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Post-Game Transcript: Cornerback Ross Cockrell

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2017 5:46 pm
Cornerback Ross Cockrell

Postgame vs. Washington, December 31, 2017

Q: What happened on your interception?

A: On the play, they had stacked receivers, DT [safety Darian Thompson] and I communicated before the snap that they may run a switch route, which is exactly what they did. I think there was some pressure on the quarterback from JPP [defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul], which forced an errant throw and I was able to pick it off.

Q: It seemed as though the defense was anticipating well what Washington was trying to do on offense, was that part of the film study during the week?

A: It was definitely part of the preparation. Our coaches do a great job putting us in good positions to win the football game. And like I said, when youíre putting pressure on the quarterback, making him run around, scramble around, making his reads faster, it makes it easier for us to jump in front of things.

Q: Was it nice for the defense to put everything together in the final game of the season?

A: Well, this is a great way to finish it. That was kind of our mindset all week, to come in, get the last win and really set the tone going into the offseason. Not only for ourselves, but for the organization and for the fans at large.

Q: What is this offseason going to be like for you?

A: Itís going to be a lot of hard work, making sure that Iíve get my body back healthy, a lot of training. And then weíll see what happens after that.

Q: Do you want to be back here with the Giants next season?

A: Iíd love to be back here. I enjoy it here, my wife enjoys it here. So, you know what they say.

Q: After being thrown into this team during training camp, did it take you a while to get acclimated here?

A: Well, it didnít take long. The guys in the room did a great job kind of welcoming me in and inviting me in. Getting to know the defense, it was difficult for the first couple of weeks, just trying to learn everything.
One of very few bright spots this year  
Dave in PA : 12/31/2017 5:53 pm : link
Plays hard, sounds intelligent and ground. Hope he sticks around
illmatic : 12/31/2017 5:55 pm : link
Gotta hope he returns next season. You can't break the bank for him but he would certainly be a welcome addition to the roster next year. Especially if they're moving on from Apple.
This guy is a keeper  
Bold Ruler : Mod : 12/31/2017 5:55 pm : link
Really impressed in multiple games.
AcidTest : 12/31/2017 6:02 pm : link
slightly overpay for Cockrell.
Stan in LA : 12/31/2017 6:13 pm : link
There may not have been a better cornerback in all of football for the last four weeks of the 2017 season than Ross Cockrell.

Link - ( New Window )
Great trade by Reese!  
figgy2989 : 12/31/2017 6:16 pm : link
Happy Wife, Happy Life.  
Diver_Down : 12/31/2017 6:27 pm : link
Smart man. Now put the ink to paper.
This guy's development ....  
Manny in CA : 1/1/2018 1:59 am : link

Takes some of the sting out of Eli Apple's blowing up right in front of our faces.
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