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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/22/2017 3:01 pm
Interim Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

December 22, 2017

Opening Statement: It was good to be outside today. I think you know during the week we were outside on Wednesday, went inside yesterday. It was good to get out here. The field is great. Nice and soft and I think itís good on the guysí bodies. So, we got Friday in the books. Little polish day tomorrow and then go to Arizona on Sunday.

Q: What do you think of Landon Collins? Heís questionable.

A: Heís questionable right now. I mean, he got a little bit of work today and didnít get much the other days, so weíll have to see when we get to Sunday.

Q: He clearly wants to play.

A: Oh yeah. Yeah. Thatís a definite.

Q: Have you decided who your second quarterback is going to be?

A: Itís going to stay the same right now unless something changes between now and Sunday. Geno (Smith) is still the second.

Q: What did you do in regards to some of the special teams play since last game?

A: What did we do?

Q: How did youÖ

A: Firmed it up. Got better at the basics because thatís really what it was. It was fundamentals. So, Tom (Quinn) and Dwayne (Stukes) spent a lot of time on that this week and we did have pads on on Thursday Ė yesterday. That was one of the reasons. That and getting some fundamentals with pads on was really important to us.

Q: When you have a lot of players in and out, I guess special teams is one of the areas that might be affected.

A: Anytime you start to get injured throughout the roster, it doesnít matter whether itís a starter or a backup, the guy that gets affected the most is the special teams coach because thereís always a trickle down effect and so if you lose a couple of starters, somebody is plugging in for them. So, the course of the game, you know, if guys are in on 15-play drives and then all of the sudden they got to go out and do special teams snaps, Tom (Quinn) is always aware of that. So, thereís been some juggling really in all three phases, but definitely special teams gets affected.

Q: What is your sense of how much Jason Pierre-Paul can do?

A: Well, he got some work in today. Weíll see what we get tomorrow. Those guys Ė OV (Olivier Vernon), JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) Ė those guys never like to come out, but weíre going to have to roll some people through there, I think.

Q: Has his hand gotten worse in the last week?

A: No, I donít think itís gotten worse. Youíd have to ask him, but itís been other things too and we just wanted to make sure we have him fresh for Sunday.

Q: How ready is defensive end Romeo Okwara to play?

A: I think heís be ready to go, yeah. Weíve got to make a decision there, weíve got five defensive ends right now, so I donít know how many weíll take to the game, but weíll see.

Q: How do you look at linebacker B.J. Goodsonís season, after getting off to a strong start and then had to deal with injuries?

A: Yeah, itís just been one of those injury-prone years. And itís hard to get in the groove at any position, especially mike linebacker, heís the quarterback of the defense. So, itís hard to get in a groove when itís a couple games, then youíre out. Iím sure heís frustrated. Sometimes those high ankles, they donít respond real well.

Q: How much do you appreciate what Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has been able to do all these years?

A: Thereís admiration and appreciation. Heís been doing it at a high level for a long time and heís a class guy. I think I mentioned it yesterday, I had some interaction at the Pro Bowl when he was in the Pro Bowl one year. But he keeps on doing it. Iím sure it raises the level of that whole offense to have a guy like that with all that experience and heís got the competitive greatness, which all the great ones have. Heís a guy weíve got to be concerned about, obviously.

Q: Any chance that you will activate all three quarterbacks on Sunday?

A: I donít think weíd be able to do that, itís just too tricky with 46 [active players].

Q: Is there an added incentive to win this week, to not be the first Giants team in franchise history to lose 13 games?

A: We havenít talked about that. We donít really need any added incentive. Weíre trying to win a football game. Weíre chasing that feeling of what it feels like in the locker room to win. Thatís what weíre looking for.

Q: Is quarterback Davis Webb still third on the depth chart?

A: Right now, yeah. Right now.

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