: Definitely, definitely (yes).

Q: What does it say to you that this team went toe to toe with a 12-2 team?

A: It just speaks about the heart of this team. We were 2-11 coming into this game, a lot of people wouldnít have battled like we did today. The way we came together today is the unity that we had all year. Itís not what we want in a season, but we fight every Sunday and today was one of those Sundays.

Q: What kind of feeling is it after the fourth down pass was incomplete and there was no flag?

A: It was bad, it was tough. Iím not the type of guy to get in a refís face or anything, or go crazy, but that was tough; that was tough. We were right there, we drove down the field, two-minute drive against the best team in the NFC, it was tough.

Q: Does the performance that Manning had today show that he can still be the quarterback of this team?

A: Definitely. Weíve known that all along. Iíve always said, 10 is 10, heís going to be 10. So, definitely he played lights out today and he definitely rubbed off on us.

Q: Does this feel like the best offensive performance you guys have had all year?

A: Definitely. Just the explosive plays, we scored early, we put points on the board in the first quarter, that has been rare all year. We just had a lot of big plays, a lot of receivers stepped up in that receiver group has been under fire all year and they just played lights out today, all of them. So, it was definitely our best way.

Q: Do you think that if the team played like it did today, it can finish this season on a good note?

A: Thatís the goal. Weíre going to fight. We have two more Sundays left and weíre going to fight.

Q: Were you surprised to hear the chants from Eagles fans in the fourth quarter?

A: I didnít notice.
Does Engram get fined for  
section125 : 12/17/2017 6:57 pm : link
saying that pas was PI? It was..
Credit where it is due.  
TMS : 12/17/2017 7:54 pm : link
Engram was a great pick JR. looks like the real deal that will just get better and better. Shepard also. Not to mention OBJ best of the best Too bad you could not get passed the measurable guys and get some hard nosed OL to protect the franchise ELI. Good luck gods speed.
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