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Thursday Transcript: Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/21/2017 3:39 pm
Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

December 21, 2017

Q: Did Davis Webb get more work with the first team today?

A: Yeah. We had a competition period. I know Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) talked to you guys about that. Its eight plays and he got six of the eight just as he did yesterday.

Q: How has Davis Webb been looking?

A: Davis did a lot of good things. He has things he needs to improve upon. The things that have stood out is all the preparation things that hes done behind the scenes in the meeting room and you can tell that hes someone that was able to take that information and he didnt freeze up. Again, its a different animal in a sense because were going against the Giant defense and on the one hand gives great competition. Theyre playing fast, but the scheme is different obviously than what were going to see from Arizona. But, in terms of just the operation and having a sense of what was part of it he did a good job.

Q: Do you feel pressure to get him ready quicker?

A: The only focus in terms of pressure that I would say that I feel is trying to get ready to beat Arizona. Trying to do some things on offense where, you know, were constantly trying to find a balance, trying to find the right formula to be successful. So, hes done a great job. Hes worked very hard and hes had those opportunities that really is two-fold. Allows him to get a little bit of development, but also gives us a chance to see where hes at.

Q: When you say see where hes at, are you looking more for what hes doing mentally or physically?

A: Really both. The first thing that you have to take a look at is can someone operate. Can they communicate? Do they know what theyre doing? Can they get the play out? Can they make the adjustments? And, hes shown he can do that. Then, you have to be able to react and physically make those plays, and I think in both instances, theres some things that he did well and some things that he needs to improve upon and hes going back to training camp and going back to earlier in the year when hes had opportunities in preseason games. Hes not a guy that has made repeated mistakes, so thats a good thing for him.

Q: Do you think Davis Webb can go into a game at this point in his progression and at least hold his own?

A: Similar question, I think we talked about last week in terms of how ready is someone. Best any coach can do is make an educated guess. You kind of draw upon, as you mentioned, how has he been in meetings, how is he in practice, how are his fundamentals, how are his mechanics. But, until a player is actually out in a game, and even then, as I mentioned last week, I believe it can be a game and if things are going well, if hes not put in those critical situation-- third down, two minute, redzone. Until they face that test. I mean, there could be quarterbacks, rookie quarterbacks that could play two or three games and its not until they really are put in that situation do we as a coach do you truly know, Hey, they got it. But, in terms of things hes doing, things that hes shown. Is there reason for optimism and to think that he has potential? Absolutely.

Q: Can you talk about the steps that Wayne Gallman Jr. has taken and the progress youve seen from his in the past few weeks?

A: Wayne is a guy that is explosive with the ball in his hands whether hes catching it or whether hes running it. Hes shown an improved ability to grasp what we want him to do mentally in terms of the pass protection. Thats the big thing we talk about, someone on third down or passing situations, is they got to make sure they know the adjustments. He does have a really good knack for catching the football and there are times well see him, whether its in practice or in games, in terms of once he has the ball in his hands, you see just a great read then explosive cut and its like you get excited. And then other times youre thinking, Oh, whats he doing? No! No! Yes! Go! Go! So, he ends up doing some good things. I think the thing that really ought to be highlighted about Wayne Gallman that really was probably the most impressive is that on Sterling (Shepards) long touchdown, I mean, hes the guy that after his route was over he pushed up the field and it was no hesitation. He had a block. So, lot of upside with the young man. Happy hes here for sure.

Q: Why did tempo fit this offense so well on Sunday?

A: Well, I think when you have a unit like Philadelphia that has a dynamic pass rush and is a team that can get after the quarterback, you have to do things that are going to get them uncomfortable and we had used some tempo in the first game and did quite a bit more the second game and had some variations off of that and it was nice for the players our offensive players. You preach to them all week about it and its hard to simulate. Its hard to practice. But, when they could see the frustration. We were able to get two free plays. We were able to see them not get lined up and we were able to do those things. I think not only does it slow the pass rush down. Its not just a matter of getting the ball out in whatever the seconds we got it out. But, it also kind of pares down what they do. There were some things that we had seen them do in the previous games leading up with preparation in terms of pressures, in terms of coverages and it made it a lot more vanilla for us.

Q: How important is it to have a veteran quarterback like Eli Manning running that?

A: Its huge. Its huge. Theres a level of mastery. He really is the conductor. He has to have a great sense of energy of getting everyone lined up. He has to have great tempo. He has to be able to process it fast and if you are going fast, theres a primary read and theres not a lot of protection adjustments, if you will, but just an anticipation. He certainly played with great anticipation on Sunday.
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