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Wednesday Media Transcript: Quarterback Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2017 4:05 pm
Quarterback Eli Manning

December 20, 2017

Q: Do you see any weaknesses in Chandler Jones and any ways you can work around him?

A: Well, I think you just got to know where he is. If you canít get two bodies on him Ė you got to try to do that as much as you can Ė get the ball out quickly. But, heís a good player. They do a good job getting to the quarterback, bringing some blitzes, trying to make sure backs canít chip on him. So, just got to get it out on time, but he can make some plays. Just make sure Ė ball security. Donít let a sack turn into anything worse.

Q: Quarterback to quarterback, what do you see from Drew Stanton?

A: I havenít seen Drew play this year. Know him well. Known him since college and heís had to play these last couple years. Believe last time we played Arizona, he played. So, heís played well and smart guy. Heíll know how to run the offense.

Q: Is the up tempo offense something you think you can sustain?

A: Well, I think you got to use some, you know, use it at times and try to make sure itís at the right moments and itís going to help us and not hurt us. So, just make sure everybody is on the same page, can get the calls done and go out there and execute well.

Q: It seems like most of the passes thrown were short. Is that something to keep you up?

A: Yeah, thatís just kind of part of that West Coast offense is you get the ball out on time and hit the guys in stride and hopefully throw some short ones, let them run a long way. So, a lot of it is just timing and see if we can just get the ball out on time.

Q: What areas is Davis Webb more advanced in now than he was during training camp?

A: Tough to say. I think heís just having a year to watch how a season goes, watch the offense, see what plays are working, why certain plays work and donít work versus the defense, making protection calls and those types of things. So, I think heís done a good job just studying and asking good questions and trying to play the game from behind when heís watching practice.

Q: How much of a challenge do you think it would be if he was asked to go in a game at this point?

A: He just hasnít had many reps with running this offense and even in training camp we had four quarterbacks. He was the fourth one. So, heís played some. Heís a smart kid and he can figure it out.

Q: Some people say that you need to be in a game to get the experience. Is there something to be gained from sitting back and watching it that you think can help expedite the learning process?

A: Well, I think both of them help. You got to be able to learn from watching, but also nothing like game experience.

Q: Coach Steve Spagnuolo said that Davis Webb got reps with the first team today. How do you think he looked?

A: Yeah. I thought he made some good calls and got us in some better plays, some good checks and ran the offense well.

Q: He hasnít gotten the chance to do that very often, right?

A: Right.

Q: Did they tell you before practice that Davis Webb would get reps?

A: They told me. Yeah. Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) told me earlier in the week. Late in the year. You donít mind getting a few reps off and let him get some reps. Itís all good.

Q: How would you describe your relationship with Larry Fitzgerald?

A: Larry and I go back a long way. Known him since college. We were up for the Heisman together our senior years and from then forward, Iíve kept up with him his whole time in Arizona, seen him around different times. Obviously last year, we both won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award together, so I was around him a bunch there. Just a great person. Great football player. Iíve played some Pro bowls with him, thrown touchdowns to him in some Pro Bowls. So, we have a good relationship.

Q: How do you carry over last weekís performance into this week?

A: You learn quick in football that nothing carries over from week to week. Itís about weíre going against an uncommon opponent. We havenít played Arizona in a while, so we got to have a great preparation and thatís starting with me. But, everybody just understanding their schemes, what theyíre going to do and we just got to execute. Last week, guys made some great individual efforts. We got to continue to do that and then just find a lot of completions.

Q: Do you feel like the receivers are hitting their stride right now?

A: I thought last week they were winning some of their one-on-ones and thatís what you need to do. They didnít win all of them, but they won the majority of them and thatís how you can get some big plays. Theyíre working hard and doing some good things and we just got to keep, again, know the coverages, know the style this week, know your opponent and how we can get open.

Q: When you get back from Arizona are you going to even bother going to bed or are you just going to wait for the kids to get up?

A: Yeah, I havenít figured that part yet. I havenít figured that part. Sleep on the plane a little bit. Yeah. Theyíll probably think Iím Santa as Iím coming in at 4:30 in the morning. So, just roll with it.

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