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Post-Game Transcript: Running Back Orleans Darkwa

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2017 5:43 pm
Running Back Orleans Darkwa

Postgame vs. Washington Redskins, December 31, 2017

Q: How does it feel to win?

A: Amazing. Especially itís been a while for this team and obviously the struggles that weíve had this year. It feels great to end the year with a win. Obviously thereís a lot of changes this way, but I couldnít be more happy for the players and the coaches. They definitely battled their tails off this season. Thereís no quitters on this team and it showed today.

Q: What does the 75-yard play say about you?

A: Itís Godís work. Not mine. Thatís Godís work. I give all the glory to Him and the o-line, tight ends, wide receivers Ė they worked their tails off today. So, once you got that crease, I was able to hit it. Second play of the game, you know, couldnít ask for a better start, so definitely happy and at the end of the day we still had more work to do and we were able to get it done.

Q: How aware are you guys that change is coming?

A: Yeah. We knew that changes were coming. At the end of the day, we had a football game to play and you all saw today, we were completely focused on the game, on the game plan and it showed out there. We were able to get a win.

Q: Youíre a free agent. Do you want to be back?

A: Weíll see what happens. I love the fans here. Love the players. Iíve been here for a while and itís definitely been fun, but Iím looking forward to the future and Iím not going to sit here and say Iím going to be back. I donít know what the future holds, but definitely Ė I mean, thatís things to discuss with my agent.

Q: Do you believe youíre a 20-carry every down back?

A: I believe so. We didnít have a lot of wins this season, but when we did just had 20-plus carries and were able to get a lot of wins. I mean, not a lot of wins. Some wins. So, I feel like I can do it. Just the style I run with, so definitely.

Q: What does it mean to end the season on a positive note?

A: It feels great. Thatís what I was saying as far as this team and the fight that we had, especially heading into the New Year. Kind of seems like a story you write in a book just to end this game with a win. Itís definitely great and something to look forward to going into 2018.

Q: Take me through the 75-yard run.

A: Yeah. It was the gap speed. Pulled. Made a nice little block once we got out there it was secondary. Something Iíve been telling you all Iíve been trying to focus on making the finishes in the secondary all year. D.J. Swearinger tried to swipe my feet. Once I got up there (inaudible). I tried to put on the burners, so I was able to get out there and everybody did their part. That was really it. Everybody made that play.

Q: Did you think you were going to get tracked down?

A: No. I was looking at the scoreboards.

Q: How important is it for you guys to get the run game going in weather like this?

A: Itís definitely important. This is football weather. When it gets cold theyíre relying on the run like most teams do. So, there was definitely more emphasis on it going into this week. We had a good week of practice going into it and a great game plan to execute.

Q: Given all the changes that happened this week, how important is it to be able to enjoy this win?

A: Itís definitely important. This is really his (Dave Gettlemanís) first impression of us as a team. First impression of us as players and collectively as a team. So, itís important to always go out there and play with that fire and make a good impression.

Q: It will look differently next time you take the field?

A: Itís definitely going to look different, whether itís here, whether itís with another team. I donít know what the future holds but Iíve enjoyed every minute of it. The season wasnít what we hoped for, but Iíve enjoyed every minute with this team. You all might say there was a lot of locker room dysfunction, but every player here Iíve enjoyed.

Q: It was kind of an overhaul. You went 3-13.

A: If there is, like I said, everybody on this team, personalities weíve had Ė different personalities here and there. Itís been fun. Itís a blessing to be in this league and like you know, itís a business. You know how it goes, so right now weíre going into the offseason. A lot of stuff to get ready for, but Iím happy to get to training and get ready for next year.

Q: Did you sense anything different about Eli Manning today? It could be his last home game.

A: He was focused on the game like he is every week. I donít think I noticed anything as far as personality or anything different. He was ready to go and it showed out there.

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