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Probably Mike Sullivan's last press conference as a NYG

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/28/2017 2:55 pm
Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

December 28, 2017

Q: How far do you think Davis Webb has come along in practice and could he have success if he plays on Sunday?

A: Davis got additional reps this week going with the first unit, just like last week. Last week he got some reps in the competitive period and that happened again this week and heís worked hard to prepare himself to be ready if called upon.

Q: How has Wayne Gallman reacted to increased responsibilities?

A: Wayne did a great job last week. Probably had more opportunities both in the run game and the pass game than he had all year. He does a lot of good things with the ball in his hands, is able to create, able to break arm tackles and he responded well. He came out, wasnít overly sore, wasnít tired, was able to practice this week. Heís had a great week of preparation, so heís done really well.

Q: Do you expect that trend to continue into the finale?

A: Hope so. Heís a guy that has done a lot of good things for us. Heís been a bright spot in a very disappointing season and really optimistic about his potential moving forward.

Q: Rhett Ellison has had two four-catch games. Did it take a while for you guys to figure out how to use him?

A: I donít know if it took us a while to figure out how to use him. I think if you look at our roster offensively with all the changing parts, with all the injuries, with all of the whoís in, whoís out, our job as coaches is just to try to find ways to get guys in position, and in place and Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again - Rhett Ellison is part of the solution. Heís a true pro. Heís a tough guy. Heís a hard worker. Heís smart. Heís detailed. Eli (Manning) knows exactly where heís going to be and I thought he did a great job stepping up when we lost Evan (Engram) in that last game early. He was called upon to do some things that he hadnít necessarily had the reps in practice, but again, being the pro that he is he went out and did a good job.

Q: If you donít have Evan Engram this week, could Rhett Ellison fill in that role?

A: Weíll have to find a way if we donít have Evan to have somebody else filling that role. Itís, ĎHey, what else is new.í Thatís the story of the year, so weíll find a way.

Q: Whatís it like for you going into this offseason with so much uncertainty?

A: I havenít thought about it a lot to be honest with you. So much of the focus has to be on the task at hand Ė the mission, which is this game. Itís been a very difficult year like we mentioned. All of the injuries, all the circumstances that have come about and through it all we continue to try to do the very best that we can and just trying to focus on solutions rather than pointing out the problems or whatís wrong. I love this organization. I bleed Big Blue. You donít spend 11 years in a place, have a couple Super Bowl trophies and not have special feelings. But, again, as far as the future, thatís not going to be for me to decide. Whatever decision is made, Iíll either have great memories and great gratitude for being here and move on to the next opportunity, the next challenge, with all kinds of energy and passion or have a chance to stay here and rebuild and get back to what the New York Giants are supposed to be. Itís been very, very sad in terms of all thatís happened. I mean, this is the New York Giants and going beyond what happens on the field as far as the record so forth, itís a special place and itíll be special again.

Q: Do you want to interview for the head coaching job?

A: Wow. I hadnít even thought about that honestly. Iím just focused on, first and foremost, trying to win a game and trying to get us to play some great offense and weíve had flashes of it and weíve tried to adjust and do what we can to win and then itís whatever happens afterwards and Iím going to steal Spagsí (Steve Spagnuolo) quote because I believe in it. ĎWhatever is supposed to happen is going to happen.í Weíll see how that plays out.

Q: Is it strange for you to comprehend that Eli Manning has uncertainty about his job?

A: I think every coach and player knows that thereís an expiration date on the contract and often times you ideally Ė I think players and coaches would like things to end on their terms. More often than not itís not the case, so I think itís just part of the profession.

Q: Was the struggle to score points last week simply getting behind the chains?

A: No question. It was a tale of two weeks for sure. I think the story of last week really would be the self-inflicted wounds. Something that we really had stayed away from and what Iím talking about is the penalties. Obviously the turnovers were huge. We had more zero or negative runs than we had had in previous weeks and then of course some dropped passes. We were trying to do Ė whenever you have the tempo game, which we did utilize in Arizona, itís a little bit more challenging on the road from the communication standpoint, but some of those key drops, some of those plays that would have been conversions to keep the chains moving didnít happen. So, you put all that together ended up being and of course obviously Evanís (Engram) injury set us back, but we have to adjust and we will this week. Thatís probably why things didnít pan out the way we would have liked them to.

Q: How do you handle Sunday and do you look around and think that this could be the last time youíre here?

A: You know what, you donít. Whether things are going great and weíre getting ready to play the Super Bowl or itís been a very disappointing, difficult year, the great thing about game day, and I really believe this with all my heart and soul, is that once the coin toss happens you know if youíre going to take the ball. Offensive guy, youíre always selfishly hoping we lose the toss because you want to get out the jitters. But, once the game starts, it is just about the task at hand and I just feel so blessed and so fortunate and even though the results havenít been there, what we would have liked, having the opportunity to work with Eli (Manning) and call the plays has just been a blessing and Iím eternally grateful for that.
Sully is a classy guy  
Rjanyg : 12/28/2017 3:19 pm : link
It is such a shame this season turned to shit so quickly. Guys like Sully and Spag's seem like sincere, honest and hard working dudes.
Sully quietly can take credit for  
bLiTz 2k : 12/28/2017 3:36 pm : link
some pretty good units during his tenure here.

As WR coach he was in charge of some really good units in the early Coughlin years, and of course was our QB Coach during Manning's near MVP-like season.

I think all Giants fans wish him the best whatever the future may hold.
RE: Sully quietly can take credit for  
AcidTest : 12/28/2017 5:29 pm : link
In comment 13757659 bLiTz 2k said:
some pretty good units during his tenure here.

As WR coach he was in charge of some really good units in the early Coughlin years, and of course was our QB Coach during Manning's near MVP-like season.

I think all Giants fans wish him the best whatever the future may hold.

RE: Sully is a classy guy  
Big Blue Blogger : 12/28/2017 5:29 pm : link
Rjanyg said:
It is such a shame this season turned to shit so quickly. Guys like Sully and Spag's seem like sincere, honest and hard working dudes.
Funny how the same public face can make wildly disparate impressions on different viewers. Sullivan strikes me as an under-qualified, brown-nosing toady who has survived and advanced by knowing, above all, how to kiss ass with heart-tugging sincerity. He might have been a decent receivers coach, and I'm not even sure about that.
I'll say the same thing I've said all season for these posts  
Matt M. : 12/28/2017 7:15 pm : link
Does anyone really care what Sullivan has to say?
I think he stays on as oc  
micky : 12/28/2017 10:01 pm : link
since not having eli go through a whole new offensive with a new of. giants way
I wouldnít be so sure f that. ¬†
Section331 : 12/28/2017 11:23 pm : link
I like Sully, but Giant ownership loves him, it wouldnít surprise me to see him back.

Which is what concerns me about the DG hire. Giants need to get out of their comfort zone. This isnít it. I have no issue with hiring DG, but how many guys did they interview, and only one had no connections to the Giants. I hope Iím wrong and Gettleman and his HC (itís Bill OíBrian, book it) bring the Giants back to greatness, but right now I have zero confidence in John Mara to make the right decision.
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