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Wednesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2017 4:08 pm
Interim Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

December 20, 2017

Opening Statement: Iím not going to lie, I was chilly out there today. I donít know how long you were all out there, but it was good to get on the grass. We play on grass this week. I know itís going to be a little warmer in Arizona, but I think it was good for the guysí legs. Try to get back out there again tomorrow. Weíll see how the weather is, but I thought we had a pretty good practice. Probably had a couple few more repeats than we should have. But, weíre just trying to get the football right. Thatís what we talked about. So, having said that, Iíll just open it up.

Q: When it comes to Arizona and their quarterback change, whatís the biggest difference between facing Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert?

A: Like always, unless itís a drastic change in the type of quarterback, we just defend the scheme. I think both Blaine and Stanton are very similar in that regard. One might be a little more athletic or they might run a few more movement passes, but Bruce (Arians) likes to throw the football. I know their running back is banged up a little bit, but I think the other guy is a big downhill runner that we got to worry about and they have skill all over the place. They have speed all over the place. So, weíre more concerned about the speed and the tight end skill and the scheme more than anything. I think Stanton has done a nice job in the game. Heís 9-6, I believe, in games he started, so heís proven he could win in this league. So, heís not a guy weíre taking for granted.

Q: Is your quarterback depth chart the same as it was now that youíve got the game plan?

A: The depth chart hasnít changed. Youíre talking about ours right?

Q: Yeah, yours.

A: Our depth chart hasnít changed, but I will tell you this. We have eight reps in practice where we go Giants defense versus Giants offense and normally Eli (Manning) would take all of those, but Davis (Webb) took six of the eight today. So, weíre amping him up a little bit. Iíve told you before that heís always preparing like heís going to be a two or maybe even play in the games. So, the preparation is the same, but we just wanted to make sure we got him some reps on the field.

Q: Will Davis Webb be active in a game?

A: As of right now, no. But who knows?

Q: Why did you want to give him more reps in practice then?

A: Just to give him some work. Give him some work.

Q: How did Davis Webb look?

A: I got to watch the (tape) Ė I canít honestly say that. Can I be honest with you? When weíre doing Ė I shouldnít say this because the guys will get mad at me -- but when weíre doing that period, my eyes are on the defense. And they should be.

Q: How did your defense do?

A: A couple good plays. A couple bad plays.

Q: RE: Giants offense vs. Giants defense in practice.

A: We like doing that because itís hard to simulate the opponent youíre playing all the time and get good speed. So, at least that gives us eight plays of speed on speed. It might not be the exact looks weíre getting in the game, but it was good to have.

Q: Has Davis Webb ever taken one of those snaps?

A: Not to my knowledge. Now, we were doing some of that earlier, then Ben (McAdoo) kind of got away from it and I kind of brought it back and that hasnít happened since we brought it back a couple weeks ago.

Q: So, youíre running the first team offense versus the first team defense?

A: Yeah. Exactly. Yep.

Q: Would you like to get Davis Webb into a game before the season is over?

A: I keep going back to it and Iím just being honest with you, Iím focused on winning the football game and to me, winning the football game is with Eli Manning and should it be anything else, thatís Ė I donít know Ė probably something bad happened. I prefer to have Eli Manning in there winning. Iím worried about this game first. I know we have two, but thatís my preference.

Q: If you were ahead 38 now, would that be considered?

A: That sounds really good. That sounds really good. That would be a good situation to have. Good decision to make.

Q: Is it tough for you to balance doing what is best to win the game vs. the best interest of the franchise?

A: I want to do whatís in the best interest of the organization, but I do know the organization wants to win football games. That has never changed. Thatís why when I say to you that my mind is on that, it truly is on that and weíll do whatever we can to win the football game.

Q: Are you reaching the point where youíre close to shutting Landon Collins down with the injuries?

A: Have you seen him yet today? Have you asked him that yet? Heís still hopeful. Weíll see. We got to be careful. Iíd like to congratulate Landon and Snacks (Damon Harrison) for their recognition Ė Pro Bowl recognition. That was good to see.

Q: What do you mean Damon Harrison?

A: Alternate. I believe that anybody that gets recognized Pro Bowl wise is a complement for them and to their teammates. So, I recognize them all together, to be honest with you.

Q: How do you shut down or deal with Chandler Jones.

A: Try to contain him and keep him from wrecking the football game. Thatís what we talked about, because he is a game-wrecker. Weíre fortunate Pat Graham, whoís with our d-line, had Chandler in New England. I donít know if the insight will help us, but heís a really good football player and heís one of those guys we say that can wreck the football game. So, we always got to be concerned about him.

Q: A lot of people think Damon Harrison was snubbed when it comes to Pro Bowl. Do you think he deserves more recognition for what he does?

A: I do because Ė but Iím biased. I just think heís one of the premier inside, interior linemen in this league. Now, I donít get my eyes on all of the other d-linemen, so I donít want to pass judgement on that because Iím certainly looking at more offenses than I am defense. But, Iíd be hard pressed to say that thereís many that do as many things as he does for us. Now, I havenít seen the other names. I just know Iím a Damon Harrison fan.

Q: Damon Harrison talked about getting more sacks and pass rushing opportunities this season and I donít believe heís had that many.

A: That position Ė itís hard to get them. Heís not always in there in the third down passing situations. So, if we had him in there more in those down and distances, he might have more because heís talented and he can get a middle push, which you need in pass rush. Helps the guys on the outside. Actually, last week he was in there on a few third down plays. So, maybe weíll get more of those.

Q: Is there a chance that Davis Webb could be active this Sunday?

A: Weíll see. Weíll see. Thereís always a chance, but weíll see.

Q: How proud are you of Landon Collins getting the starting nod for the Pro Bowl with the adversity that he has faced this season?

A: Iíd be proud of Landon even if he didnít get the nod, to be honest with you, because Iíve told you heís a warrior. Heís banged up with that ankle and other things and heís still playing and still wants to go out there and play. He knows he hasnít had quite the year he wanted to or any of us expected, but it certainly was good football and he loves to play the game and when he goes out there you can see it.

Q: If you had Damon Harrison in there on a pass rush play, even if heís just pushing the pocket, would it help the outside guys, too?

A: Absolutely. We call that hidden production and we actually grade that. Thereís many times, especially for tackles and guys that play up front, where they make it easy for the guys behind him to maybe make a tackle. The linebacker gets the credit for the tackle and gets the production, but might have been and a lot of times, it is Snacks. Takes on two blockers. That middle portion helps the outside rushers. So, that hidden production is really important. People donít notice that on the outside, but we do. We recognize it.

Q: Did Jason Pierre-Paul have a setback?

A: No. He didnít go today. Just normal wear-and-tear and body soreness. So, figured get him ready for tomorrow.
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Get Davis some reps!
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