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Wednesday Media Transcript: Quarterback Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2017 4:04 pm
Quarterback Davis Webb

December 20, 2017

Q: What did you make of your increased reps in practice today?

A: I was excited. I got told yesterday and itís an opportunity for me to work on the things that got worked on behind the scenes in my preparation throughout the year. Eli [Manning] has been getting most of the reps, along with Geno [Smith], so it kind of got me a chance to be thrown in there and actually go through it myself, have the o-line hear my calls and see the receivers see my signals. It was cool, it was a cool experience and I got better from it today.

Q: How do you think you did?

A: I think I did good. It was my first time getting reps in a little bit and in a team setting and I think I did a pretty good job. And again, thereís thing I need to work on obviously, but I think I did a pretty solid job.

Q: Did it feel faster than other scout team reps that youíve taken?

A: No because I get to go against the same Pro Bowl guys, [safety] Landon [Collins] and [defensive tackle] Damon [Harrison], every day and so many great defensive players we do have. So, I get to go against those guys every day, itís just more fun to run your system and see your checks and pick up types of blitzes and protection and stuff. So, it was fun.

Q: Are things starting to slow down a lot more for you now?

A: Well, you canít say that, I havenít played in a game before.

Q: What about in practice?

A: Yeah, in practice. Itís totally different though, youíre not getting hit and I donít want to sound rude, but itís just different, youíre not getting hit. You can feel the rush, but youíll feel it on Sundays if youíre in there getting hit. So, I do think my grasp of the offense has gotten better every day since Iíve been here, thatís a credit to [quarterbacks coach Frank] Cignetti, and coach Sullivan [offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan] and Coach Mac [former head coach Ben McAdoo] and Eli and Geno really helping me come along and I think Iíve gotten better. Today I took another huge step, had a chance to get reps and I was very excited about today. Now Iím more excited about getting in there and watching the film of it.

Q: How has your relationship with tight end Evan Engram improved since the season has gone on?

A: It has grown. We hang out just about every day. For sure every single weekend and weíre roommates on the road still. He and I are very close, heís my best friend on the team and we have a good relationship. We go to dinner just about every Friday, so we have a really good relationship. Heís a great player, heís had a great season.

Q: What kind of help can Engram give you with the offense?

A: Yeah, itís kind of back and forth because I sit up here watching a lot of film, especially of the other teamís DBs [defensive backs], so I try to give him as much information on the safeties and nickels and dime players that can be going against him, what their tendencies are. Itís a great relationship, weíll go back and forth and say, ĎHey, what does Eli say on this route or this play,í so we have a great relationship and heís been a huge help, especially someone that Iím very close with.

Q: How difficult is it for to suppress your eagerness and anticipation that you may get a chance to touch the ball in a game?

A: I commit to the controllables and kind of stay in the moment. Always stay present and today was today and itís over and now Iím excited to go in there and watch the film a little bit and getting better as an offense and all weíre worried about this week is beating Arizona. We come here every day expecting to win and expecting to beat Arizona. So, thatís out goal as a team.

Q: Was today the first team reps youíve gotten since the regular season started?

A: Yeah, itís been a little while, but again, I felt great, I was out there, I did a good job of communicating to the offensive linemen, good job in the huddle. So, I think a good job. Thereís definitely things I need to work on, but Iím pretty happy with my start today. My first time in a while.

Q: Is it important for you to have the opportunity to make your case in a game? That you can be the future of this team?

A: I donít know. I think Iíve done everything asked of me and then some. I do a lot of preparation stuff with other quarterbacks, the receivers, tight ends and stuff like that. So, I donít know. Thatís a question youíve got to ask a little higher than me thatíll give you an answer. But right now, all Iím worried about is helping Eli and Geno prepare to beat the Arizona Cardinals. Thatís our goal as a team and we expect to win that game.

Q: Do you think your approach has helped you, to just control the controllables?

A: Yeah, my biggest goal as a player is to reach my full potential and the quote I saw in a book a long time ago was, operate with a heart full of gratitude, commit to the controllables and youíre going to be okay. If you just trust the process, thatís the big thing. So, I trust the process, Iíve gotten better each and every day and today I finally got a day to get some reps and put that plan into action a little bit. Which was exciting, but itís over now and Iím back to helping out these guys.

Q: Are the reps from today enough to feel comfortable in a game?

A: I donít know, I just donít know. Getting ready for a game, mentally I do every single week prepared-wise, I try to act like Iím a starter each and every week, every single day until about 30 minutes before game time. I try to approach that way, get into a routine, so if it ever does happen, I would be in a pretty good routine to be ready. But at the same time, Iím here to help out Eli and have him enjoy success with all of our teammates on Sunday.

Q: For a quarterback, is the throwing part the easiest, and the adjusting the line and getting everybody in the right spots the hard part?

A: Yeah, I think definitely when you first get here Ė the new offense, NFL system, different verbiage, itís longer than a college system. So, thereís definitely some hiccups along the road, but Iíve had a real blessing in watching Eli and Geno go through reps in practices every day, see how they communicate to teammates and see how they are on the board and in the film room, in the classroom. So, Iíve had a real blessing to sit back and kind of learn a little bit and again, Iím going to continue to learn, those guys are the best at what they do and I enjoy being with them every day in the meeting room.

Q: Did you tell Manning to open up a 38-point lead so that you can get into the game?

A: [Laughs] Nope, all weíre worrying about it beating the Cardinals, no matter what happens.

Q: Why do you think the team gave you first-team reps today?

A: Nothing, nothing at all. I was just excited when I got told I was going to get an opportunity to get out there and kind of practice what Iíve been practicing behind Eli the whole season, my air throws and my air communication. So, that was exciting, but again, now weíre back to helping us beat the Arizona Cardinals and Iím excited about getting back into the film room right now.

Q: Are you going to get first-team reps again tomorrow?

A: I donít know, thatís a coach Spagnuolo question.

Q: Has there been any week on game day where youíve gone in thinking that you may be active?

A: Again, my mental approach is to be the best teammate I possibly can be, work really hard and if that did happen, I would be prepared because I work every day and every week. But right now, the only thing Iím worried about is being a good teammate and helping Eli be successful on Christmas Eve.

Lord,..our coaches are clueless  
Jimmy Googs : 12/20/2017 6:29 pm : link
Get the kid into a game..
I haven't seen this Manning-like maturity  
KeoweeFan : 12/20/2017 7:44 pm : link
since following Desaun Watson during his collegiate career. (We are "local" to Clemson; every day the paper has a Clemson sports feature.)
The big question mark is Davis' performance in practice, but nothing from the coaches indicate it is anything but good. Clearly his preparation is unquestioned.
For those who say, yeah but if he were any good, why don't they make him the backup? My reply is that, for better or worse, the NYGs stick to their "redshirt" plans. A good example is Goodson who got good rookie reviews last year but never saw much playing time on defense.
I'll trust the new GM on whether a one time opportunity to gamble on a franchise QB is worth more than stocking up on the other key positions (including trading down).
If I could channel Wellington, I'd fly with Webb.
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