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Wednesday Media Transcript: Quarterback Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/27/2017 4:01 pm
Quarterback Eli Manning

December 27, 2017

Q: What are your thoughts going into the final game of the season?

A: Well, obviously just want to try to go out there in the last game and try to play well, move the ball, see if we can get a win and end on a positive note. Obviously, everybody knows itís been a tough season. Itís been tough for everybody, tough on the players, coaches, ownership, management, fans. Obviously weíve been out of the playoff picture for a few weeks now, but weíve just got to have a good week of preparation, go out there and try to play at a high level.

Q: Looking back on the season as a whole, how difficult was it offensively to find consistency?

A: Yeah, itís just tough. I thought we were kind of getting there a little bit after the first couple games, kind of got [wide receiver] Odell [Beckham Jr.] back and kind of got everybody in their spots and were playing some pretty good games in the third, fourth, fifth week and then kind of hit the injury bug and some guys were going down. We just had to rally and find different ways to play and move guys around, get guys comfortable. Like you said, just not consistent. Weíve had some guys weíve done okay, just havenít scored enough points.

Q: With Davis Webb being promoted to backup quarterback, have you been told anything about the plan for the game?

A: No. Just playing normal, as far as I know of.

Q: How are you approaching an offseason with uncertainty for the first time?

A: Well, you canít approach it yet. Right now, Iím just worried about this last game and then kind of go from there and see what happens.

Q: Is there extra motivation this week, playing against a division opponent?

A: Yeah, I think thereís always incentive just to play and win. Thatís the goal and you want to end on a good note, especially after last week, and just try to play better football.

Q: Has the thought entered your mind that this could be your last game with the Giants?

A: You know, no. I think in football you never know when your last game is going to be. Itís a physical game, so you always treat it like itís your last. So, Iím just going about it, try to play well and move the offense.

Q: After the game, do you think youíll take a look around and think this may have been your last game here?

A: I donít think. Iím sure Iíll have other opportunities to be in that stadium down the road, if it is the last one.

Q: How confusing has this season been?

A: Well yeah, like I said, itís just been tough. Got off to a slow start and then we just lost some heartbreakers early in the year. Did some good things and then just in final minutes, fourth quarter, just lost some games that we couldíve won. And then just kind of hit the injury bug and like I said, itís been difficult and frustrating and tough, but we kind of hung in there and guys have competed and fought the whole time.

Q: What have you seen from Davis Webb in practice?

A: Davis does a good job, heís got a good feel for whatís going on, he works hard and heís done a good job when heís gotten the opportunity to play.

Q: How much extra value would it be to end this season with a win?

A: Yeah, I mean I think itís feeling good about going out there, playing well, get a win and kind of be able to leave the stadium with a smile, or leave [the next day] with a little bit of a smile, knowing that itís been a tough ride.

Q: Do you think you will be consulted at all during the head coaching search?

A: No, I donít know. I think obviously theyíve got to get a new GM, I think the new GM will make some of those decisions and see how it goes. So, I donít know how itís going to play out.

Q: Is it unsettling for you that this is the first time in your career that there is some uncertainty entering the offseason?

A: No. Again, trying to finish this season and after that, I donít know what happens or how it all works, just going to wait and see.

Q: Is there some regret that after the teamís last Super Bowl win in 2011, the organization has not been able to put a team together to contend for another one?

A: Well, hey, itís tough to get to Super Bowls, tough to win them. No, I donít have regrets. Weíve worked hard, weíve competed. Last year made the playoffs, didnít win in the playoffs. So, I donít feel regret in any way.
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