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Wednesday Media Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2017 3:59 pm
Safety Landon Collins

December 20, 2017

Q: Have you thought about shutting it down?

A: No. Not at all. Thatís not built in me. Iím definitely going to give my other guys some reps at the position, but Iím definitely not in the mindset to shut it down.

Q: Isnít there a danger that if you keep playing with it, youíre going to hurt it more?

A: Yeah, thereís always a danger. It happens, itís the game of football. I know my health, I know where Iím at with it and I know my limitations.

Q: You must not have been 100% on Sunday.

A: No, I wasnít 100% at all. I just felt like my presence on the field would help my defense. It kind of did in the first half and I tried to just make it work from there. It was working until I tweaked it.

Q: How much did the Pro Bowl nomination mean to you?

A: It means a lot. Itís an honor, itís a blessing, definitely to go back-to-back. I look forward to it. Itís definitely hard work and after the season that happened, to get the honor off of the season we had, itís a blessing and I appreciate that.

Q: Did you think you would get it based on your season?

A: Based on my season? I played hard. I made different plays and stuff like that. I think I got the recognition I needed to get there.

Q: Do you think since youíve established yourself in the league, people took that into account?

A: That could be one of the things and also Iím consistent, Iím durable and just playing hard on each and every down. I come out there to play and I play for the love of the game. I guess my passion and everybody sees that and they love that about me.

Q: Do you think you set the bar too high last year?

A: Yeah I got a lot of those tweets. Tweets and comments about I didnít have a great season like I did last year. It happens. We canít always get to those seasons. I got a lot of eyes on me this year. I was on a lot of one on oneís with lineman and stuff like that. Itís kind of hard to get to the quarterback this time. Theyíre definitely getting the ball out quicker, I didnít get a lot of passes thrown my way and I should of had a couple more picks, but stuff happens.

Q: Youíve also been asked to do a lot of things in this defense and youíve done it at a high level.

A: Yeah they move me around trying to get their game changers in play-making moments and stuff like that. Get them in the right position to make a game changing moment. Coach Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) does that and he gives me great opportunities to make plays and I try to make the best of them. And thatís just doing what we do best within our defense.

Q: How much did the quarterback change in Arizona effect this weekís game planning?

A: A little bit. We got to study both guys because one can go in, one can go out. You donít know which guy weíre going to get. They could trade in halftime, we donít know whatís going to happen. So you kind of got to study both guys. We know a little bit more about (Drew) Stanton. Heís a gunslinger, he wants to go for the deep balls and stuff like that. So we kind of know him and then the other quarterback (Blaine Gabbert), he just kind of works the process of the offense.

Q: Should you play again this year?

A: I shouldnít play. No, not at all. I should not. Thatís the correct answer, but thatís not going to be my answer.

Q: How do you weigh those two because you donít want anything to happen in the offseason?

A: Just know my limitations. Know how far I can push it. I think last week my only thing was I couldnít put too much pressure on it, I couldnít hold the line of scrimmage if I got a blocked, I couldnít hold him off. Thatís one of my limitations I have to know so I can be able to get off a block and make a play. And doing so with that, just knowing my limitations and giving my ankle and my body a rest and giving my other guys a chance to go out there and play.

Q: But you donít want to put your team in a situation where what happened last week happens again, right?

A: Right. Yeah, thatís why my guys are taking all of the practice reps and stuff like that and getting an understanding because if Iím not in the game, theyíll have to know whatís going on and thatís what weíll be doing this week.

Q: How do you think the younger guys have been doing trying to step up?

A: Theyíve been doing good. A lot to learn. I do a lot and they try to do the same thing I do and they just try play behind me. I just have more experience than them so itís kind of hard to figure it out, but theyíre doing very well.

Q: What challenges does being ready for both quarterbacks represent this week?

A: Just preparation. Just being more prepared of what quarterbacks like to do, what is their eye candy, where do they like to go with the ball and stuff like that and weíll steal signs of what they like to do. So this is really more of film study.

Q: The offense is coming off of a statement game, what do you guys hope is the case for the defense this week?

A: Come out and make a statement ourselves and play great ball.

Q: How tough is it to play against a guy like Larry Fitzgerald?

A: Itís fun, Iíll tell you that much. Itís definitely going to be fun because heís a great guy, heís a Hall of Famer and just seeing him on the field is going to be amazing. But playing against him, itís going to be tough. Heís a great route runner, heís got great hands, he goes up and attacks the ball higher than everybody Iíve seen play the game and itís going to be a challenge, but Iím looking forward to it.
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