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Post-Game Transcript: Defensive Tackle Damon Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2017 5:45 pm
Defensive Tackle Damon Harrison Sr.

Postgame vs. Washington Redskins, December 31, 2017

Q: ???

A: Yeah, man, just get away from it for a little, have some family time. Heal up a little bit, and I will be back at it in about a month.

Q: After the Super Bowl, is that when guys get back in it?

A: Usually before, not anything crazy, just try to stay in shape.

Q: Itís possible you could have a different defensive coordinator next season. When is earliest you would like to know that and does that make a difference for you?

A: I mean as a player I would like to know now. Just to put everybodyís mind at ease. I understand itís a business and they are going to do whatever is best for the organization. Hopefully we can get together the same group of guys that are here now, but if not, itís business as usual. We just had some bad breaks and that doesnít fall all on the coaches, the majority of it is on us.

Q: What do you take away from this win?

A: We have some guys that are capable of making some plays. We just have carry that over into the offseason.

Q; You had no doubt that guys would be fighting in this game?

A: Oh yeah, we fight every week, man. So itís not a question of if guys are going to come out and play hard, itís just are we going to make enough plays.

A true warrior and a bright spot in an  
GiantsUA : 12/31/2017 5:56 pm : link
otherwise dark season, go snacks.
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