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Wednesday Media Transcript: Quarterback Davis Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/27/2017 5:12 pm
Quarterback Davis Webb

December 27, 2017

Q: What changes now that youíre the number two quarterback?

A: Really nothing too much. It doesnít affect my preparation. Iíve been working all year as if I was actually going to play. So again, Iíve said it before in this environment that I go in every single week on Sundayís about 30 minutes before game time thinking Iím going to be the guy. So it doesnít really affect me at all. Iím just looking forward to helping Eli (Manning), last game of the year and help him enjoy some success with our teammates.

Q: Youíll be in uniform for the game.

A: I am excited about that. Itís never easy to work so hard and then at the last second say, youíre not getting a jersey this week. Thatís been up and down. Again, I donít let it affect me. I try to be a good teammate and yeah, Iím excited about that.

Q: Has there been any game day where youíve gone in thinking there would be a jersey in your locker?

A: Those are previous weeks. I donít know. Itís been a few weeks since then so I just donít know. But right now, Iím excited about another opportunity, but again, it doesnít affect my preparation. Iím going to be up here late and help out Eli and the receivers and tight ends and running backs and help us win a game for our home fans on Sunday.

Q: Has your role changed with the twoís?

A: No, no. Iím still behind Eli doing some air throws and getting mental reps and Iím just trying to be a good teammate. Thatís the only thing Iím worried about and working hard and again, that doesnít affect anything Iím doing.

Q: How ready are you if you are put in the game at some point?

A: Iím not sure. Iíve never played in an NFL game before. I have prepared very hard and Iíve taken pretty good notes from Eli and his routine, and Genoís (Smith), and talking to Coach (Frank) Cignetti, Coach (Ben) McAdoo, Coach (Mike) Sullivan guys who have been around good quarterbacks before so Iíve taken a little bit from all of them and kind of utilize it to my routine. So I think Iím doing just about everything I can do to be ready, but again, you never know until you play.

Q: Do you look at it as a couple of snaps wonít matter or do you think every snap matters?

A: I look at it as whenever I have to go in, I better be ready. I think Iím prepared to be ready. Again, I donít think of it that way at all, itís out of my control. Since the moment I got here, we had a plan going in and Iíve kind of followed that plan and worked really hard at it. I havenít asked any questions, havenít complained about it, just worked hard and itís a big credit to Eli and Geno for helping me, Coach Cignetti, Coach McAdoo, Coach Sullivan for keeping me going because I havenít had a ton of reps throughout the year, but theyíre asking questions in meetings and I always have to be on my A game.

Q: Whatís the biggest change for you in practice this week?

A: Nothing much. Just a little more reps today, thatís about it. My preparation hasnít changed. Iím still going to be up here late helping Eli and helping the receivers be successful on Sunday and just be a good teammate, work hard. Nothing affects it.

Q: Would it mean something to you to have a couple of snaps this season?

A: No because that school of thought is out of my control. The only thing I control is if I go in there, I want to be ready, I want to be prepared to help my team have a chance to win. Thatís the only thing I think about. I donít think of that along those lines. Some people do think that way, nothing wrong with that, itís just not how Iím wired.

Q: Will it be disappointing if you donít get a chance to play?

A: No, no because the New York Giants and everybody in the organization was pretty blatantly honest with me about what my preparation, what my goals are, what my season was going to look like and I said okay, letís do it. Iím going to work really hard, weíll see what happens. Iím going to try to get better and be the best quarterback I can be because thatís all I can control. I think Iíve done that this far and Iím excited with where I am today.

Q: The plan did change because initially the plan was for you to not play at all, right?

A: Again, thatís out of my control. I havenít wavered. I just keep coming up here, working hard, try to help Eli and Geno succeed. Thatís never going to change. Iím excited to see some new receivers come up, play hard. We got a good plan for this Sunday and I look forward to Eli spinning it.

Q: Will your pregame routine with the practice squad guys change?

A: Iím not sure. Coach Cignetti and I have not talked about that, but again itís too early in the week to talk about that. Weíll probably talk about it Friday or Saturday.

Q: It might be ironic because you might be active, but you might have to do less work.

A: I donít know. We get after it pretty hard before games. Itís a pretty rigorous workout so I donít know. Coach Cignetti and I will talk about that.

Q: When and how did you find out you would be activated?

A: I found out yesterday from Coach Cignetti, Coach Sullivan and Coach (Steve) Spagnuolo and we talked about it today. We had a good conversation and thatís about it. Those conversations are private.

Q: Have you spoken to Pat (Mahomes)? He just got a promotion too.

A: Pat just told me that so Iím excited, Iím about to text him. Iím fired up for him because if Pat didnít tell me, I would have had no idea. So Iím excited for him, I hope he gets the W for Kansas City this weekend.

Q: Was it hard for you to stay patient and keep to the plan this year?

A: I mean itís never not easy. Iím not going to lie to you. Itís not easy because Iím such a competitive human being so I find little ways in practice or even on pro days, you can ask some of the guys I take it pretty seriously so I try to find little things like that. But at the same time, it doesnít affect me because itís out of my control, I just try to work hard.

Q: Do you feel ready to step in?

A: Thatís a good question, I donít know. Iíve never played in an NFL game.

Q: But mentally speaking and knowing all of your assignments and all of that stuff?

A: I just donít know. I havenít been asked to do that, but at the same time, I feel like Iíve done a good job preparing and following the footsteps of veterans around here on defense or offense and see their study habits and the way they get ready for games. So I think Iíve done everything I could do thus far to be ready, but at the same time, you never know until it actually happens.

Q: Have you thought at all about the team taking another quarterback in the draft this year?

A: Yeah thatís out of my control so not too much to worry about. Iíve done everything the Giants organization has asked me to do, Iím going to continue to do more, as much as I can to help our teammates enjoy success and help us win games on Sunday. Thatís the only thing on my mind.

Q: Do you believe youíve done enough to convince them youíre the guy?

A: Thatís a question you have to ask someone higher up. I canít answer that. But I do feel like Iíve done everything I can possibly do to be a good teammate and Iím going to continue to grow as a quarterback in this league.

Q: Do you think you can be a starter in this league?

A: Again, you never know until you actually play a game. So the only thing on my mind is helping Eli succeed on Sunday and enjoy success with all of us.

well, he's saying all the right things at least.  
Del Shofner : 12/27/2017 5:17 pm : link
We don't know  
batman11 : 12/27/2017 5:21 pm : link
what the future has in store for him, but I really like his approach.
Canton : 12/27/2017 5:25 pm : link
If football doesn't work out he'd be an amazing politician.
If being a QB does not work out for Webb  
JohnF : 12/27/2017 5:59 pm : link
He's going to be a fantastic QB coach some time in the future, if that is what he wants to do. I just get that feeling.
I liked the guy before the draft when he was on ESPN  
Reale01 : 12/27/2017 6:40 pm : link
He SOUNDS like an NYG QB. I think he handles the press very well and has gained the respect of his teammates by working hard. According to all reports he can throw the ball with the best of them.

How will he be under the gun? We don't know, but I would not mind going into next year with him and Eli as the QBs.
I agree with the last post  
Alwaysblue22 : 12/27/2017 6:59 pm : link
We do not need another QB. We need OL help, a premier RB, a tall fast WR on the other side from OBJ ( to replace Washed up Marshall) a couple of fast Lbs and a free safety. Better special teams play. Get those things in the next draft and everybody will forget about another QB quickly. I believe Webb or Eli are plenty good enough to take this team All the way..if we have a good team around them. In addition, a better Offensive team that eliminates all of the endless three and outs of this years squad will boost the defense.
agree with Alwaysblue22 as i posted yesterday about too much discussio  
plato : 12/27/2017 8:10 pm : link
of which qb to draft. the Giants have major needs for impact players beyond qb. importantly there are serious questions about the top 3 qb's in the coming draft, from health to height.

i am not a follower of college ball but there must be impact players other than qb available and worthy to be top 5 player, e.g. ?Chubb. are there any great running backs or lb'ers etc.
nice interview,  
BIGbluegermany : 12/27/2017 8:30 pm : link
i hope that he is our future QB!!
Our coaches are a joke to have let THIS season go by  
Jimmy Googs : 12/27/2017 9:54 pm : link
and not get Webb on the field by now.

Fire them all...
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