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Wednesday Media Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/27/2017 4:03 pm
Tight End Evan Engram

December 27, 2017

Q: Inaudible.

A: Itís up to how I feel definitely. Definitely going to try my best to get rehab everything this week and give it a shot from there.

Q: In terms of your injury, itís just bruised?

A: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The x-rays were negative. Just some bruising around there and just some soreness.

Q: Did the injury happen on the deep pass?

A: No it happened Ė there was a play that Eli (Manning) kind of broke the pocket and it was kind of scramble-drill-ball. Caught on the sidelines. He came in for the great hit kind of on my back side, so definitely felt it then. Tried to fight through it a couple plays, couple possessions and just couldnít really. I was ineffective. I was useless out there.

Q: It wasnít on the interception then?

A: No. Probably made it a little bit worse on the interception. Kind of fell on it, but it was a couple plays before that.

Q: So, you were already hurt on the interception?

A: Yeah.

Q: Have you suffered a similar injury in college or is this the first time youíve had something like this?

A: Last year, I pulled my hammy (hamstring) the second to last game. Yeah and couldnít go the last game. But, Iíve never had any rib injuries. Itís bumps and bruises. This one is just probably just a real deep one. But, definitely last year was probably the closest thing to it Ė my hammy.

Q: How much do you want to play at this point?

A: I want to get out there and compete with my team. Itís the last chance, last opportunity to fight together. This team and this locker room isnít going to be the same, so itís the last time. Itís the last time that we get to go out there and fight together. So, I definitely am going to try everything in the book to get out there and fight with my brothers.

Q: Have you ever worn or are you considering a flack vest?

A: They have some rib protection stuff that weíre going to experiment with, so Iím definitely giving all of that a look.

Q: Are you excited for Davis Webb getting the chance to get in a uniform on Sunday?

A: Of course. I mean, that dude Ė he definitely has been waiting for it. So, really excited for him to get out there and experience it and maybe even get out there and get some reps, so weíll see.

Q: Have you learned anything from watching Davis Webb this season and how heís handled not playing?

A: Yes. Itís really mature. Itís really strong. Eli Manning is our quarterback. I mean, Davis is my boy, but heís a rookie that just got into the league. So, definitely heís Ė thatís the biggest thing Iíve seen from him is really embracing the opportunity he has to learn from Eli. Obviously heís a competitor and wants to get out there and compete, so definitely I know heís been itching and wanting a shot. I respect the heck out of Davis just the amount of work heís put in. How many times Iíve hit him up for helping me with some film stuff or questions. The dude has been tremendous all year. So, really proud of him and really excited to see what he can do.

Q: When Mike Sullivan goes up to him during the week and asks what are your favorite passes he goes anything to a tight end?

A: Oh yeah. Iíve been in his ear all season. Iíve been in his ear all season, but weíll see how it goes. Weíll see.

Q: Youíre making investments.

A: Exactly. Planting that seed.
Don't need to risk any further injury to him  
Simms11 : 12/28/2017 9:15 am : link
but would be good to get him into a cold weather game and work on his catching in that environment, but only if he's good to play, of course.
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